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10.03.2020: after ten minutes: pack formation (daily newspaper young world)


Matthias István Köhler / jW

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And then the ball rolled in the Eden Stadium in Prague on Sunday afternoon: Because of the spread of the corona virus, it had not been certain for a long time whether one of the most important and historic European derbies – the one between the Prague »S«, Slavia and Sparta – was held in front of spectators would. The authorities only gave the green light on Wednesday, and fans were allowed to watch the 295th meeting of the two rivals from the Czech capital in the stadium.

The starting position was promising: Master Slavia is on the first place of the first Czech football league on matchday 24 of the season, but in the second of the three games since the winter break the »Sesivani«, in German: the sewn together, could not prevail. Among other things, the game was lost against the Bohemians, the other rivals from the capital. Of the 16 points ahead, only eight remain.

The self-confidence suffers from this. In the best case there will be a tie, it says in the pub of the Slavia ice hockey team, where many fans meet before the derby. Then the team line-up will be announced – the mood will improve. Some of the players who were not on the field due to injury in the previous games are back.

Slavia is a clear favorite. For ten games they have been unbeaten against the »Zelezna Sparta«, in German: the »Iron Sparta«. No match against Sparta has been lost since 2016. The city rival is currently playing one of its worst seasons and is only better mediocre in eighth place. It is therefore understandable if Sparta coach Vaclac Kotal before the game told the daily newspaper Dnes declares that he has “respect and humility”, but anything is possible in the derby.

The derbies are traditionally very competitive games, the players don’t give anything, as the saying goes, and the fans in the stands keep the atmosphere going. Such a game can easily get out of control, which is perhaps why Pavel Franek leads it. He is the most experienced referee in the Czech league.

Then the game begins. The first minutes are balanced. After ten minutes the first pack formation on the field. The fans cheer on their players, shouting “Death of the Sparta,” but it’s a tough game, lots of fouls, lots of interruptions. The visiting team looks a bit more composed. After the first half, the Slavia fans were upset, they were not satisfied with their team, Sparta seemed to have been a bit better, but there was no sign of the “Cervenobilo”, the red and white.

The beginning of the second half is also not convincing. Then, in the 57th minute, great excitement. Goal for Sparta, Benjamin Tetteh overcomes the Slavia keeper and throws him to the ground, the Sparta fans celebrate, the rest of the stadium is in shock. The video assistant is questioned, but after the consultation the hit is not given. Breathe a sigh of relief at the sewn together.

The ball is going better now, chances are good on both sides, but Slavia seems a bit closer to the goal. Then in the 80th minute: Tetteh sinks the ball into the net, no chance for the Slavia goalkeeper, now the goal counts. The Sparta, therefore, close to ending the hapless series of ten games without a win, cursing the Slavia fans.

It’s already in injury time: free kick in front of the sixteen of the Iron. Jan Boril gives in, Croatian striker Petar Musa does the thing. Giant cheers in the stands, but above all relief. A happy draw for the red and white in the end. The fans scold after the final whistle. But the Slavia has narrowly escaped again and can continue to say that she has been unbeaten in the big derby since 2016.

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