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10 important tips that will help you before playing Elden Ring

Yes, it’s that long-awaited moment in years, Elden Ring actually released a few hours ago, and players are free to experience the events of the new FromSoftware project, one of the highest rated games in the history of the industry, you can also check out our review of the game here.

If the title is of interest to you and you plan to try it as soon as possible, in today’s article we offer you some important tips to help you play, as part of the series of tips articles that we offer you in Saudi Gamer.

You can jump freely!

Unlike previous Souls games where jumping was something you would try to avoid at all costs due to how likely you are to make mistakes and eventually fall, the jump feature in Elden Ring works excellent and even contributes to battles and engagements in a very effective way, jumping attacks deal more damage to armor, and may Both the open world and the dungeons are specifically designed to find hidden paths and treasures through platformer elements, you may find it difficult at first to get used to this, but it offers a huge advantage over your opponents, so don’t ignore it.

Take advantage of the complex battle system

It’s no secret that the gameplay and mechanics of clashes weren’t the best part of the previous Souls games and were somewhat limited. Thankfully, Elden Ring is seeing major changes in that part with the introduction of Super Armor for the first time, a feature similar to Sekiro’s Posture Meter, pushing the player To rely on different attacking techniques instead of focusing on the quick, light attacks that most players rely on.

This means you’ll be rewarded a lot more for slower, heavier, and more dangerous attacks, so instead of focusing on light punches and rolling to escape from powerful bosses, you can use heavy hits, jumps and counterattacks, to deliver critical hits and take down toughest enemies in a smooth and fast way compared to previous FromSoftware titles. However, don’t expect Sekiro-like speed and fluidity, since each title has a different orientation.

Having difficulty in an area? leave immediately

Elden Ring . game

Like many players, I was concerned that Elden Ring would present a sprawling open world due to the countless problems and downsides it would cause, but in reality, the features of the open world are evident in the challenging encounters, even though every corner is filled with enemies and savage creatures. Which you will not hesitate to kill you, but you are not forced to confront them and overcome them always.

If you find yourself struggling with a boss who shows no signs of backing down or giving up, even if you level up as much as possible, feel free to take a break and explore another area on the map, there are countless bosses and sub treasures that you can find all over the world. Throughout the open world, these encounters can provide you with more powerful equipment and, most importantly, more Runes that you can use to buy different items or upgrade your level, offensive and defensive abilities.

Visit the Round Table often

The Roundtable Hold is your safe haven in the world of Elden Ring just like any hub in other video games, where the friendliest citizens of the Lands Between gather to help you on your mission, as well as a great place to learn about the details of this mysterious world and its characters, There are also merchants within the Roundtable Hold that can help you spend the items you find while exploring.

For example, the blacksmith will allow you to spend Smithing Stones to make your weapons and armor more effective, while the character you meet somewhat early will upgrade the effectiveness of Ashes, which means that the spirits you summon are more powerful, plus For other upgrades and new characters that appear over time, in a simpler sense, it’s not just about upgrades, but a visit to the round table helps you understand the story and characters better.

Choose the faction you prefer without hesitation and your weapon type

There are plenty of classes to choose from in the Elden Ring, but don’t worry too much about sticking to the gear set each character depends on, and while each faction has a different set of stats, what really affects your effectiveness with different weapons is how you choose to use the Runes. Also, the development team itself confirmed that all features can be accessed using any available category, even if your choice of that category is based on appearance only.

Elden Ring is a long game full of various weapons to use, so it would be a shame to stick with the weapons and gadgets you find initially for long periods. Take a look at each weapon’s skill scale to see its potential, the higher its rating, the more damage it will do.

Intrusion always and forever

While this idea existed in FromSoftware’s previous games, it was somewhat limited – with the exception of Sekiro – but luckily, it’s now more viable with the open world design and the ability to surprise your enemies from different areas, so sneaking behind enemies for a backstab High damage is a good way to calmly and quickly get rid of the surrounding threats, even if you end up in a chaotic battle, you will have eliminated large numbers of your opponents already.

Don’t forget to put your tags on the map

Contrary to the usual formula in most open-world games of the recent period, Elden Ring does not provide much assistance in terms of the design of each area and the dangers it includes, for example, but not limited to, as you go to face the first main boss in the game, you will face various dangers, most notably a sub-boss who is able to It kills you in a matter of seconds, and since the map doesn’t provide enough information about each area, you’ll have to use tags to identify what kind of enemies, areas of interest, or locations contain treasures and secrets so that you can come back to them later when you’re ready without getting lost.

You can use the fast travel feature at any time and without restrictions – except for battles – to return to the dealer Kalé whom you will meet very early in the game but you will not have enough Runes to buy what you need, but since there is a Site of Grace right next to it, you can travel to it at any time, They also provide directions to areas of interest in each area, so feel free to follow the light emanating from them to explore what awaits you nearby.

Don’t ignore long-range weapons

Close-range engagements dominate most of the Elden Ring battles as in other Souls games because the majority of enemies run towards you as soon as they see you, however, you will encounter many more difficult opponents as you progress through the events and explore new areas, some of which rely entirely on long-range weapons while their peers attack you Close relentlessly, and to avoid the suffering of such situations, it is always best to keep a long-range weapon in your gear list to use in those tough moments and get out with minimal damage, whether it is a crossbow or even magic spells, and this strategy is very useful In some boss battles if you can stay away from their deadly attacks.

Feel free to ask for help

Whether you’re an experienced or a newbie, FromSoftware games are ruthless and notorious for their extreme difficulty, Elden Ring goes in the same direction but offers more options to help the player move forward without getting caught up in despondency and boredom, and as in previous Souls games, you can summon characters NPC controlled by artificial intelligence to help you in specific situations by interacting with golden signs on the ground, also, the game provides a new summon feature that enables you to use ashes to summon spirits to help you in intense situations, and the more you advance in the events, the more of them you will get, also you can Play with others through co-op, so feel free to use these aids frequently if you’re struggling and about to lose hope of making the journey to the end.

These are the most important tips that will help you in the Elden Ring without wasting your time, and if you have other tips feel free to share them in the comments section, you can also see our previous article “10 Important Tips That Will Help You Before Playing Sifu” and “10 Important Tips That Will Help You Before Playing Sifu” “Horizon Forbidden West”.


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