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10 Marine Biota with High Economic Value in Lombok, from Cuttlefish Reeds to Sea Cucumbers

KOMPAS.com – One of the regions in Indonesia that is rich in marine biota is Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB).

From the results of existing studies, the wealth of marine life on the island of Lombok is ready to be explored wisely by the community.

This was conveyed by the Deputy for Earth Sciences, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Ocky Karna Radjasa in an online discussion entitled Biodiversity and Marine Biological Wealth of Lombok Island, Tuesday (24/8/2021).

Ocky said that the diverse habitats combined with the always warm climate made Indonesian waters, including Lombok, rich in diversity of marine biota species that could be explored.

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Since 1997, the Marine Bio-Industry Center (BBIL) LIPI has conducted research related to the marine biodiversity on the island of Lombok. BBIL-LIPI also develops and implements technology for the cultivation of economically important marine biota.

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“The results of the study of marine biota cultivation developed by BBIL-LIPI are partly ready to be utilized and developed in the community,” said Ocky.

This was also conveyed by BBIL-LIPI researcher, Dwi Listyo Rahayu on the same occasion.

Dwi as a research professor who recently received the LIPI Sarwono Award XIX also shared his research results and experiences in exploring the biodiversity of marine life on the island of Lombok.

“The diversity of marine biota species in Lombok is very high, so we need to maintain its sustainability and study its uses for humans,” said Dwi.

From the results of research conducted by researchers so far, it was found that some of the most economical marine biota to be utilized and developed by the community on the island of Lombok. These include the following:

  1. Bamboo squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana)
  2. Pearl Oyster (Pinctada maxima)
  3. black sea cucumber (Holothuria atra)
  4. tropical abalone (Haliotis asinina)
  5. Moon snail (Turbo chrysostomus)
  6. sea ​​cucumber (Holothuria scabra)
  7. Coral lobster (Panulirus spp.)
  8. Various types of crustaceans (Brachyura, Anomura)
  9. Sea cucumber type white milk sea cucumber (Holothuria fuscogilva)
  10. Phytoplankton

The various types or species of marine biota mentioned above include marine biota that can be consumed and have economic value because they have the potential to be traded by the public, and even exported abroad.

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Furthermore, Dwi explained, from about 5,000 species of crustaceans Brachyura (crabs) and 300 species of Anomura (hermit crabs and other anomura) found in Indonesian waters, only 150 species have been found in Lombok waters.

Meanwhile, LIPI noted that there are 23 of 31 types of Sea Cucumber that can be harvested from the wild and traded in Lombok, especially from west Lombok.

Meanwhile, other researchers also found some phyroplankton that can benefit humans, and most of them are in Kodek Bay, North Lombok.


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