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10% of patients in Pemex hospitals are poorly medicated

by drbyos

A contaminated product is not the only problem that may occur in the hospitals of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), the “medication errors” reach one in 10 oil workers and family members who use this service.

Since mid-2018, doctors of Internal Medicine at the Central North Hospital of Pemex alerted to this situation in the hospital’s oil system.

According to a research conducted by doctors, published in the medical journal of Pemex in December 2019, a data collection was carried out through the institutional ID created by the Pemex Drug Management and Use Committee (MMU), managing to identify that, of a total of 2 600 patients hospitalized during the first half of 2018, 342 medication errors were detected, equivalent to 13.15% of the total patients.

They found that the morning shift of the Central North Hospital of Pemex was the one that presented the highest frequency of errors when issuing prescriptions.

By specialty, they detected that the Internal Medicine hospital service was the one that reported the highest percentage of errors, with 39.5%, followed by General Surgery, with 12.3%; Orthopedics and Traumatology, 11.4%; Cardiology, 5%; Oncology, 4.4%; Pediatrics, 3.5%, and Ophthalmology, with 3.2%, among the most important.

In relation to the frequency of medication errors found by stage, it was during the preparation and prescription that more errors were made. The highest proportion corresponded to quasifallas (80%), above medication errors (20%).

Dr. José Óscar Terán González led the investigation Learning of measurement errors, accompanied by the physicians Lagunas Alvarado M., Gonzaga López TI, Meza Oviedo D., López Alférez R., who considered that, when determining the frequency of errors of medication in each of the stages of the Pemex hospital system, there is a need to pay more attention to the most susceptible stages of the doctor’s contact with the patient: preparation and prescription.

The data found, they add, confirm the urgency of improving the quality and care of oil workers and their families.

The study cites that the National Coordinating Council for Medication Error Reporting and Prevention (NCC MERP) defines medication errors as any preventable incident, which may cause harm to the patient by improper use of medications when they are under the control of health professionals.

These incidents may be related to professional practice, procedures or systems in any of the phases of the medication (selection and acquisition, prescription, dispensation, preparation and administration, mainly).

“Medication errors occur as failures in the drug use process and must be analyzed as system errors and can occur at any stage of said process; the majority occur due to deficiencies in it, although there are multiple possibilities to prevent them ”.

Currently, Pemex serves about 700 thousand right holders, among oil workers – trustworthy and unionized – and their families, in its two central hospitals, six regional, 13 general, three hospital clinics, 11 clinics, 24 clinics and a central medical unit administrative


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