1,000 firefighters fight a new fire


It's a fight in the heart of the furnace that took place all night from Saturday to Sunday, July 21st. Meter by meter, the firemen progress in the middle of the columns of flames. Soon, some residents come to help them with buckets of water. A very derisory gesture in view of the wall of fire that now devours the MaƧao forest. The day before, Saturday, the fire was declared in the middle of the afternoon, rapidly threatening the houses near the massif. Several villages are evacuated in a hurry.

More than a thousand firefighters are currently engaged to overcome this fire. Located 200 km north of Lisbon, the fire has already ravaged nearly 10,000 hectares in the valley of Vila de Rei, an area already marked two years ago by two waves of deadly fires. In June and October 2017, 114 people lost their lives.

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