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“105 most dangerous drugs, the updated list”. Some are widespread: what they are and why they are avoided

Posted on 13/08/2023 18:05
– The update 13/08/2023 18:30

Even without going to the extremesOxyContinthere is a long series of drugsfound in one black list available for consultation and prepared by the French NGO Prescribewhich is actually very dangerous for people: with them a pathology or a problem to treat, but they can also cause dangerous, or very dangerous, in other ways. It is the alarm raised by Prescribethe association that analyzed the report since 2010 risk-benefit of medicines on the market throughout the territory ofThe European Union. In doing so, the independent association observes a strict methodology: investigation document systematic and reproducible, criteria-based results efficiency related to patients, the priority of data based on the level of evidence, comparison compared to reference treatment. In general, in therelist that we have mentioned in the most dangerous drugs, divided by pathologyare listed well 105 remedy More have been added in the latest update 12 drugs Let’s see, now, some of the more scattered everywhere, and more dangerous. (Continue reading after the picture)
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Lead contamination and allergy risk

In particular, they identified medicines used in diseases and pain bowelwhich would even be contaminated by lead. nonetheless, they are usually marked with a red dot medicinal clay “used in various intestinal diseases including diarrhoea”, heartburn or reflux, such as the following products, and, in parentheses, the active ingredient: Actapulgite o Gastropulgite (attapulgite); Smecta (diosmectite); Rennieliquo (hydrotalcite); Bedelix o Gelox (monmectite); Gastropax o Neutroses (kaolino). Other drugs end up on the index, because of their risks allergyand the Maxillase and its generic, syrup for the cough used for sore throat. Prescribe himself advised, in these cases, prefer the common paracetamol. In cough, products based on pentoxivine (Vicks Pectoral Syrup 0.15% o Clarix dry cough Pentoxiverin), while not containing antihistamines or opioids, like other syrups, can cause the same. heart problems or allergies. (Continue reading after the picture)
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Among the drugs non-steroidal anti-inflammatoryil Tilcotil (tenoxicam), Feldene (piroxicam) and generic like there Primalused against bacterial or viral infections, would not appear to be more effective than others, also presented digestive and skin risks even very serious. Finally, regarding the Tanakan (ginkgo biloba)risk to them bleeding, indigestion and convulsions which, for the scientific journal, does not justify their use: they affect i mental illness in the elderly; they don’t have oneefficiency higher than placebo and, in addition, exposure just described, as it is in the Prescrire report. (Continue reading after the picture)
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Cardiovascular disease and diabetes

Medicines to avoid heart diseasesince obsolete, they are: nicorandil; fenofibrate; ciprofibrate; bezafibrate. Instead, pharmaceutical products are not recommended diabetessuch as hypoglycemic products, they are absolutely contraindicated, especially for those who suffer type 2 diabetes. In fact, the side effects are: urinary tract infection, pancreatitis, hypersensitivity and obstruction of the respiratory tract. These drugs include: sitagliptin; saxagliptin; vildagliptin.

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