August 23, 2019

Newsy Today

118 flights suspended by this weekend's strike by Iberia land personnel in El Prat

Iberia has canceled six flights this weekend because of the strike called by the airline's ground staff at Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

Specifically, three air bridges between Barcelona and Madrid have been canceled for Saturday, August 24 and three more on Sunday, 25, Iberia sources have reported to Europa Press. These six flights add up to the 112 flights canceled by Vueling – 46 flights on Saturday and 66 on Sunday – an affectation similar to that caused by the work stoppage in July.

Specifically, a strike has been called on August 24, 25, 30 and 31 by UGT de Catalunya. Workers ask for a new employment plan that ends with the eventuality and precariousness of the contracts, as well as the redistribution of working hours. The staff of Iberia Barcelona is responsible not only for the services of this company, but also for twenty companies, such as Vueling.

The Ministry of Development has decreed the minimum services that vary according to the type of flight: – For domestic and foreign flights whose travel alternatives exceed 5 hours, will be 54% .- For domestic flights on the Peninsula with alternatives Transportation of less than 5 hours will be 32%. – For flights to the islands, the minimum services will be 100%. .