12 Kinds of Ornamental Nail Plants, So Beautiful Home Decorations

Here are the characteristics of nail plants:

Living place

Based on the place of life, ferns are found to be widespread from the tropics to near the north and south poles. The distribution starts from primary forest, secondary forest, open nature, highlands and lowlands, wet, humid, shady environments, plantation gardens, to the side of the nail road.


Ferns can be in the form of trees that are usually unbranched, shrubs, epiphytes, vines, floating in water, hydrophytes, or in the form of herbs with rhizomes that spread through the soil or humus.

Transport vessels

Ferns have a vascular system both in roots, stems, and leaves. Anatomically, ferns already have transport vessels, namely xylem which functions to transport water and mineral salts from the roots to the leaves for photosynthesis, and phloem which functions to circulate the results of photosynthesis to all parts of the plant body.


The roots of fern plants generally have adventurous roots. Its roots grow horizontally on the soil surface or underground.


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