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14 stories that inspire you to go green in the kitchen and beyond

Earth Day is Monday and this year we are looking for ways to help you eliminate waste in the kitchen and when you eat out. Read 14 stories that will inspire you to be a little kinder to our planet this year and beyond, and take a look

Jonathan Joy, director of drinks at BlueTop, is preparing 0 Ducks Given cocktails. Photo credit – Mia Yakel.

What local restaurants, organizations do

Greetings for the efforts of the Atlanta companies in the fight against food waste

Atlanta area universities show the way to food sustainability

The East Cobb restaurant traces a sustainable fish course

Talking trash: Farm-to-table has arrived, but where is the garbage going?

Atlanta chefs join in search of better and sustainable burgers


The Chamblee bartender creates a sustainable and wasteless cocktail program

Atlanta: where compost is king

Two organizations celebrate the milestones of the local food movement

Chocolate Crumb Cake made with leftover crumbs (photo by Chris Hunt / Special)

Recipes, tips and tools to help you reduce waste

The ideas of the Atlanta chefs can help home chefs turn garbage into edible gold

The Atlanta chef shows how the remaining crumbs can improve many recipes

Plan a party Use it to help with spring cleaning, reduce waste

Beware of waste: rethink leftovers and waste

The beauty of bad food

Use these apps to help you fight food waste

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