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15 curious facts about “The Crown” that you may not know

The Crown It is one of the series that has captured thousands of viewers. The Netflix production tells the story of the English royal family in different time periods, beginning in the 1940s and early 1950s, with marriage and the problems of the Queen Isabel and the prince philip.

In it we get involved in the political struggles and the romantic life of the British monarch in the second half of the 20th century.

In November 2020 we await the fourth season, which brings a lot to confront as well as the expected appearance of the Princess Diana.

We review this exciting series with 15 curious facts about The Crown that maybe you didn’t know

1. It’s one of the television series most expensive ever made. Each episode has a budget of 5 million pounds sterling (almost 6.5 million dollars). When thought about it it had already been commissioned for two seasons, with the intention of four more, even before the first episode was completed, or any episode aired.

2. Coincidentally, the uncle of Helena Bonham Carter, Mark Bonham-Carter, went out for a short period with the princess daisy, the same character as Helena embodied in season 3 of the series.

3. The iconic black door at 10 Downing Street had to be made larger in scale to make it John Lithgow, who is 6.4 feet (1.94 meters) tall, does not appear significantly larger than the Sir Winston Churchill from real life, who, at this stage, was around 5.6 (1.70 meters) tall.

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4. The Queen isabel II he has blue eyes, like his first performer Claire Foy. After what Olivia Colman was chosen as the queen, she was tried on with blue contact lenses over her brown eyes, but it was decided that it would negatively affect her performance. The eye color change was also tested in post-production, but according to the producers, “it didn’t feel like her,” so it was finally decided to accept the continuity error.

15 fun facts about
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5. This program is the second most expensive project in Netflix, budgeted at approximately £ 100 million ($ 129 million) just behind The Get Down (2016), which cost around £ 120 million (nearly $ 155 million).

6. Helen Mirren, who played Isabel II in The Queen (2006), dismissed speculation that it would happen to Olivia Colman after the next jump in the series, saying: “I think it’s more interesting when you see other faces and it becomes a more interesting image than if someone came back.”.

15 fun facts about The Crown that maybe you didn’t know

7. John Lithgow (Sir Winston Churchill) is the only American actor to play a British character in the series.

8. The princess eugenie, granddaughter of the Queen Isabel, has declared himself a fan of the series.

9. Vanessa Kirby, who plays the princess daisy, does not smoke in real life. So during production, the cigarettes he smoked were made from herbs.

10. Claire Foy she was breastfeeding her newborn baby during the production of the first season. When she first read the script, she was already five months pregnant, and at that time she said she never dreamed she would have the opportunity to land a leading role.

11. The queen’s coronation gown worn in the series is a replica that was originally commissioned and manufactured by Harrods for a celebratory showcase in 2012 for the monarch’s jubilee. The dress was made and is owned by Angels Costumes, from whom many of the costumes were contracted for the series. Despite being made to fit a mannequin, Claire Foy It fit the dress perfectly and was the first person to wear it.

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12. Olivia Colman Y Helena Bonham Carter, who assumed the roles of the Queen isabel II and the princess daisy, respectively, in the third season, they previously played the Queen mother. Colman in Hyde Park on Hudson (2012) and Carter in The King’s Speech (2010).

13. Despite his talent, when Gillian Anderson was chosen to play Margaret Thatcher, many fans argued that he was too sexy for the role.

14. The dialect coach William Conacher, who taught Dame Helen Mirren for his role as the Queen isabel II, Tony Award winner, in the play of Peter Morgan of 2013 The Audience, had a peculiar challenge to Claire Foy Y Matt Smith and its pronunciation of terms as simple as “thank you” Y ”was” (“Thank you” and “it was”).

15. The actress Elizabeth debicki is in charge of giving life to the Princess Diana at the time when she became the wife of Prince carlos. In addition to the similarity that both have, they also have the similarity when considering two tall women. While Lady Di She was 1.78 meters tall, the French-born actress is 1.90 meters tall.

What did you think of these 15 fun facts about The Crown? How many did you know?

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