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15 products (and 3 tricks) to better care for your curly hair | Showcase

by drbyos

In Europe, 45% of the population has straight hair, 40% wavy and the remaining 15% what is called “closed curl”, as our colleagues from Buena Vida explained. And yes, this type of hair needs special care. Not necessarily older, but oriented to protect and keep that special curl beautiful.

That is why hair product brands usually have a specialized range formulated with the ingredients that benefit them the most. And some are even created with the main objective of satisfying curly hair users, such as Shea Moisture, Bouclème, Cantu or As I Am. We have found them on the beauty portal Lookfantastic and this is how they are used:


Trick 1: Curly hair has a more open cuticle, so to curl it less, the ideal is to wash it with cold (or warm) water at least in the last rinse. Of course, shampoo is key and the more hydrating it is, the better. Here a selection of the most outstanding:

Shea Moisture Curl & Shine

Buy for € 13.45

As I Am Curl Clarity

Buy for € 10.95

Aveda’s Be Curly

Purchase for € 19.45

Discipline of Kérastase

Buy for € 19.95

Curvaceous by Redken

Buy for € 16.45


Trick 2: As we said, hydration is key, so a good conditioner or mask is essential. It will also help to avoid breaking the hair when detangling it and, to achieve this, it is best to let it act as long as possible. Forget the classic 15 minutes – experts recommend an hour.

Coconut CoWash by As I Am

Buy for € 11.95

Shea Moisture Curl & Shine

Buy for € 13.45

Cantu repair cream

Buy for € 8.45

As I Am Leave-In Conditioner

Buy for € 9.95

Redefine your Bouclème curls

Buy for € 20.45

Gels and foams

Trick 3: That “kneading” gesture you make when you get out of the shower to settle your curls is not always good. Do it to spread the foam, gel or any other styling product well and then stop and let the product settle and act on the mane naturally. Then let it air dry or dry (in warm air only), and then not before, you can touch it again to prevent it from getting too tangled and frizzy.

Bouclème defining gel

Buy for € 17.95

Aveda Be Curly Intensifier

Buy for € 21.95

Cantu Defining Wax

Buy for € 6.95

As I Am Defining Wax

Buy for € 11.95

Shea Moisture Argan Oil Styling Cream

Buy for € 13.45

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of March 16, 2020.

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