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15,000 people demonstrate in Bilbao against the vaccine and the covid pass

End of the march, at Bilbao City Hall. / maika willow

Those summoned protested against “the passport of shame” and demanded “freedom and respect”

Julio Arrieta

Thousands of people, around 15,000 according to estimates by the Municipal Police, demonstrated this Saturday in Bilbao against the covid passport. With the slogan “Stop passport to the dictatorship, Freedom”, the mobilization had been called by the Bizitza platform, which brings together some thirty associations of various kinds, social, cultural and professional.

Led by a group of firefighters, the demonstration started after five in the afternoon from the Casilla, which served as a meeting point for those summoned, who had come from various points in the Basque Country -Irún, Durango, San Sebastián, Elgoibar…-, but also from Navarra, Asturias – numerous flags of the principality were seen -, Cantabria and Aragón, many arriving in a fortnight of buses that parked in the vicinity of the sports pavilion.


“This is not health, it’s a dictatorship,” was a frequently repeated message on banners


“The passport is a social engineering tool, a means of control,” said a young woman

Leaflets were distributed there in which it was denounced that forcing children to wear a mask “is child abuse”, rejecting “the inoculation of an experimental drug” -vaccines- especially in the case of small children, or He assured that “the war that has been declared against all freedom-loving human beings, those who want to subjugate us, is far from coming to an end.” Bizitza, for its part, distributed a note detailing “the rights that you must demand before inoculating yourself with the experimental drug.”

One of the banners that referred to the ‘vacunazi’.

Many demonstrators raised banners with messages such as “Stop passport vaccination”; Urkullu, we also vote»; «health pass: slavery», «terrorist journalists» or «This is not health, it is a dictatorship». Similar messages were chanted throughout the march, which passed without incident; in addition to the classics «the united people will never be defeated», «freedom» and «jo ta ke irabazi arte».

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Among the protesters, many of whom did not wear a mask, it was easy to gather opinions contrary to the media: “Only official data that is manipulated is published,” said a young woman from Pasaia who had come with her two daughters. «I am not anti-vaccines, but I am against forcing it to be put on. It’s apartheid,” he added. “The passport is a means of control that has no health validity. It’s a social engineering tool,” said Olga Darío, who came from Cantabria. “It is a means to force you to vaccinate, but it is useless. I can be healthy, but they won’t let me go to the gym without it, and you can be vaccinated and sick, and with the passport you can go wherever you want and infect everyone.”

The march arrived at the Town Hall, where it was received to the sounds of the txalaparta and with the singing of bertsos, after seven in the afternoon. There, messages were read in Basque and Spanish calling for rebellion against the imposition of the “passport of shame”, calling for “freedom and respect” and calling for the unity of people of all kinds of ideology “in defense of the stolen truth.

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