152,200 candidates for Philo this Wednesday, the health protocol respected

“As part of the protocol, it was expected that the students and teachers, they are Senegalese, can naturally be positive. Without doubt, perhaps, there are. All teachers who are sick, I don’t even say sick with covid-19, but have a co-morbid condition, have been exempted from taking the exam.

For the students too, we have candidates. Whenever we are informed that a candidate is not available because of such or such a valid reason, he falls within the scope of those who are eligible for the remedial session.

The students have always been one per table. So the distance has always been observed. Now what is added to it is that for the recovery, there was already the health protocol which enacts a certain number of behaviors and acts to be performed, when one is at school. Now, it will be in the continuity of this that the examinations will take place. ”


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