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17-year-old suspect of stabbing handed over to police

Earlier in the week, we told you about a neighborhood discussion that turned tragic on Saturday night in the Bocage district of Éghezée. A resident of Grand-Leez received a hammer blow to the head. The victim, a father, is still hospitalized in intensive care with consequent consequences: paralysis of the entire left has already been mentioned.

We found the video of the incident:
to see here

The perpetrator ran away and had not been seen in the neighborhood since. According to colleagues at Future, Thursday, a 17-year-old man presented himself to police spontaneously, accompanied by his father, on Monday. After his hearing, the suspect was deprived of his liberty.

Judging as an adult?

It had to be put in IPPJ. On Tuesday, the Namur court demanded the resignation of the juvenile judge. In view of his age, the gravity of the facts and his well-known personality in justice and the police, the juvenile mayor could leave the hand of an investigating judge. The juvenile should then be considered an adult and therefore criminally liable.

The victim will remain disabled for life: our information

The suspect can then be placed under an arrest warrant with an appearance of five days before the council chamber in order to extend or not the detention for one month. At this stage, the prosecution maintains eligibility for attempted murder.

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