18 confirmed cases in Reunion

We are publishing the entire press release from the Reunion Island prefecture.

Dengue fever in Reunion
The southern summer is setting in, let’s continue to fight against mosquitoes
From November 9 to 15, 18 cases were reported to the ARS. After stabilizing over a few weeks below 10 cases per week, the number of cases identified has increased slightly.

Dengue fever continues to circulate on the island, 8 municipalities are concerned. With the return of weather conditions favorable to the development of mosquitoes (rain, heat), a new epidemic wave remains to be feared in the coming months, in a context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The prefecture and the ARS call on the population to be extremely vigilant and recall the need to implement preventive measures: protect themselves and their loved ones from mosquito bites, eliminate anything that may contain water around them. home and promptly seek medical attention in the event of symptoms.

Situation of dengue fever in Reunion Island on November 17, 2020
Since early 2020

nearly 16,000 confirmed indigenous cases
701 hospitalizations
1747 emergency room visits
22 deaths (including 11 directly related to dengue)
(data from Cire OI, Public Health France)

The cases have been reported in the following municipalities:

Saint Pierre
The Port
The Oars
St Denis
Bras Panon

No grouping of cases is identified.

The ARS vector control teams are continuing mosquito control interventions day and night, by applying barrier measures against the spread of covid-19.

Contest: 1 week left to participate!
The ARS launched on November 5 and until November 25, an artistic competition aimed at the production of a visual medium (drawing, sculptures, paintings, photos, etc.) on a theme: “Dengue fever and its mosquito vector of disease (the tiger mosquito) ”.

Candidates (professional or amateur category) still have 1 week to send their creations!

Separate awards ranging from 100 to 5,000 euros are provided for each category. In addition to these awards, the winning works will be selected for the Summer 2020/2021 communication campaign through posters and broadcasts on social networks and media.

The rules and conditions for participating in the competition are available:

on the site of the ARS

or on request by email: ars-reunion-kassmoustik@ars.sante.fr

Recommendations to fight against dengue
Protect yourself and those around you against mosquito bites (repellents, mosquito nets, long clothes, diffusers)
Eliminate breeding sites: empty anything that may contain water around your home
Consult a doctor in the event of symptoms: fever, headache, muscle / joint pain, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.
These protective measures also apply to people who have already contracted dengue fever.


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