19 dead after storms in the United States

BTornadoes and storms that struck the southern United States on Easter weekend killed at least 19 people. The Mississippi State Civil Protection Agency reported almost a dozen hurricanes of the highest categories EF-4 and EF-5 on the Fujita scale at Monday with wind speeds of up to 250 kilometers per hour. In the Jefferson Davis, Lawrence, Walthall and Jones districts, the tornadoes tore houses off the foundations, covered roofs, and cut off electricity pylons.

In some regions in the south of the state, almost 20 centimeters of rain fell. Thousands of residents spent the weekend in shelters. Because of the corona pandemic, they were asked to keep their distance from neighbors and friends. Governor Tate Reeves, who confirmed at least eleven deaths in Mississippi, declared the emergency Monday night. “Nobody wants to celebrate Easter like this. The forces are on duty day and night, ”said the Republican.

In Georgia and Arkansas at least one person was killed by an uprooted tree. In ten states from Texas to West Virginia, tornadoes and storms meanwhile cut the power supply for a total of one million households. In Monroe, a small town in northern Louisiana, almost 300 buildings were damaged by violent gusts of wind. The state east of Texas is also one of the regions in the United States that has been hit hardest by the corona pandemic. By Sunday, Bayou State health officials counted approximately 20,000 infected and more than 800 dead.


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