Friday, 14 Dec 2018

2 US fighter jets crashed off the coast of Japan and a rescue is underway

TOKYO – According to Japanese and American officials, two US warplanes crashed in the Pacific Ocean off the southwest coast of Japan after a mid-air collision on Thursday morning, and search and rescue operations are under way. course.

The US Marine Corps said Thursday that an FA-18 fighter and a KC-130 tanker had been involved "in an accident" off the Japanese coast Thursday morning. He said in a statement that the accident was under investigation and gave no further details.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense said that the two planes carrying a total of seven crew members collided in flight and crashed into the sea about 100 kilometers south of Cape Muroto on the main island of Shikoku.

They said that Japanese rescuers found one of the crew members in a stable state. Japanese officials said two crew members were on the FA-18 and five others on the KC-130.

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