2 winter months without excess mortality in Belgium, Yves Coppieters does not dare claim victory too soon

“To paraphrase Magritte, I would say: this is not a third wave, nor a wavelet. But, at the same time, the tree must not hide the forest, ”he replied. Like us, he notes that the number of new daily cases tends to no longer get carried away, at least more “exponentially”, as some had feared.

“You have all noticed that the weather is nice outside and that the climate is pleasant now. However, in terms of the epidemic, we are still in a stormy area and we do not yet know exactly when the sky will clear up, ”the Brabançon had opened during the press conference on Tuesday morning.

► Yves Coppieters does not dare claim victory too soon. “We don’t know yet if we got alarmed too quickly. “

► He delivers his feelings.


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