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20 minutes – Did the killed taxi driver fight for his life?

by drbyos

Had the 51-year-old Russian A.O. * who was on Thursday night was found dead next to his taxi on Sedelstrasse in Lucernefought for his life? Urs Wigger, spokesman for the Lucerne police, said: “We don’t know that at the moment.”

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There are two indications that a fight could have taken place: According to an insider, the taxi driver killed was a giant that was about two meters tall. And: The police announced on Friday that the alleged perpetrator could have “fresh cuts and / or hematomas”. He could have sustained these injuries in a fight.

It is not known whether the perpetrator was after the chauffeur’s money. Wigger was unable to answer these and other questions due to ongoing investigations that would go in all directions. It is a fact, however, that the man he is looking for is carrying an unknown object under his right arm in the pictures released on Friday. According to Wigger, the pictures were taken in the vicinity of the action during the night of the crime.

Taxi was hardly ordered from the headquarters

The killed O. was employed by a Lucerne taxi company. The managing director did not want to comment on request. It is therefore not clear how O. got his last passenger. «I don’t think the passenger ordered the taxi from the headquarters. If someone wants to do a crooked thing, they get on the street », says Daniel Krummenacher, owner of Mc taxi. Customers would be absent anyway because of the Corona crisis. Therefore it could have been that O. had let the stranger get off the street. Krummenacher himself has reservations about letting passengers into his taxi from the street: “I would have been surprised that someone was still out so late, even though all the restaurants were closed.”

The Lucerne police are still looking for witnesses. She asks the population for help and has the following questions:

• Who is the man you are looking for in the pictures or who can provide information about this person? This man may have fresh cuts and / or hematomas.

• Who made suspicious observations around Sedelstrasse / Jugiweg?

• Who made suspicious perceptions of a taxi in the night from Wednesday to Thursday?

Persons who can provide information are requested to report to the Lucerne police on 041 248 81 17.

* Name of the editor known


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