January 19, 2020

Newsy Today


20 years Sony Center: Berlin has become the undead

Whe makes a place ghostly? We don't learn from the dead in itself from the romantics, but from what seems to be alive. The unsaved and the unspoiled is ghostly, the corpse that claims to still be human. The Sony Center is scary because it is dead, but still pretends to be the future. And the crazy thing is that in a way that's actually true. But one after anonther. The Sony Center on Potsdamer Platz was opened 20 years ago, and in 2020 it lost its heart. The Cinestar cinema and IMAX had to move out. The rent was too high, it said. Has the Sony Center been dead gentrified? Or was it never really alive? Even after two decades, the steel and glass ensemble built by Sony for 750 million euros shows no signs of life. Nothing is weathered, you don't see any cracks or patina. Even the trees adhere to the openings in the sealed floor that were assigned to them at the time.