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200 goals with PSG: “My most beautiful? The free kick in Marseille “, assures Cavani

Edinson Cavani crossed against Bordeaux (4-3) the bar of 200 goals in the jersey of PSG. A very moving moment for the best scorer in the history of the club, rewarded with a trophy at the end of the match.

What does it mean for you to reach this milestone of 200 goals with PSG?

EDINSON CAVANI. It is special. It’s a moment that reminds me of all the kilometers traveled, the exciting things, the frustrations, the special moments. All of these things make up an incredible moment. It’s beautiful for me. It’s not my best goal, it’s the 200th. It doesn’t give us a win, a cup, but in the end, it made me think of a lot of things that made this match special.

What is the most beautiful of your 200 goals?

There are a lot of beautiful ones, right? It’s hard to choose. But I believe that the one that remains in everyone’s mind is that of 2-2 against Marseille (Editor’s note: in October 2017). The stadium was waiting for the free kick to pass to scream. And that’s where I canceled the party a little! The Clasicos are even more special matches than the others.

Have you marked the history of PSG?

Yes, it’s been 6 and a half years and it will be 7 years at the end of the season. Many things have happened. So a little story has been created in this club. It is a great adventure in my life, in my career. I hope to still have a great time with PSG. I am proud to know that I can leave a small trace in the history of the club. For the supporters because they gave me confidence every day. I grew up in love. It is something that did not happen immediately but over time. But it’s not over to make this story grow a little more.

In January, you almost left. How did you experience this period?

It is a thing of the past and it is sometimes good to leave these things behind. It was a special month and very difficult for me. I’m glad I stayed of course. Paris has given me a lot. I am here to continue my adventure in Paris, I am happy and proud of it. I will continue to give my best until the last day I spend here. It is difficult for all players to go through moments like these but it is part of our job, football. There is nothing to criticize. It’s just working, working, working again. Because in the end, it is only these sacrifices that allow you to keep moving forward.

Do you have a message for supporters?

I would like to thank them. I would also like to thank my teammates first, who are with me every day. The supporters have been behind me many times. I can only thank for the warmth they give us every day, and to me especially, in difficult times or in joy. The only way I can thank them is to give the maximum, 100% on the ground. It will be like this until the end. We must take advantage and prepare for the next matches.

Do you think that PSG can turn the situation around after the defeat in Dortmund?

We are capable of doing great things, but we must remain united. After the defeat against Dortmund, you should know that it is football, all teams can have difficult evenings, moments that do not go as we hope. Sometimes we need to spend moments like these. It is important to see the team in these difficult times. We know the situation here in Paris after the defeats. We are going to stay together, we are going to show that we are capable of seeking qualification. It started tonight, we created a lot of opportunities. The preparation has started.

How do you live the competition with Mauro Icardi?

It’s good. The coach decides. Competition is part of football. I have a good relationship with Mauro. I have said many times that the important thing is the team, because in the end, one person decides: the coach. The relationship between me and my teammates is not going to change, it’s good, it’s good competition.

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