the job bonus is over, the activity bonus replaces it

2016 taxes: the employment bonus is over, the activity bonus replaces it

Permanently deleted, the employment bonus has been replaced by the activity bonus. The Family Allowance Fund specifies the conditions to be fulfilled to receive it.

[Mis à jour le lundi 18 avril 2016 à 22h45] Since 1st January 2016, the employment bonus has definitively disappeared. This is a novelty for your income tax 2016. It has been replaced by activity bonus managed by the Family Allowance Fund (Caf). On its website, the Caf specifies the conditions for receiving it. It is not paid over a certain activity income. For example, a single person who earns 1,500 euros, a tenant without housing assistance, will not be able to benefit from the activity bonus.

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In order to calculate this premium, the Caf specifies that all resources are taken into account such as professional activity income, replacement income (unemployment, retirement, pension, social assistance and other taxable income. ” employees and students and apprentices, the premium is calculated on the basis of income for the last 3 months, “recalls Caf. The activity bonus is then paid monthly. Remember that if you declare your income in paper form, the filing deadline is set for Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

For those who declare on the internet, the dates vary depending on your department. For those living in zone 1, in the departments between 0 and 19, the deadline is Tuesday, May 24 at midnight. A deadline extended to Tuesday May 31 for those in zone 2, departments 20 to 49. Those residing in departments 50 to 974 and 976 and those living abroad (zone 3), you will have to remember to declare your returned before Tuesday June 7 at midnight. New this year, the taxpayer will know immediately if he is taxable and can justify this situation without waiting for July.

let’s go for income tax! What new features for the declaration?

Tax 2016: let's go for income tax! What new features for the declaration?

TAX 2016 – The 2016 income tax declarations can be registered from Wednesday April 13 on the portal …

[Mis à jour le 12 avril 2016 à 9h18] The 2016 income tax campaign begins on Wednesday, April 13, 2016. Bercy will start sending tax returns to fill out the tax returns. But beware: since 2015, the income tax scale has changed. Like last year, the first tranche has disappeared and the threshold for the second has been lowered. Only the taxable net income is taken into account, so do not forget to subtract the tax advantages from which you could benefit, in particular the family quotient. It is possible to decide which means of payment you want to use to pay your taxes.

By default you are offered an interbank payment document (TIP) but you can also decide on a bank transfer. In this case, do not wait until the last moment to claim an RIB from the Treasury. You can also opt for a Payment by check or in cash. Or prefer a direct debit by checking “direct online payment” on the site or finally choose a direct debit at maturity, without mark-up, which you will decide to apply from your personal space.

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Tax 2016: several deadlines

As of this Wednesday, you will be able to make your declaration online, on the portal. Those who have used the paper format will have to file their income tax return before May 18 at midnight, while the government has given, as every year, an additional deadline for those who file via the Internet. For online declarations, the deadlines depend on three areas. These dates are May 24 at midnight, for departments registered from 1 to 19, then May 31 at midnight for departments from 20 to 49 and finally June 7 at midnight for departments ranging from 50 to 976 and for non -residents in France.

French people equipped with Internet access and reluctant to declare themselves online no longer have much time to change their minds. If their tax reference income is greater than 40,000 euros, they must declare themselves online this year. By 2019, all returns will have to be made online, regardless of taxpayer income. After two failures, they may be fined 15 euros.