François Hollande to decide on a decline in July

Taxes 2017: François Hollande will decide to cut in July

François Hollande would be determined to announce a new tax cut for households in 2017, according to Les Echos.

[Mis à jour le 02 mai 2016 à 15h27] While taxpayers are busy filling out their 2016 tax return, François Hollande would think about giving them a helping hand for the next year. According to Les Echos, the Elysée palace is set to announce a tax cut for households in 2017. An essentially political decision less than a year before the presidential election with the idea of ​​showing that “it’s better”. François Hollande should however wait until July to decide and publish the figures for growth in the second quarter. For the first three months of 2016, INSEE announced last Friday that the GDP had increased by 0.5%.

“The extent of the gesture will depend on the room for maneuver. There are also new expenses that must be faced,” said a senior source. Because on the side of Bercy, we are not as willing as the head of state to reduce the amount of taxes. Michel Sapin would indeed like to materialize the responsibility pact and also to continue efforts in terms of deficit reduction. On the other hand, if no action is taken, the levies on households should actually increase in 2017 by 2% compared to theincome tax 2016. 4 billion euros in spending announced at the start of the year, a budget to keep and a new tax cut… Will François Hollande really be able to do it all together?

In mid-April, Michel Sapin said that “there are no new measures in favor of households”. But he could be disowned as he was last year. After he made an equivalent statement, a cut of two billion income taxes had still been voted by the Assembly. For 2017, nothing is yet decided.

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