Car sharing: how to be well insured

Car sharing: how to be well insured

Sharing a vehicle makes it profitable to use your automobile. Consider modifying your auto insurance contract to be covered in all circumstances.

The practice of carpooling is experiencing exponential development in France. Many cities and towns set up carpool areas here and there. These are car parks at the outskirts of the city where you can leave your car and continue the journey in another vehicle to get to work, for example. Car pooling can also take the form of a personal car that stops to take all passengers to the nearest station. Or lend your car during the hours or days when you are not using your car.

Carpooling: a journey for private use?

These different forms of carpooling are not neutral for your car insurance because they are all possible cases of exclusions. If it is your vehicle that transports the group of people, a priori your auto insurance policy does not require modification because it is the driver holding the insurance who drives. But pay attention to the route taken. In the event that you make a detour, this less direct route deviation to reach your place of work or return to your home may result in reduced allowances.

Different forms of carpooling can be an exclusion in a standard auto insurance contract

In all other cases, it is better to inform your car insurance because the use of your car is significantly changed. First, the auto insurance contract is taken out privately. Carpool can question this principle and exclude you from all the guarantees that you have subscribed. Then if you leave your car on a unattended parking and not covered, you are not immune to accidental or weather-related damage. In this, the nature of the risk to be covered has changed for your insurer. If you do not bring this information to their attention, they may legitimately refuse to compensate you if necessary.

Take the “ready to drive” option

Finally, if you leave the wheel of your car to another person, again your insurance may refuse to compensate you. To be covered for any damage, it is advisable to subscribe in your insurance the option which supports the occasional drivers. And this can be with another insurance company. Besides, carpool sites offer specific insurance contracts that cover you for the sole duration of a loan of your car. This can be interesting for occasional loans of your car.

In the case of a very regular loan of your car, it may be advantageous to compare the coverage of the insurance offered by the carpooling site with that of the option of your car insurance, the latter may prove to be more economical.

Community doctor Leopold Biermair was awarded the title of Medical Council

SCHWERTBERG. Governor Josef Pühringer last week saw Dr. Schwertberg’s local doctor Leopold Biermair, in the presence of his family, as well as Mayor Max Oberleitner and Marianne Gusenbauer-Jäger, Member of the National Council, presented the professional title of Medical Councilor.

Leopold Biermair has been a general practitioner in Schwertberg for 32 years and was appointed a local doctor five years later. “In addition to professionalism, prudence and reliability, he shows himself above all by his humanity and care in dealing with his many patients,” it said in the laudation. His commitment to “mother counseling” is also particularly worth mentioning – a particularly important offer for young families. The general practitioner is also very volunteer – he is active on the Volkshilfe board, drives as a Red Cross doctor and is the deputy head of the Red Cross. Biermair also acts as a fire doctor at FF Winden-Windegg, was a chamber official, is a member of the “Association for Social Democratic Academics” and in the Kiwanis Mühlviertel Service Club.