Motivated young doctors started basic training at the Gmünd State Hospital

GMÜND. Three young doctors are currently completing the nine-month basic training at the state hospital in the city.

Bianca Banes and Octavian Iancu studied medicine at the University in Timişoara and Arad in Romania, Aikaterini Tsolaki completed her medical studies at the university in the Greek city of Alexandroupolis. After the completion of the training by the Medical Association and entry in the list of doctors, Banes and Iancu are currently undergoing basic training in the surgical department and Tsolaki in the internal department in the Gmünd State Hospital.

The former training as a qualified physician underwent a complete redesign from June 2015. After studying medicine, the young doctors are now undergoing nine months of basic training in a hospital, with a focus on surgery and internal medicine. Only then do they decide whether general or specialist training is to be sought. Depending on this, a further 27 months of training in several hospital departments are mandatory for general practitioners or 15 months of basic training and 27 months of specialization for the specialist.

Primary Michael Böhm, the medical site manager at the Landesmlinikum Gmünd is happy with the successful young doctors and says: “The focus is on basic training in the acquisition of basic medical knowledge, such as the diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases and their symptoms. This includes e.g. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia etc. Dr. Banes, Dr. Tsolaki and Dr. Iancu are now very well integrated in the Gmünd State Hospital and are very careful about the tasks assigned to them. “

Many patients treated successfully

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler.
“Our breast center passed the recertification audit with flying colors,” said Dr. Josef Spanier, the chief doctor of gynecology and obstetrics at the Maria Hilf Hospital in Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler. The experts from OnkoZert confirmed in accordance with the requirements of the German Society for Senology and the German Cancer Society that women suffering from breast cancer are treated in the Maria Hilf Hospital together with the cooperation partners according to the highest medical standards.

The Bad Neuenahr Breast Center was certified in 2008. Since then, the quality of the treatment has been checked every year as part of an audit. Recertification takes place every three years. The cooperation partners, radiologists, oncologists, nuclear medicine specialists and radiation therapists are also included in this review.

Interdisciplinary approach

The auditors attach great importance to close cooperation between the cooperation partners, transparent work processes and smoothly functioning communication with each other. With this third recertification, they also confirmed to the breast center that all specialists work very well together.

For example, in the weekly tumor conferences, in which attending physicians from all disciplines take part, the findings of each individual patient are discussed and the treatment plans that promise the most success are defined together. This guarantees the women concerned an optimal holistic care.

These also include patients who, like Angelina Jolie, suffer from inheritable breast cancer and who undergo breast removal and reconstruction at the same time. An interdisciplinary approach guarantees all affected women optimal medical care.

Review of long-term treatment outcomes

Another important focus of the recertification is the long-term treatment results, which the reviewers check using anonymized patient data.

“We were able to demonstrate that we have successfully treated many patients in our departments,” says Dr. Spaniards. “And the entire team of doctors, therapists, social workers, psychologists and pastors is always involved in the success of the treatment.”

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