2018, a record year of attendance in France

Good news for the French economy. In 2018, France broke a new tourist attendance record. Never have foreign tourists come so many to visit France. "They were almost 90 million, it's 3% more than in 2017", details the journalist Dorothée Lachaud, on the set of 19/20. Moreover, these foreign tourists spend more and more on the spot: 56.2 billion euros spent by foreign tourists in 2018, "the highest level ever reached"she continues.

But where do these tourists come from to visit France? "The majority of them come from Europe, on the podium, the first are those coming from the United Kingdom, followed closely by Germany and then by our neighbors the Belgians", says Dorothée Lachaud. However, "what is important for 2018 is that it is the Asian clientele that has increased the most with + 7.4%".

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