What to choose between fixed rate and variable rate for your mortgage?

What to choose between fixed rate and variable rate for your mortgage?

When buying real estate, the question of financing quickly arises. The bank credit solution is essential, but which methods should be favored?

Becoming a homeowner is a strong step for many individuals who, once their decision to buy a property, generally consider applying for a bank loan to help them finance this project. Once the term is fixed according to the income and savings available, two options are available to them: fixed rate or variable rate loans.

Fixed rate mortgage

The majority of French people who decide to borrow to finance their property acquisition opt for a fixed rate loan, that is to say that the interest rate remains the same throughout the life of the credit. The monthly payments and the repayment period are thus fixed in advance and remain identical over time. Every month, borrowers repay part of the loaned capital and interest related to the credit. Because the schedule is predefined, this solution appeals to a large number of new owners who see it as a certain security: the debt they contract is stable and measurable. However, it does not allow you to benefit from any rate cuts that may occur during the loan and thus reduce the total cost of the loan. Except to renegotiate the terms of the loan each time.

The adjustable rate mortgage

Another possibility is offered to borrowers: take out a loan at a variable or adjustable rate. As the name suggests, in this solution the interest rate is not fixed: it varies according to a benchmark index – generally Euribor – which can cause the monthly payments to be paid up or down to repay the ready. The downside: its total cost will not really be known until the end of the schedule. The advantage: in a favorable context, there can be significant savings, either by paying off your loan more quickly, or by reducing monthly payments. But beware, the opposite is also possible, in other words in the event of a rate hike, the monthly payments or the term of the loan may increase. To minimize the risks, it is possible to “cap the loan rate” revisable and to set a ceiling ranging from 1 to 3%, but also to switch to a fixed rate loan when it is decided. An option which obviously has a cost which must be taken into account before taking the plunge.

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How to calculate the amount of your retirement income and improve it?

How to calculate the amount of your retirement income and improve it?

Retiring often results in loss of income, which worries three in four workers. The solution: find additional resources. Explanations.

On average, a retiree earns half as much as an employee and their average monthly income in 2015 was 1,376 euros gross in France, according to the statistical service of the Ministry of Social Affairs (Drees), (2017 edition). This is why 75% of French people are worried about the level of pension they will receive when they stop working. To compensate for this inevitable loss of income during retirement, 80% of working people believe that seeking additional income is compulsory.

Calculate your retirement income

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate what will be the amount of the pension for, then, to calculate the level of the complementary incomes to find. This work must be done as soon as possible in order to prepare today our heritage to generate sufficient income tomorrow. Moreover, the need to prepare for retirement emerges from the age of 45. To find out the amount, you generally have to add up the basic pension and the supplementary pension, which does not have the same method of calculation depending on the plan to which one is affiliated. To learn more, there are several simulators allowing you to provide an estimate: the State has for example created one (https://retraitesdeletat.gouv.fr/CalcCivile/), just like La Banque Postale

Anticipate and save

Many solutions exist to anticipate this drop in income: by making your wealth grow, it is possible to build up sufficient capital or create rents that will fill the gap. Investments dedicated to preparing for retirement, such as the Popular Retirement Savings Plan (PERP), a group insurance contract open to all, has the purpose of receiving a life annuity, upon effective retirement or at the normal retirement age. Life insurance is also one of the solutions to consider because this investment allows you to build up a regular income supplement or a life annuity. It is at the end of the contract that the member decides, if he wishes, to set up regular scheduled buybacks or to convert the capital accumulated on his contract into a life annuity. Another possible solution: open a Plan Equity Savings (PEA). An investment that may prove to be more risky than the two previous ones, but which can allow you to get out after 8 years with the payment of a life annuity exempt from income tax but subject to social security contributions in force. It is now relevant to reconsider your savings decisions and accept risk-taking that is suited to your personality, financial situation and investor profile.

Investing in real estate

Another pillar of weight to build a solid heritage strategy for retirement: the stone. In addition to becoming the owner of your main home before you leave your business, investing in rental property is something to consider very early on. Not only does this make it possible to diversify one’s wealth, but in addition it creates additional income – regular rents received – which will continue even after retirement. Not to mention that a property acquisition enriches a heritage that we can then pass on to our children.

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What assets to declare during an estate and how to assess them?

What assets to declare during an estate and how to assess them?

The declaration of inheritance is an administrative formality which, when it is not too complex, can, in certain cases, do without the intervention of a notary and be carried out by the heirs and legatees. Here are the rules to follow.

In the event of the death of a loved one, the subscription to a declaration of succession is in principle, except in the case of exemption, compulsory. Only one may suffice for all the heirs and, when it is not too complicated, it can be carried out without the intervention of a notary. Provided that all the information necessary for calculating inheritance tax is mentioned there, and in particular that all the property that must be shown there (correctly whether taxable or not) is correctly identified and assessed in detail – note that in the presence of real estate, the accompaniment of a notary is compulsory.

Taxable property

All of the property held by the deceased on the day of his death must appear in the declaration of succession. This obviously includes movable property such as cash (cash, bank accounts, savings books, etc.), listed and unlisted securities (shares, bonds, company shares, etc.), furniture and other movable property (goodwill, jewelry, works of art, collections, etc.). To estimate them, we generally use the real market value of each item on the day of death. For listed securities, this will be, for example, the average of their highest and lowest market price on that day or the average of the last 30 prices preceding death. For jewelry, art and collectibles, there are several possibilities. Or is organized, within 2 years of death, a public sale which will determine their final estimate. Otherwise, an estimate is drawn up within 5 years of death. Failing this and in the absence of an insurance contract, the detailed and estimated declaration of the parties is retained. Furniture (furniture) can also be the subject of a public sale or a legal inventory drawn up by a bailiff or notary. Otherwise, a flat rate equal to 5% of the estate assets (excluding property exempt from inheritance tax), before deduction of debts, will be applied. Please note, life insurance contracts are treated separately. Two scenarios (concerning contracts signed since 20/11/1991 and premiums paid from 13/10/1998): for premiums paid before the age of 70, a specific deduction is made by the insurer after application of an allowance of € 152,500 per beneficiary. Regarding premiums paid after 70 years, the fraction beyond 30,500 euros is subject to inheritance tax.

Also affected are buildings such as houses, apartments, collective buildings, cellars, parking lots but also land etc. To assess these goods, here again it is the real market value (market price) on the day of death that applies. Regarding the main residence of the deceased, it is possible to benefit from a 20% reduction.

Exempt property

Under certain conditions, property may be subject to total or partial exemption from inheritance tax. These include, subject to certain conditions, shares or shares in companies that are the subject of a collective and individual conservation commitment, timber and forests and shares of forest groups when these have is the subject of a commitment to sustainable management, of rural properties given on long-term leases and shares of Groupement Foncier Agricole (GFA), certain historic monuments and certain investment property.

Deductible liabilities

There remains a significant point: all that can be deducted from the amount of the estate assets. This is the “deductible liability” and it concerns the debts that exist on the day of death – because, as a reminder, inheritance taxes are calculated on the net assets, once the debts payable by the deceased are deducted. These are, for example, funeral costs up to 1,500 euros, costs of opening a will, taxes owed by the deceased or loans in progress not covered by death insurance. Please note that not all debts are deductible, such as the lawyers’ fees incurred by the heirs.
Once the declaration is complete, the net assets are divided between the heirs and legatees and each will pay the inheritance tax (knowing that there is solidarity between the co-heirs, except those exempt from inheritance tax) depending, if applicable , of the relationship with the deceased and after application of the various allowances possibly applicable.

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TV Roseanne is a Trump supporter. Real life Roseanne Barr is already a pro-Trump Internet pillar.

After the awakening was presented on Tuesday evening, the White House social media director celebrated the return of “Roseanne”:

On Wednesday, President Trump even called Barr to congratulate her. The White House confirmed to the New York Times that the call had taken place. According to their reports, Trump was impressed with the “huge” ratings of the awakening – and he also thanked Barr for supporting him.

Support tweets from the Internet parts of #MAGA were probably about Trump’s support from the title character. In real life, Barr’s online presence is loved by the Internet Pro-Trump and his diaspora. In recent years, the comedian has gone viral among Trump’s supporters on a regular basis, for everything from possessing online liberals to promoting conspiracy theories about Seth Rich.

His tweets are republished on Trump Internet pillars such as the “r / The_Donald” subreddit, where they are approved with approval thousands of times.

Although Barr recently canceled most of his previous tweets, his active Internet presence in Trump has continued in the months since he first announced that “Roseanne” was returning to TV.

“4 those who marvel at the day when I was called” liberal “by journalists, I used to answer:” I am not a liberal, I am a radical “and still am, I voted for the shock of Trump 2 the status quo and l “stable institution,” Barr tweeted in December, a couple of days before deleting his Twitter story. The tweet was one of many in which the comedian defended his support for Trump. He then announced his intention to “withdraw”, causing a small wave of news. Barr later made it clear that he intended to take a break on social media, not to withdraw from acting.

The December exchange may have confused those who were tuning in for the first time on Barr’s views due to the relaunch of his TV show. However, Barr has tweeted similar things for a while:

It’s not just Barr’s generic support for Trump that makes her a pro-Trump Internet hero. It’s also his seemingly deep knowledge and active involvement with memes and conspiracy theories that only true Trump Online fans would know.

Barr tweeted a YouTube video about “Pedogate,” which essentially redesigned the 2009 arrest of a local campaign manager for Senator John McCain on child molestation allegations. “Pedogate” is the generic term for a series of conspiracy theories that accuse powerful figures – these days, often enemies of Trump – of being part of a secret ring of pedophiles. Pizzagate is probably the most famous iteration of that conspiracy.

He also tweeted about Pizzagate, linking to YouTube videos that promote or defend conspiracy theory and its amplifiers.

Barr also tweeted about Seth Rich, the Democratic National Committee staff who was shot in Washington. Despite his family’s requests, online criminals insisted that Rich’s death was an attempted political murder that was later covered up by the Clintons. This conspiracy theory regularly goes viral on the pro-Trump Internet.

To add Trump Internet to his good faith, Barr is also one of the few celebrities with mainstream relevance to manage a verified account on Gab, a social media platform that has presented itself as a “free speech” alternative to Twitter. Barr has been in Gab since November 2016, the same month that Internet Pro-Trump spilled onto the platform after Twitter’s first major crackdown on users who violated its rules against “hateful behavior”, fearing censorship.

The daily Beast noticed over the summer that Barr’s political views have been difficult to define over time. He once sought nomination for the green party for the presidency. Her dislike of traditional politicians and support for Israel precede her current devotion to the Internet conspiracy theories of pro-Trump and also seem to inform some of the topics she regularly tweets on, for example her intense dislike of the Clinton family .

In August 2016, the Beast reported, Barr repeatedly tweeted about Clinton and Israel, accusing Hillary of being “surrounded by hate Jews”, among other things.

Barr was on Twitter as the new “Roseanne” aired, retweeting viewers’ praise (and a #Roseanne screenshot on Twitter). In an interview with USA Today, Barr said he would temporarily suspend the policy on his Twitter feed. But, he added, “If I renew, you could see me out there again.”

Roseanne Barr attempts to explain both her – and her character – Trump’s support. A type of.

“This is your opinion,” Roseanne Barr told a reporter who had suggested that Donald Trump was a xenophobic.

Soraya Nadia McDonald, writer of The Undefeated, asked Barr why Roseanne Conner, the historical protagonist of Barr’s revolutionary 1988-1997 sitcom Roseannehe allegedly supported Donald Trump as president when, during the show’s original run, he spoke openly against the type of xenophobia and racism that Trump appears to represent. Now, in the 2018 show’s revival (debuting in March), Roseanne Conner is a Trump supporter, while her sister Jackie is far from that, which caused a split between the two.

It was a good question to ask creatively, since tracing that evolution from a previous iteration of Roseanne a second could offer at least an interpretation of why there were several voters who went from being Obama’s voters in 2012 to Trump’s voters in 2016, a category where it’s not hard to imagine Roseanne Conner’s downfall. (It’s worth stating that the character lives in Illinois, so his vote for Trump didn’t really matter in terms of constituency in the end.)

But the question took on a strange metatextual meaning when you consider that Barr herself is one of the main supporters of the president’s celebrities, insofar as she claims that her children have taken away her Twitter so as not to let her public proclamations obscure the return of the show. And Barr spent most of the time during the revival panel at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour dodging questions about his support Trump as he attempted to explain why her TV husband, Dan (John Goodman), is still alive in the revival although l last season of the original show killed him in a memorable way (even if off the screen).

But McDonald’s question – which I will remind you of on the subject character Roseanne Conner and not celebrity Roseanne Barr (though you can see where Barr would get confused) – he seemed to have gotten into Barr’s skin, just a little. She denied that she was Trump’s number one cheerleader, but she also seemed to appreciate the way Trump had promised to “shake things up,” which led to his support for him.

“It says a lot of crazy shit,” Barr said. “I am not a Trump apologist. There are many things he has done and said that I disagree in the same way that there are probably many things that Hillary Clinton has done and said you disagree.”

Roseanne producer and executive writer Whitney Cummings attempted to jump to explain the creative choice of making Roseanne Conner a Trump supporter by talking to Trump supporters in her life – people who sometimes felt conflicted with candidate Trump but they ended up voting for him in the belief that he would bring jobs back to America. Cummings thought that a job wish would explain Roseanne Conner who voted for Trump, even if she didn’t agree with him on everything.

But Barr stepped back: “Speaking of racism, I’ll just say it …” (“Are you sure you want to do this?!”, Interrupted his TV daughter, Sara Gilbert, who is also the producer of the show.)


Roseanne Barr and John Goodman star in Roseanne’s relaunch.

Barr completed his response by saying that one big reason he couldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton had to do with Haiti, a reference to false claims that the Clintons raised millions of dollars for a hospital in Haiti that was never built . He also said he was happy that black unemployment is the lowest it has been in years, presumably attributing Trump those jobs, then concluded by saying that we must end “hate-riotism” in America and learn to talk to us.

The irony of this is that the new Roseanne – absent the political inclinations of the star – is a genuinely funny and thoughtful vision of how white Americans who do not strongly agree with the president and his views essentially on whoever he is not a white American can find a way to talk about these problems without killing each other. The show feels reinvigorated by the political climate in a way that, say, that of NBC Will & Grace reboot simply no.

Indeed, Barr’s previous answer as to why Roseanne it is now simple of a Trump voter made more sense than anything else he said later: “Half of the people voted for Trump and half did not. It’s just realistic.”

However, in order to consider the spectacle of those ideas, viewers who don’t like Trump will have to make their way through the star’s voice support for the president. At some level, everyone involved realizes this he could work for the show – as long as Barr herself can stay on the message.

But part of the charm of Roseanne it has always been the refusal of his star to stay on the message, to say what he really thinks, to highlight the worst things in America where he sees them. If the new Roseanne is thinking about how discordant politics has broken relationships in these 2010 years, it’s a dark turn that fans will now do they have to wonder if Barr’s politics will dampen their love of the show.

His TV personality is a Trump fan, as he should be

PASADENA, California (AP) – Roseanne Barr said her character’s support for President Donald Trump in the revamped sitcom “Roseanne” is a reflection of his views and also true to the show’s roots.

The sitcom brings the Conner family and country life up to date when it debuts on ABC on March 27.

“I’ve always tried to portray a realistic portrait of the American people and working-class people. And indeed it was the working-class people who elected Trump,” Barr said on Monday.

The show also tries to deal with the polarization that has divided families, he said, calling that division “non-American”.

The show’s extended family represents a “cross section complete with ideas and beliefs,” said Bruce Helford, among executive producers and actors taking part in a Q&A with television critics. “There is no program from anyone other than to have honest feelings out there and within a family that is comparable,” said Helford.

Sara Gilbert, who is among the original returning cast members, echoed him.

“People feel like they don’t disagree and still love each other and talk. It’s nice to have a family divided by politics but still full of love,” said Gilbert.

Barr was pushed to defend his character’s support for Trump in light of what a journalist has called his racism and xenophobia. The question followed a clip from the original show in which his character vehemently denounces his son’s apparent racism.

“Well, that’s your opinion,” Barr replied to the reporter, adding that Trump says “a lot of fools (swearing).”

“I’m not a Trump apologist,” he continued. “There are many things he said and did that I disagree with, as there are probably many things Hillary Clinton did and said you disagree. Nobody brainwashed to agree with the 100 percent of what someone says, let alone a politician or candidate. “

Asked if she would support Oprah Winfrey or, say, activist-actress Susan Sarandon as president, Barr replied that she herself would be a better president than one of them or, perhaps, even Trump.

The new “Roseanne” reunites Barr with John Goodman, Laurie Metcalf and other members of the original cast, somewhat surpassing Goodman’s character, Dan Conner, who is said to have died when the series ended his 1988-97 run.

In a clip of the new show, Conner is shown being awakened by Barr because he fears he is dead.

“I thought it was a smart way to do it, manage it and get it out of the way,” Goodman told critics.