Health insurance companies: Periodontitis treatment: Switching health insurance companies can be worthwhile

Professional teeth cleaning usually helps with periodontitis. This is not covered by most health insurance companies – but in some cases by some. A comparison is worthwhile.

Periodontitis patients are best looking for a health insurance company that is professional Teeth cleaning generously subsidized. Because this can be useful as part of the treatment.

Periodontitis treatment: costs are often only partially covered

However, it is not in the catalog of benefits of the statutory health insurance companies, like that Consumer advice center North Rhine-Westphalia explained. However, many insurers still cover the costs or subsidize them under certain conditions Teeth cleaning. Patients can find an overview on the website of the Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentistsby clicking on “Service” and “Info Materials”. (dpa)


The story of Trump’s support of Roseanne Barr, proposing conspiracy theories

  • Roseanne Barr has a history of supporting President Donald Trump, as well as promoting popular right-wing conspiracy theories online.
  • Barr received a congratulatory phone call from Trump on Wednesday for the successful hit of the “Roseanne” premiere, the revival of his ABC sitcom, in which he plays a Trump supporter.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump called Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on the success of the ranking for the preview episodes of “Roseanne”, the resurgence of Barr’s ABC sitcom.

Barr’s character Roseanne Conner on the show is a Trump supporter. Barr herself has been a vocal supporter of Trump since the 2016 elections, and she also has a history of promoting popular right-wing online conspiracy theories.

“I’ve always tried to portray a realistic portrait of the people of the American working class, and it was the working class workers who elected Trump,” Barr said in January on the Television Critics Association press tour describing his character as a Trump supporter.

“He says a lot of fools —” Barr continued. “I am not a Trump apologist. There are many things he has done and said that I disagree in the same way that there are probably many things that Hillary Clinton has done and said you disagree.”

But as the Washington Post recently reported, Barr’s Twitter page had been Trump’s support and tweets promoting right-wing conspiracy theories like Pizzagate, until he cleared most of the history of his page in December.

“4 those who marvel at the day when I was called” liberal “by journalists, I used to answer:” I am not a liberal, I am a radical “and still am, I voted for Trump 2 the status quo and the permanent establishment” Barr tweeted in December.

Roseanne barr

Twitter archive via The Washington Post

Barr shared YouTube links promoting Pizzagate, a conspiracy that Hillary Clinton and her former campaign president John Podesta were using in Washington, DC, a pizza place as a base for a child trafficking round. (“Pizzagate journalists are being attacked by MMFA and ThinkProgress!”, He tweeted in December).

He also tweeted about the conspiracy of a “cover-up” surrounding the death of the former employee of the Democratic National Convention Seth Rich in July 2016.

roseanne barr

Twitter archive via The Washington Post

Trump plays Roseanne Barr after his show is a winner of the charts

President Trump made a personal call on Wednesday to a political supporter with a huge megaphone – Roseanne Barr.

Mr. Trump called Ms. Barr to congratulate her on relaunching her comedy, “Roseanne”, and to thank her for her support.

The call was confirmed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary.

The president, obsessed with how TV shows behave, has been fascinated by the “huge” ratings that “Roseanne” has received, said a person familiar with the call. The show’s first episode, aired Tuesday night on ABC, recorded an average of 18.2 million viewers.

“I think she expresses them quite well,” she said of the positions the president shares with her – and her character. He insisted that Mr. Trump favored same-sex marriage, although he never approved of his legalization.

“He said it several times, you know, he’s not homophobic at all,” he said.

Ms. Barr did not immediately respond to requests for comment Wednesday evening.

Roseanne Conner has become a Trump supporter. Just like its creator.

The last time we saw Roseanne Conner, in 1997, the character was sitting alone on that old living room sofa, after revealing that her husband Dan had died of a heart attack and that all nine seasons of “Roseanne” had been a mourning … fantasy induced on his family. (Or something similar.)

Now Roseanne is back, the fantasy is outside and Trump is inside.

The show’s Emmy-winning star Roseanne Barr returns to ABC on Tuesday night with a nine-episode revival season. Dan has also returned, once again played by John Goodman, as well as his daughter Darlene (Sara Gilbert, who is also an executive producer) and much of the original cast.

“Roseanne” was a pioneer in good faith for the first time, with her focus on Americans, her diversity of L.G.B.T. characters and its star – a woman who did not have the appearance or sound of a typical female TV star. The new “Roseanne” is topical in its own way, starting with Roseanne Conner’s full support for President Trump. Ms. Barr is also a Trump supporter, to the dismay of many fans; he recently argued in “Jimmy Kimmel” that supporting Trump was key to keeping Mike Pence from the presidency.

Ms. Barr, who is now 65 and lives in Hawaii, where she has a macadamia nut farm, recently spoke on the phone with Patrick Healy, the political editor and former culture journalist and editor at The Times, by the way. of Roseanne’s awakening, her stormy past on the show, her views on women in Hollywood and her feelings towards President Trump. This interview has been written and condensed.

21 years have passed since Roseanne aired. Did you miss Roseanne Conner?

No. I have done many other things.

Last time, you were the star and engine of ideas for the show, but you threatened to quit over creative conflicts.

This time it was incredible. I was very protected and respected. I didn’t have to explain why I wanted things.

Thirty years ago, when “Roseanne” started, how were they treated?

I wasn’t respected as a female artist, but you know that I think I paid my dues and that some time has passed and the world has changed.

Do you think women have more opportunities today in Hollywood to tell the stories they want to tell?

I do not know. There are many more women who are present, but I don’t know if they are doing what they really want to do.

Did you have any concerns about returning to the role?

No. I was excited to do it because I realized it was going to be the only opportunity I could play, because I’m kind of a typecast like me. But I loved acting. And everyone really improved in their interpretations, so it was great.

How are you different from the last race of “Roseanne”?

Well, I’m older and I went through menopause, so it was great. I am a grandmother now. I am older and wiser. I appreciate things better and I appreciate the opportunity to return to 65 to do what I love to do.

What kind of stories did you want to tell about the new “Roseanne”?

How families are still struggling and what they do about it. There is an arc this season, and it is the closest I have been to doing what I want to do. It’s all about our country. It concerns opioids and healthcare. How we deal with completely new problems that we didn’t even have before, such as children with gender problems. Like the people of the working class – how and why they elected Trump.

Roseanne Conner has become a Trump supporter. How did it happen?

I just wanted that dialogue on families to be torn apart by the elections and their political differences of opinion and how to manage them. I thought this was an important thing to say right now.

Was it your idea for Roseanne to support Trump?

Yes. Because it is an accurate representation of these people and people like them. In terms of what they think and how they feel when they send their children to fight. We have been in wars for a long, long time, which everyone seems to forget – but the people of the working class don’t forget it because their children are in it.

What about union and worker protections, e

What do you mean by – oh, let’s not get into this.

[A representative for Ms. Barr interjected: “You don’t have to get into it. We can move on.”]

Well, you know, it’s –

I do not know. You will have to ask someone else. It is not for me to say these things.

But you thought they were important stories at the moment, right?

I wouldn’t have taken the warmth I had taken if I didn’t think it was an important thing to do. Just like now. I’m getting a lot of heat, and if I didn’t think I was right and that it was important to God, I wouldn’t do it.

How has America changed since the first incarnation of “Roseanne”? How did this affect the humor of the current show?

Same jokes, same kind of things. I’m just trying to get over the paycheck for the paycheck and manage it. Do not have jobs and people who lose their homes and you know that you never, ever talked on television.

How have you guys asked whether to bring John back since his character Dan died?

I always knew how I would do it and I wrote it. Once John has entered, I thought, well, I will have the opportunity to continue the story I have always wanted to tell.

Many fans wonder, how should we view Dan’s death?

Well, I can’t give it. You will see in the first show.

Many people thought that the last season of “Roseanne” was pretty bad. In hindsight, right?

No. I love it. I just saw some of them and they were really fun. It was a departure though, but once you see why, you know I think it explains everything.

How many seasons do you think the new Roseanne will continue?

We all want to keep doing it, so let’s just hope people like it and watch it, and it’s renewed, you know, we all want it.

Is there a new character or storyline that you think is kind of a pioneer, as if the show were the last time?

I love that Darlene is a mom because my kids are all parents. I thought it would ring a bell with most people, my age anyway. Do you like what are you doing with these kids? And it’s fun to have Darlene and her children living in the house because we can really analyze and discuss parents.

Do you have a bow in mind for next season, if there is one?

Oh yes, of course I know. A family grows.

Is Dan still alive?

Oh yes, hopefully. Hopefully we will all be alive.

Obituary: David Ogden Stiers –

DAVID Ogden Stiers, who died at the age of 75, made his mark in the long black television comedy M * A * S * H, in the role of Major Charles Emerson Winchester III, a grumpy Boston blue blood who thought he was he was sent to remote 4077th the medical station in Korea was under him.

Stiers, a regular cast member from 1977 to the show’s finale in 1983, joined the sixth season after Larry Linville’s departure as pompous major Frank Burns, a character with few redemptive features who had provided amorous interest in the voluptuous nurse by Loretta Swit Margaret ‘Hot Lips’ Houlihan.

Unlike his predecessor Burns, Winchester was a talented, cultured and essentially sympathetic surgeon, although his patrician ways and air of face-to-face superiority were the source of much involuntary hilarity to his fellow thief surgeons Hawkeye (Alan Alda) and BJ Hunnicutt (Mike Farrell). One episode, The Smell of Music, focuses on their irritation at the Winchester battles in beating the high notes in the horn solo of Strauss’ Don Juan.

Tall and bald, Stiers brought wit and humanity to the role, which captivated Winchester for viewers; has been the focus of numerous episodes. Assigned to sleep in the surgeons’ tent known as “the swamp” (a refuge for bachelors with darts and martini dispenser), he is rejected by the conditions of the field and compares it to “an inflamed boil on the buttocks of the world”. A recorded message for his parents (in The Winchester Tapes) ends with the desperate request: “Now, mom and dad, I’ll put it in the most eloquent and succinct way possible … Get me out of here!”

In another memorable story, Dr. Winchester and Mr. Hyde inadvertently becomes addicted to amphetamines and administers some to the Radar house mouse in hopes of improving rodent performance in a race.

Son of an accountant, David Allen Ogden Stiers was born on October 31, 1942 in Peoria, Illinois, but the family soon moved to Eugene, Oregon, where he attended high school and briefly university, but left to devote himself. acting, playing roles for several seasons with the company at the Santa Clara Shakespeare Festival in California.

In the early 1970s he had taken a place to study acting and voice at the Juilliard School in New York, where Anglo-American producer John Houseman was a theater director. In 1973 Stiers made his Broadway debut with Houseman’s recent acting company, appearing among other things in productions of Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Measure by Measure. In the film, his first credit (like David Stiers) was a small part of Drive, He Said, Jack Nicholson’s first film as a director.

In 1976 he appeared in the pilot episode of Charlie’s Angels as a lawyer trying to help the trio of beautiful private investigators, but his character did not make further appearances in the series and Stiers later said: “I sniffed where he was going and I wanted get out of there. ” Stiers’ clear baritone meant that he was in great demand as a voice actor, for audiobooks, video games and numerous Disney animated films, including Beauty and the Beast (such as the decorated Cogsworth clock, 1991). Of his live films, he was proud of his role as judge in the noir thriller Bad Company (1995), mayor of the comedy Doc Hollywood (1991), and Porter Leary, one of the eccentric brothers in the film adaptation of the novel by Anne Tyler The Accidental Tourist (1988).

Like Major Winchester, Stiers had a passion for classical music and was a resident conductor of the Newport Symphony Orchestra in Oregon, where he lived for many years in a home on the Pacific coast. He died on March 3rd.

© Telegraph

Sunday Independent

Before Aubrey O’Day’s Trump deal, there was Danity Kane

Photo: Getty Images / The CW / Netflix

What’s good is a weekly column that collects TV, music, films and various cultural events worthy of your time. Why? Because we like it. Come back for lunch on Friday for your guide on what’s good.

It is strange that in 2018 Aubrey O’Day is part of the national conversation. Yet, thanks to his relationship with Donald Trump Jr. (and some suggestive photos of the young Trump’s bursts), here we are discussing O’Day as Diddy Make the band tonight will launch a new episode. Breaking down the salacious details of O’Day and the rehearsal of DTJ led me to revisit episodes of Make the band on YouTube and listen to the entire Danity Kane music catalog.

Remember Danity Kane? Before she turned Celebrity Apprentice, O’Day was just a tanned and flat iron tanned pop star, full of hope: the least talented and most dramatic member of a five-woman band formed by Diddy in the third season of Make the band. (Shouts to Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex, D. Woods and Aundrea Fimbres, who also helped create the band.) Here is Aubrey’s audition tape:


On the scale of groups of girls from Spice Girls (iconic) to Little Mix (they tried!), I would have placed Danity Kane solidly in the lower middle quartile, immediately after the Fifth Harmony. Regardless, they made a great TV, and I’m happy to confirm that Danity Kane really had bops. Well, three bops. Well, two to three bops, if I’m generous, which I am, because it’s Friday. Herewith, a three song track “Oh Wow! Danity Kane actually had three bops! “Playlist:

“Damaged”: This is from Danity Kane’s second album, Welcome to the dollhouse. Yes everyone! They reached two albums. However, this is like the Platonic ideal of a 2008 pop song. The message was simple: My heart is broken! Solve it, boy! The five-part harmonies are impossible to replicate during karaoke, so they review. Breaking is the perfection of the belt and Diddy interludes where it is all “This too must pass. Sometimes you have to go through the pain to feel joy.” Is the pinnacle of the cheese. I’m still not sure why it ended with a random woman singing “Stereotypes”. But still a classic bop.


“Showstopper” This song is so stupid! But how fun is it to be positively brain dead in all the places you go and stop the show? It is funny; trust me. Danity Kane’s first single is a perfect voice in the “get ready with your girls like you’re in a teen movie” genre. Also, the lyrics are so simple (“stop the show, stop the show” is basically a swaggering rhyme for adults.

“Ride For You”: Let’s slow down for a second and get into this ballad. Yes, like the most song worthy relationships, this single makes you work for it … a lot. But it’s worth it to give Aundrea Fimbres, the vocal and emotional backbone of this group, a moment to shine on a slow jam.

Beyoncés has grown up!

Two years ago Beyoncé introduced Chloe and Halley Bailey to the world. They were among the first few artists to sign on his Parkwood Entertainment label – reportedly with a six album deal for $ 1 million because Bey believed it so much. And rightly so: both from a vocal and aesthetic point of view, the two enchanted audiences with an ethereal, alien quality, which lead to many questions. Were they twins? (No, they are two years apart.) Were they related to Beyoncé? (No, but somehow they seem like you.) How do they sing SO GOOD? (Simply no answer.) However, the two have been out there forging their identity with roles Grown-ish and finally a debut album called The boys are fine, which they wrote and produced themselves. As guaranteed by the Beyoncé seal of approval, it is really excellent. “Everywhere” and “Down” are two of the best songs of 2018.

Spread the good word

If you haven’t watched Netflix Wild Wild Country, Get ready to join the sofa cult: I saw all six episodes in one sitting. (Please don’t judge.) Produced by the Duplass brothers (another cult I would like to join), the series of documents revisits how the Rajneesh movement took control of the Oregon town in the 1980s. It’s really fascinating and, while the series deepens more and more in all the rituals and messed up crimes (mass poisoning, murder attempts, strange sexual things), “charming” gives way to “disturbing” gives way to “even more charming”. In the end, you will have the chills, the desire to read all about this cult (start here) and also a reluctant appreciation for the burnt orange tones and turtlenecks. Damn, why are cults always so well dressed?


Right now there are two zombie shows and both make a zombie look … a little fun! Both are a welcome break from the desolate point of view of the zombies we usually feed on (thanks AMC) and are surprisingly watchable if you can digest cheese (iness) together with eating brains. First, The Zombies: I’ve been a stan for this show for so long and I’m constantly worried that it will be canceled, so please look. The Zombies it’s a CW show about a 20 year old who turns into a zombie. So, think of the elements of all your favorite CW programs, add a brain desire and boom, you have a fairly low stakes show and carefree about wanting to eat brains all the time. A nice companion is Netflix Santa Clarita diet, played by Drew Barrymore and a charming Timothy Olyphant, the second season which debuts today. You meet a GOOP newsletter Desperate Housewives in addition to a desire for brains. Braaaaaaains.

Happy 20th birthday ’N Sync!

Justin Timberlake’s solo career has aged as well as whole milk in the hot sun. But his first introduction to pop music, the “N Sync” debut album * NSYNC, in fact it has aged beautifully … like jerky beef. Like Rolling StoneBritney Spanos points out that she turns 20 today. Listen to the underrated song, still as smooth as everyone else “I Just Wanna Be With You”, and shout like Joey Fatone has just shown you: you! – from the stage:

Help, I can’t stop thinking about Aubrey O’Day

She was beautiful, warm, extremely self-confident: everything I wanted to be, especially at that point in my life which included the first job, the first apartment and the first experience with an asshole that openly and often looked openly at the girls who they looked like O ‘The day before me. But instead of resenting myself, I invested in her. I bought a lot of hip-hop fitness DVDs, a one-piece swimsuit with side cutouts that I would wear with large loads (my abs were not on top of crop-top status) and I played with the idea of ​​getting extensions of the hair . The year was 2004 and the dream was that of a sportsman-sexy-sexy.

From his first audition for Diddy, it was a fact that – spoiler warning – Aubrey would win the show. And although he did it with four other women, there was no doubt that it was Diana, Gwen, Fergie, Beyoncé of the group that became Danity Kane (supplier of bangers including “Damaged” and “Showstopper”). The one that was usually in the middle during the photos, the one that made the other girls look like her supporting dancers on stage. She too left the band like a star: in 2008 Diddy gave her the boot by herself, citing the ancient scenario of celebrities each. (“Your attitude will take you to a dark and lonely place …. What you have to do, at the end of the day, is humble yourself.”)

This is where O’Day’s real story begins, what seems to be made for TMZ, or at least Radar Online. After Danity Kane, she made her debut with a new improved look and approached reality TV: she starred on her Oxygen show, All about Aubrey, and appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Wedding Training Camp, is Famously single. She went out Jersey Shore the star Pauly D. appeared on hundreds of mediocre red carpets, glowing boobs, pastel-dyed puppies in tow.

It also appeared on Celebrity trainee in 2012.


Who is Aubrey O’Day: from Danity Kane to a Trump sex scandal |

Who is Aubrey O’Day: from Danity Kane to a Trump sex scandal | |

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Researchers present the first pumping heart from the 3D printer

Researchers from Zurich presented the world’s first artificial heart from a 3D printer that pumps like a human heart. However, there are still problems with loads.

Silicone heart

Artificial organs are currently a kind of holy grail in medical science. Researchers around the world are trying to replicate organs so that the artificial counterpart can be used in the human body. In most cases, an attempt is made to grow the organs from stem cells. Researchers at ETH Zurich have chosen a different approach: They recently introduced the first pumping human heart from a 3D printer.

The printed heart is made of silicone and should be as similar as possible to the human heart in size, shape and function. The heart was developed by Nicholas Cohrss, a doctoral student in the group for functional material engineering.

The artificial organ weighs around 390 grams and, like its human counterpart, is divided into a left and a right ventricle. However, the artificial heart still has a third chamber, which is responsible for mimicking the muscle contractions of the human heart by means of air jets.

Difficulty testing

The principle should work well in theory. However, practical tests showed that the artificial heart only lasts for about 3000 beats under stress – which corresponds to a time span of 30 to 45 minutes. The attempt is therefore clearly about a feasibility study, “Our goal was not to present an implantable heart, but to think in a new direction when developing artificial hearts,” so Cohrs.

Artificial organs could save lives

There is a shortage of donor organs worldwide. The situation is worst for hearts: Around 26 million people are waiting for a donor heart. The need cannot be met by far, and previous heart prostheses are very susceptible to malfunction and are only a temporary solution, in which the patient often has to stay in the hospital. A solution to create durable artificial alternatives would be a small sensation.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether it will ultimately be an artificial heart made of silicone or an organ that is grown from stem cells. A big medical problem would be solved with an artificial heart.

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Scientists discover a new organ in the abdomen

For several hundred years, the mesentery in the abdominal cavity has been regarded as simple tissue structures that connect the intestinal coils to the abdominal wall. So far, the mesentery has been classified according to the sections of the intestine with which it was connected. However, new research results now suggest that the mesentery is an organ.

Old structure, new knowledge

This is the conclusion reached by a team around Professor Calvin Coffey from the University of Limerick in Ireland. “We are now saying that we have an organ in the body that has not yet been recognized as such“Says Coffey. In an article in the trade magazine The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology Coffey has gathered all the evidence for the new definition.

Little is known about the possible functions of the mesentery in addition to the fixation of the intestines in the abdomen. But only the recognition of the mesentery (which is also called “mesentery” in the German-speaking world) as an anatomical and functional unit could lead to completely new findings. In particular, the treatment of many diseases in the digestive tract can be viewed in a new light. The surgical removal of the mesentery in colon cancer patients taking into account the new understanding has already led to better therapy opportunities.

Mesentery also recognized in teaching as an organ

Coffey suggests that after recognition, a whole new branch of science will be established. Just as doctors can specialize today in gastroenterology, anesthesia or neurology, this should now also be possible in “mesenteriology”.

The Coffey group has been busy with the mesentery for a while. Finally, in 2012, the tissue structures were identified as a coherent organ using microscopic examinations.

The knowledge has now made it into teaching. In the latest edition of “Gray’s Anatomy”, the most important medical textbook in anatomy, the mesentery is already classified as an organ.

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