Frances McDormand Oscar winner spotted in Petaluma

From his appearance he could have done gardening before having lunch on Monday with a younger woman from Petaluma Farm.

She didn’t act like a special person, but clearly it was Frances McDormand, two-time Oscar winner and part-time resident of Bolinas.

The longtime actress won an Oscar, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in 2017’s “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”.

She divides her time between New York City and Marin County, where she lives with her husband, director Joel Coen. They have a son.

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Frances McDormand headlines the performance that triggers the dialogue on sudden death

Frances McDormand reads scenes from Ajax
Frances McDormand reads scenes from the Sophocles tragedy Ajax as part of an event that brings attention to the impact of sudden death. Photo by Barbara Ries

In a broken voice, UC San Francisco medical student Tiana Woolridge posed a familiar question to many who are pursuing careers in the healthcare sector: how could dying patients deal “day after day after day” when they could barely cope with the sudden death of his beloved father?

Woolridge was speaking at a special event focused on the impact of sudden death, which aimed to create a safe place for open dialogue on the unique challenges facing trainees and healthcare professionals and featured veteran actors including two-time Oscar winner Frances McDormand.

“Sudden Death by Illness, Injury or Choice: Modern Tragedies, Ancient Verse” is a program by the innovative Theater of War Productions, which presents dramatic readings of ancient Greek plays to stimulate dialogue on difficult subjects. Actors McDormand, David Strathairn and Marjolaine Goldsmith read the Sophocles scenes ” Ajax – a 2,500-year tragedy about the suicide of a great warrior, in the UCSF Cole Hall on April 18.

Actor David Strathairn reads Ajax scenes
Actors David Strathairn (left) and Marjolaine Goldsmith read the scenes Ajax. Photo by Barbara Ries

The presentation, directed by Bryan Doerries, artistic director of the Theater of War project, was brought to the UCSF by Aenor Sawyer, MD, director of the UCSF Skeletal Health Service, and sponsored by the UCSF School of Medicine in collaboration with the Jewish family and Services for children.

“In healthcare we are necessarily held to high standards and try to project our competence and trust. But the truth is, we all struggle against something day by day, “said Sawyer, who has experienced” sudden loss of life “on a professional and personal level.” The art of maintaining a dynamic balance between our vulnerability and resilience it makes us better healers and better humans. ”

Described as a therapy session for 300 people, the evening sparked emotional and compelling testimony from the participants, including those who had attempted suicide, those left behind by the death of a loved one and those, such as Woolridge, who take cure of death.

Woolridge, MD ’19 candidate, was one of four panel members who shared their reactions after the readings. As the characters on stage raged, cried and ultimately could not stop Ajax’s suicide, Woolridge said he realized that he could be present for his dying patients and their families simply by being vulnerable to their pain.

Doerries presented the scenes from Ajax, a play set in the Trojan War that tells of the shameful and subsequent collapse of Ajax, considered unworthy of wearing the armor of the dead Achilles. Straithairn played Ajax and McDormand played his devoted wife, Tecmessa, pleading with her tormented husband not to abandon her and their young son. Ajax placa, promises to return and then impales himself on his sword. After finding his body, McDormand unleashed a lament that reverberated throughout the auditorium.

Audience in Cole Hall
The cathartic power of the performance appeared when members of the audience volunteered to share their stories of pain, loss and healing. Photo by Barbara Ries

In the panel discussion that followed, the vice chancellor and vice president of the UCSF, Dan Lowenstein, MD, began the conversation by quietly saying that he was struck by Ajax’s inability to see or feel the love that surrounded him from his wife, his son and his companions in his arms.

“The pathos that grabbed me – and it’s still there – is that he was so alone, so completely and completely alone,” said Lowenstein, whose 24-year-old son died suddenly in 2010.

On the contrary, Lowenstein said that the only antidote to the deep darkness that surrounds him when he cries is his awareness of the “infinite presence of unique love” that can come from anywhere.

Rebecca Sudore, MD, a geriatrician at the UCSF affiliate San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, said she saw similarities between Ajax and World War II and Korean War veterans who continue to suffer from blame. survivors. Every day, he lives the timeless lines of the millennial comedy: “Tell us how this madness can happen? Tell us and we will stay and share the pain. “

“As a palliative care physician, I sit with them in their suffering and share their pain,” said Sweat, with tears streaming down her face. “It can be very difficult, but it is very important.”

The last panelist was Ken Baldwin, a Calaveras County high school teacher, who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in 1985, immediately regretted it and survived. He said he fully identified with Ajax’s belief that suicide was the only way out.

Panelists talk about their experiences
After the reading, panelists (left to right) Dan Lowenstein, MD, Rebecca Sudore, MD, Tiana Woolridge and Ken Baldwin shared their experiences with sudden death. Photo by Barbara Ries

“The day I jumped, that’s how I felt,” he said. “We have to talk about it. We need to get rid of the stigma of depression and suicide and talk to each other. It really helps, it helps a lot. “

The director of Theater of War Doerries created “Sudden Death” in 2005 so that the military public could answer the question: how can we honor individuals’ great achievements without also honoring the violence that occurs in their lives? As news about the power of the program spreads, medical institutions, prisons and communities across the country begin applying for the program. The presentation of the UCSF marked 429th performance of “Sudden Death”.

The cathartic power of the performance appeared when members of the audience volunteered to share their stories of pain, loss and healing. The first to speak was a young man who said he was raised to believe that his father was drowned, but when he was 21 years old, his mother revealed that his father had actually jumped from a bridge until his death and that days before he had done dangling her baby son out of a three-story window. The grown son wondered what it meant: the actions of a troubled soul? Or an attempt to impart strength he hadn’t had to his son?

“We can’t bow down tonight,” said Doerries at the conclusion of the performance, “but we hope we have started a conversation.” Then he uttered what he called his nocturnal blessing: “You are not alone through time.”

During the next reception, McDormand, a veteran of the Theater of War productions, said she listened to family stories from the audience in cities across the country.

“There was nothing unusual about tonight’s conversation,” he said. “Everyone needs the same things and everyone has the same story.”

Strathairn echoed those words: “We all have some form of unresolved trauma. It doesn’t have to be suicide. We’ve all been trapped in some way. The game helps us find the words. “

The touching plot of the phrase from Frasier with David Ogden Stiers | Letter | Television and radio

Your obituary to the wonderful David Ogden Stiers (April 21) makes mention of his appearance in a 2003 episode of Frasier. You say that in many ways his snobber Winchester (in the TV series of M * A * S * H) was prior to Frasier. But the central point of the episode was that Marty Crane (equally wonderful John Mahoney) begins to wonder if he is the father of Frasier and Niles, because they share so many things in common with Leland, who had been very close to his mother. When Marty confronts Leland with his suspicions, Leland states that the reason he was so close to Marty’s wife was because he was the only person who could say he was gay.

How sad, then, that another six years have passed (at the age of 67) before the actor himself felt able to go out publicly and say he was gay.
Bob Wood

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Do you have to declare your income online in 2018?

Do you have to declare your income online in 2018?

This year again, some will have to inform the tax authorities on the internet. The obligation to declare income online is extended to more taxpayers in 2018. Who is affected? What do offenders risk?

[Mis à jour le 18 avril 2018 à 11h00] The online reporting service of income tax is accessible since Wednesday April 11. As a reminder, some taxable persons are obliged to declare their income online. Last year already, online declaration income tax had become compulsory for a number of taxpayers. A scheme which concerned households with a benchmark tax income more than 28,000 euros in 2015. Forced or not, a little more than 20 million tax households informed the tax authorities via the Internet. More than one in two households. In 2018, the electronic declaration obligation is renewed and even extended to households with a 2016 tax reference income greater than 15 000 euros. You will find your “reference tax income” on your 2016 tax notice, received last year.
However, taxpayers whose main residence is not connected to the Internet, as may be the case for the elderly or people living in a white area, a territory poorly, if not at all, served by the internet, may they are exempt from this obligation. They will just have to report it to the tax authorities.

What sanctions? What fine?

“If you feel that you are unable to do so, you can continue to use a paper declaration,” said DGFIP, Directorate General of Public Finances, in a statement to taxpayers. A message that suggests a certain tolerance on the side of the tax administration. Moreover, for those who panic at the idea of ​​having to go through the Internet, know that the sanctions put in place are still relatively weak. Offenders only risk a lump sum fine of 15 euros by declaration or annex, in the event of non-compliance with the obligation. Ultimate proof that the idea is above all to gently get taxpayers to go to the Internet: this sanction only falls after two breaches noted. Furthermore, it is quite possible to declare these taxes on the Internet even if one is not yet obliged to do so.

Online declaration, soon compulsory for all

Ultimately, all taxpayers will have to declare their income online. In 2019, all tax households will have to comply with this new measure. Also, be aware that there is something good in declaring your income online. The deadlines for sending the declaration are notably longer. It is also possible to make corrections after validation of the declaration. Finally, taxpayers can directly obtain an income tax declaration statement. This document serves in particular as proof when applying for an allowance.

VIDEO. 2018 income tax reporting deadline

Why you should report your income online

Why you should report your income online

Perhaps you are forced to report your income tax online this year. If not, consider this reporting method, which has a number of advantages.

[Updatedon18[Misàjourle18 April 2018 at 9:49 am]Do you have an Internet connection? So if your household has a benchmark tax income 2016 (reported on the 2017 tax notice) above 15,000 euros, you have no other choice this year than report your income online . Do not take it as a wound … Online reporting has many advantages. First, telemarketers benefit additional timeto make their declaration. This period varies depending on the taxable person’s department of residence, but runs up to 3 weeks longer than for paper declarations (see the tax declaration deadlines).

Then just like your printed 2042 paper declaration, your online form is pre-filled with your main income and your situation. Also, if you have no changes to make, you can validate and send your declaration in just a few clicks . Be careful however; still take the time to check the information entered by the tax administration. As a reminder, you are responsible for the data presented on your declaration.

If you have additional forms to complete, to declare a tax credit or deductible charges, for example, simply select the items you want to appear on your return. A search engine allows you to find all the formsrelated to your request. Enter “donations” or “home employment” if you want to declare a tax credit, “land” if you want to declare rental property income, etc. Each search automatically returns you to the corresponding form. And if you cannot find a section, click on “Consult the help”. A summary including all the sections related to the most common questions will be displayed and you will be able to access all the practical sheets and documentation online. It is therefore almost impossible for you to mistaken the form for additional declarations or to forget an important entry.

Another advantage of online reporting: the form keeps all the entries you have made. So you can start filling it out, then resume it later. The online tool will simply offer to continue the declaration started by clicking on the “Continue” button, once connected to your particular space. In the same way, you can come back to it, even after signing and validation. You can modify your declaration as many times as you want, up to the declaration deadline. And even after the deadline, it is still possible to access the online correction service. It thus becomes very simple to correct an error which one would have realized afterwards.
Another tool developed for online reporting: that of the scale of mileage charges. If you opt for the deduction of your actual costs, simply enter the power of your vehicle and the number of kilometers traveled for the tool automatically calculates the amount of your costs to be declared for the abatement.

Once your declaration is completed, signed and validated, you can directly know the amount of your tax to be paid. The online tool offers you an instant estimate of your income tax. You will then receive an acknowledgment of receipt, validating your declaration. You will also have direct access to your declarative situation notice. This document allows you to justify your income level with a third party, such as a bank or a social security organization (such as the Family Allowance Fund, etc.). You will therefore not have to wait for your tax notice to start certain procedures. Note that if you are non-taxable, this document replaces the notice of non-taxation.

IN VIDEO – Income tax: they tried the online declaration and adopted it

Rocky road: Roseanne Barr roller coaster ride

Roseanne Barr is making headlines again, and not just because of her long experience ABC sitcom is a real hit. His controversial social media commentary was as much a part of the conversation as the show’s ratings. First there was a disconcerting statement about Donald Trump breaking the rings of sex trafficking (the tweet was later canceled), then accused Parkland, Florida, high school survivor David Hogg of raising a Nazi salute (even since it was canceled). a 2009 photo shoot that shows Barr dressed as Adolf Hitler extracts burnt people-shaped cookies from a bakery went around, despite (or why) the producers of his series urged the public to forget the existence of the images. But that’s what you get when you hire Roseanne. Mixing the pot is an old hat for the Emmy winner. Here is a look at some of his biggest past controversies.

Shuffle off stage


Barr alongside John Goodman, who played her husband on the show. Daniel Watson / ABC

It didn’t take long for the original “Roseanne” to take off in the charts, but fireworks also lit quickly behind the camera, particularly between Barr and the series creator Matt Williams, whom Barr said he didn’t know how to write on women. He threatened to leave after 13 episodes if Williams stayed; eventually came out for “creative differences”. His replacement, Jeff Harris, also clashed with Barr, who subsequently failed to show up on set in December 1989. Harris lasted only a year before announcing his departure in March 1990 in a full-page variety ad in which he said that instead of returning to the show, he would take a vacation in the “relative peace and quiet of Beirut”.

Barr announces an exit plan

While promoting his film debut, the black comedy “She Devil,” Barr put producers and ABC on alert when he said he intended to leave television after only two seasons. “I’m out of there,” he said in the show “Today”. However, she would eventually return for the third season.

“America’s worst nightmare”

Patrika Darbo and Stephen Lee starred in the 1994 NBC film “Roseanne and Tom: Behind the Scenes”. Paul Drinkwater / NBC

A year after their courtship began, Roseanne Barr married Tom Arnold at their Beverly Hills home – a ceremony preceded by a visit from FBI agents (for a death threat made to Arnold) and followed by a reception where proclaimed: “We are America’s worst nightmare: white garbage with money!” Arnold soon became an executive producer of “Roseanne;” just as his new bride was separating from many of her closest, including her sister (I’ll talk more about that later), her manager, her publicist and her lawyer. The couple ended 1990 by appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair, complete with photos fighting against the mud. “We are still the wildest people we have ever known who are not in prison,” said the couple at the time. The couple gained a reputation – People magazine called them “the two terrible” in a 1992 cover story – and their marriage eventually spawned not one but two TV films.

Barr butchers the national anthem

National anthem of Roseanne Barr

Barr made headlines for his performance at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego. Andy Hayt / Online USA Inc.

The writer-actress attempted to add the singer to her resume when she performed the national anthem at San Diego Padres-Cincinnatti Reds baseball game. (“Roseanne” executive co-producer Tom Werner owned the Padres at the time.) In addition to being off-key, he further insulted fans when he spat and grabbed the horse. President George H.W. Bush called his performance “shameful”. He later claimed that he was trying to imitate professional baseball players with his mannerisms, but it was not his first offense Major League Baseball fans. She and Tom Arnold had brought the crowd down in a World Series game to show off their coordinated tattoos.

Family feud

Oprah and Roseanne

Barr during a 1997 appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. George Burns / AP

Shortly after separating from his sister and longtime manager Geraldine Barr, the stand-up appeared on the cover of People magazine that claims to be an “incest survivor” and that accuses its parents of physical and sexual abuse. Her parents denied the accusations. A decade later, when he appears with his sister on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, Barr claims that the term “incest” may not be correct to use. “I just wanted to throw a bomb on my family,” he said later.

The other sister

Geraldine Barr subsequently filed a $ 70.3 million violation of the lawsuit against Roseanne, in which she claimed to have promised half the profits from the sitcom because she had helped create the image of the “domestic goddess” on which the show was built. The lawsuit was dismissed after not respecting the statute of limitations.

The scarlet letters

Tom Arnold

Tom, pictured, and Roseanne were co-creators of “The Jackie Thomas Show”. AP

When Tom Arnold stepped in front of the camera for his ABC sitcom “The Jackie Thomas Show”, the series premiere got the highest marks from “Twin Peaks” in 1990. But that wasn’t enough for Barr, then Roseanne Arnold , who was perplexed by the tepid reviews of the new show. He quickly took matters into his own hands, sending angry faxes to three TV critics, including Howard Rosenberg of the Los Angeles Times. “I call these self-defense letters,” he said at the time. “Generally what emerges in these reviews is women’s fear and contempt. It’s very misogynistic. Something has to be done.”

In movement?

When the charts began to fall on “The Jackie Thomas Show”, Roseanne Arnold clashed with ABC for the network’s management of the series and in particular her indecision on the half-hour show’s renewal. The network refused to make a decision before its start in May and Arnold said his relationship with the broadcaster “is absolutely over”. He also said he intended to extract “Roseanne” from the net the following year. However, Tom left the comedy a month later to develop a comedy for CBS and declared “The Jackie Thomas Show” dead.

Sealed with a kiss

Roseanne and Mariel Hemingway

Roseanne, left, and Mariel Hemingway in the controversial episode. ABC

Roseanne and her husband and executive producer Tom Arnold waged war with ABC executives over a same-sex kiss between Roseanne’s protagonist and another woman, played by guest star Mariel Hemingway. Despite the network’s last-minute concerns, the kiss went on the air, albeit with a parental discretion notice at the beginning of the episode “Don’t ask, don’t say”.

Division image

Barr and Arnold

Arnold and Barr. AP

Roseanne filed for divorce from Tom Arnold not once but twice in 1994 after four years of marriage. The first time, she claimed to have been a victim of “battered wife syndrome”. He soon withdrew his motion and retracted his claims against Arnold, who was an executive producer of “Roseanne”. He filed for divorce again 22 days later, and Tom didn’t return as a producer the following season. It would have taken 18 years for the two of them to be in the same room together when they had suitably reunited at Comedy Central’s “Roast of Roseanne” in 2012.

Second possibilities

Final of the Roseanne series

John Goodman, Barr, Michael Fishman and Sara Gilbert in the final recording of “Roseanne” on April 4, 1997. Chris Pizzello / AP

During the ABC sitcom’s ninth season, Barr and producers Tom Werner and Marcy Carsey began to plot a potential new incarnation that would see her and her son D.J. moving to Las Vegas in a predominantly African American neighborhood. The rival television networks passed and when ABC attempted to engage in 13 episodes instead of the normal 22-episode season, the talks died and “Roseanne” said goodbye on May 20, 1997.

I work again day

Barr throws rose petals on the first recording of his talk show. Mark J. Terrill / AP

Barr returned to television just over a year after the end of “Roseanne” as the host of the daytime talk show “The Roseanne Show”. Always one to trace his course, “The Roseanne Show” moved away from the regular rate, mixing the live calls of viewers, skits like Judge Roseanne and even a cyber sidekick, a role inhabited by his television son, Michael Fishman in the season 2. Among the guests were Joan Jett and Paula Jones (a scheduled interview with Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten was boxed at the last minute.) However, the show was closed after two seasons.

The interrupted reality

'The Real Roseanne Show'

“The Real Roseanne Show” aired only two episodes before the network pulled the plug. Craig Sjodin / ABC

Barr returned to the small screen with a double punch: a new cooking show called “Domestic Goddess” for the ABC family – a title played by his character made in Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” in the early 1980s – and a reality show on the realization of the cooking program called “The Real Roseanne Show” for ABC. In the wake of his canceled 1998 daytime talk show, Barr declared that these efforts would mark the best or worst of his television career. “This is the last thing I will ever do,” he said. “I will never go back to TV.” However, only the latter went on the air. Production was stopped in both series on August 13 when the Emmy winner had to undergo a hysterectomy. The two shows were canceled days later because he labeled “House Goddess” as “unfit for air”, but said he would need an eight-week recovery break – making it impossible to complete filming before the show’s scheduled debut on September 20. (Despite his comments, Barr will continue to own the 2011 “Roseanne’s Nuts” lifelong reality show, which was canceled after one season.)

Run to the White House

Barr hits the runway in the countryside.

Barr in “Roseanne for the President”. IFC film

Years before Donald Trump was sworn in office, another TV star attempted to follow from Sunset Boulevard to Pennsylvania Avenue. Barr announced his intention to run for the presidency of “The Tonight Show”. In the running with the Peace and Freedom ticket, she appeared in a vote in only three states and obtained about 67,000 votes nationwide. His campaign also produced the documentary “Roseanne for President”.

Return to the sender

In the midst of his presidential campaign, Barr started a fire storm when he tweeted George Zimmerman’s parents’ address weeks after shooting the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin. “At first I thought it was nice to let ppl know that nobody can hide anymore,” he said in the tweet deleted since then. Zimmerman’s parents sued her in 2014, claiming that “intentional infliction of emotional distress” and “invasion of privacy”. A summary judgment ruled in Barr’s favor the following year.


The “Roseanne” showrunner downplay Roseanne Barr’s controversial political views

  • Roseanne co-showrunner Bruce Helford downplayed the significance of Roseanne Barr’s controversial political views in relation to the ABC sitcom audience in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter.
  • Barr sparked controversy over his online promotion of far-right conspiracy theories and his vocal support for President Trump, while “Roseanne” was presented with high marks last week.
  • Helford said that if Barr’s politics bother you, “Okay. Nobody is showing anyone at the show.”

ABC sitcom co-showrunner “Roseanne” said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that viewers of the show should separate the controversial political views of star Roseanne Barr, including her promotion of far-right conspiracy theories, from the show content.

While “Roseanne” premiered last week in high marks, Barr sparked criticism for his online history of propaganda conspiracies such as Pizzagate and a “Nazi salute” conspiracy about a Parkland shooting activist.

THR asked Bruce Helford: “How do you look at people who are excluded from your star’s politics?”

“It should be clear that there is a difference between people’s personal politics and what is on the screen,” said Helford. “We hope to present a wonderful and balanced show that has no agenda.”

“But beyond that, anyone can dig into anyone’s things and find things. But if his politics bother them, then they shouldn’t watch the show. Okay. Nobody’s letting anyone see the show,” he continued. “We consider ourselves guests in the public house and as guests we know that people have the option to turn it off if they don’t want to watch.”

Aside from Barr’s politics, the show itself has already sparked controversy in its second week for a joke that referred to ABC’s sitcoms “Black-ish” and “Fresh Off the Boat”.

Barr’s character Roseanne Conner on the show is a Trump supporter. Barr herself has been a vocal supporter of Trump since the run-up to the 2016 election.

The rock formally invites Frances McDormand to her wedding

What does he do Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson love? He loves his daughters, two of whom are in the world and a third who is coming. He still loves to smell what he’s cooking, presumably. Love “the troops”. And he loves the Oscar winner, the defender of inclusion Frances McDormand. And when a national treasure loves another national treasure, a discussion point about the daytime show arises.

“I love Frances like all of us,” Rock said to the third national treasure, Ellen DeGeneres, up Ellen for a segment aired Tuesday. After McDormand won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Movie for her role in Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, “[s]he goes up to speak, and just before she speaks, she turns and walks towards the back of the stage and shakes Simone’s hand out of the blue. It blew me away because nobody did it. “Your 16 year old daughter, Simone, he was the ambassador of the Golden Globes this year and was accused of directing a stream of lousy adrenaline actors off the stage after their speeches.

“[Frances] she was aware of doing it to my 16-year-old daughter, “she continued.” She thanked everyone and turned, thanking her. She gave her speech, now as she leaves, Frances grabs Simone’s hand, and has the Globe in this hand, he has Simone’s hand in this hand, kiss Simone’s hand, and I was like Jesus … I was going to call her and tell her, but now that I’m here, I have to tell you, Ellen, I have a crush on Frances. “

Ellen’s audience has no idea what to do with this information, but perhaps they were busy filing “be nice to the Rock kids” under the What to do when I want Rock to fall hard for me section of their mental files. Their pregnant break does not discourage Rock, because he looked directly at the camera and turned directly to McDormand, “We will have to exchange numbers because only between you and me – I know no one else is watching – will we get married. It won’t be strange, [his wife] Lauren can’t do it. “

It is not known if McDormand’s husband, Joel Coen, this is also a problem, but still: I can’t wait to find out more about Hollywood’s most successful thruple!