Formula 1 drives again in Hockenheim in 2019


Formula 1 will also be present in Germany in the coming season.

(Photo: Reuters)

Berlin Formula 1 will drive in Germany again next year. In the race calendar for the next season published on Friday, the race in Hockenheim is planned for July 28th. Previously, a new contract for the traditional race threatened to fail for a long time due to money.

The track operators only wanted to be hosts in the coming year if Formula 1 significantly reduced the required entry fees of allegedly around 21 million euros and so there was no risk of losses.

Now the racing series confirmed the conclusion of a new one-year contract. “This shows that everyone involved in Formula 1 is working together to secure the long-term future of the sport and its fans,” Formula 1 boss Chase Carey was quoted in the message. The negotiations were “trustful, constructive and solution-oriented,” said Ring Managing Director Georg Seiler.

The previous contract for the German race in Hockenheim ended this year with the 36th appearance of the premier class in North Baden. Due to the high financial burden and the reduced audience interest, Hockenheim had only hosted the World Cup run every two years. This year, however, more than 70,000 spectators had made the Grand Prix a success.

There have been a total of 77 Formula 1 races on German circuits so far, in 1959 even on the Avus in Berlin. The Nürburgring was held 40 times. However, the Eifel course went bankrupt a few years ago and has not been on the Grand Prix calendar since 2013.

At the height of the Formula 1 boom in Germany triggered by Michael Schumacher’s success, there were even two races between 1995 and 2006, one in Hockenheim and one at the Nürburgring. Under the leadership of Bernie Ecclestone, however, the racing series was constantly looking for new markets and awarded World Championship races to countries that were willing to pay significantly higher entry fees.

This price screw continues to cause major problems for the traditional routes in the core European market. Monza recently warned again of an imminent end for that Ferrari-Home game because the race is running high losses.

In total, the racing calendar for 2019 includes 21 races again this year. It starts with the Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia on March 17th. The final will be held on December 1st in Abu Dhabi.


Three Frosés for Cynthia Nixon

On Wednesday evening, Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed actress, activist and now presidential candidate at Hofstra University Cynthia Nixon in the only debate before next month’s Democratic primary. The debate was not open to the public. So people gathered in their apartments, in a gastropub in Queens, in a hybrid bar-restaurant-cinema-theater in Bushwick, and in an Applebee in the Bronx, to watch Nixon, a progressive, try to close Cuomo’s lead in thirty points in the polls.

Bleecker Street Bar, which would normally show the Yankees game, used its ten televisions and the projector screen to broadcast the Cuomo-Nixon showdown. In the main room, about thirty people had gathered to send their colleague, Rose, away, who was leaving a software engineering company after seven years of work. They bought Rose to drink and remembered the best they could, while over a hundred Nixon supporters streamed past the leather booths and darts, flocking to the back room, where Nixon campaign volunteers were throwing a party. The group distinguished themselves from other patrons, wearing a festooned rainbow “CITY FOR NY“Gears, blue buttons with the phrase” Unqualified Lesbian “(as Christine Quinn, former New York City council president and Cuomo supporter, described Nixon in March) and shirts with slogans like” Why be a racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you could shut up? ”A woman wore a crop top covered with Robert Mueller images. “Is it Mueller?” someone asked her. “Yes, I confirm. “I love.”

The Nixon contingent began to whistle before the debate even began, when the broadcast began showing a new Cuomo commercial twice. Cuomo and Nixon went on stage, Cuomo wore a dark blue suit and a blue and Nixon pattern tie with a sea-foam green buttoning and white jacket. “I’m not an Albany expert like Governor Cuomo,” said Nixon in his first response. “But I think experience doesn’t mean much if you’re not really good at governing.”

There was applause and “ooh” in both rooms of the bar. Although not everyone was there for the Nixon party, almost nobody seemed to be a Cuomo supporter. Candidates spared health care, labor laws, campaign funding reform and Trump. Cuomo dispelled rumors of running for president in 2020 by declaring that he would end an entire term “unless God hits me dead.” Someone at the back party had designed a drinking game for the event. Whenever “Cuomo mansplains”, dictated by the rules, “give a sip of your drink to the nearest non-male identification person”. If either candidate raises immigration, “ask for your next drink without ICE”. The game was quickly abandoned and people drank beer and frosé at their own (fast) pace. “If you had followed the rules of the game, you would have died from alcohol poisoning,” said one participant.

At 7:15 am P.M., a quarter of the debate, it was overheating uncomfortably in the back room. A couple of women turned their heads upside down to put their hair into buns. Natalie James, organizer of democratic socialists of America who wore a “Dump Cuomo!” pulsating, he seemed optimistic. (The DSA supported Nixon in late July, calling it their “best chance” of winning universal rental control and Medicare for everyone in New York.) James said he warned his friends against placing too much emphasis on polls, citing the outcome of Florida’s Democratic primary government on Tuesday. He noted that Andrew Gillum, who polls had suggested placing third or fourth in the race, defeated Gwen Graham, leader and daughter of former Florida governor Bob Graham. “State-level polls are known to be inaccurate. Look at Ocasio and Bernie.”

James, a lawyer who defends tenants from landowners, works in Bed-Stuy. He moaned for being late in the debate because trains A and F were late. “Just another day with Cuomo’s M.T.A.,” he complained. (It was not the only participant who specifically complained about the F train.)

Nixon, who was on the offensive for much of the debate, hit Cuomo hard on the subway. “He used the M.T.A. as an A.T.M.”, he said, accusing him of taking funding from the M.T.A. and use it in his “pet projects”. (“My opponent lives in the world of fiction. I live in the world of facts,” Cuomo replied, replying that the capital repairs for the subway are paid by the city, not by the state, even if this is a point of contention.) A woman made a lasso and threw her invisible rope against the screen, wrapping Cuomo.

“We are doing more construction work than anytime after Robert Moses,” said Cuomo.

“Fuck Robert Moses!” cried a woman.

A young woman in her twenties tweeted furiously live on the whole debate. “Governor Cuomo is like me with Amazon,” he wrote. “I put everything I want in my cart, but when I see the shipping costs, I say that I can’t afford it and make irresponsible decisions based on personal desire.” She told me that she had pledged to vote for Nixon and that the debate had strengthened her decision: she was less affected by Nixon than she was disappointed by Cuomo, who she would have found more convincing if she hadn’t “made so many excuses.” that, in general, being defensive is discouraging, “he said.

Alex Liao, one of the organizers of the event, entered the room with several boxes of pizza.

“Any vegan options?” someone asked jokingly.

“No,” said Liao laughing.

During a flash of questions for both candidates, Nixon was asked if he would give up the governor’s salary of one hundred and seventy-nine thousand dollars and return it to the state, since he identifies himself as a democratic socialist. He stopped and thought about it for a moment before answering “Sure”.

Abram Thomas Blau, the person clamoring for vegan options, described it as a favorite moment in the debate. “It really seemed that he didn’t necessarily consider one way or another if he would give up his salary, and then he made the right call ahead of us,” said Blau. “I’m not stupid – there is a possibility that there was a small political theater there – but, in any case, seeing her do the right thing, in real time, was quite nice.”

Gillian Feuerberg came to the bar to greet Rose, but also ended up watching the debate. While smoking a cigarette outside, Feuerberg said that Nixon’s rise was “sudden”. “I love what he’s saying, but I don’t know who he is, or what his voting record is,” explained Feuerberg. “The governor is a huge thing. The government race is different from the state senate, city council. I feel it should have started with a really solid neighborhood in Manhattan. Go straight for the governor? It is quite intense. It’s almost like being a star of reality and going straight for the presidency. “

“The Democratic Party is in such a strange place right now,” he continued. “I respect Cuomo for discussing Nixon as an incumbent. What happened in the last primaries with these incredible progressives coming out of the carpentry shop, you have to respect it. You have to respect what happened with the left that went so left. You can no longer be the democratic centrist, even if you are elected. “

When progressives don’t win in Democratic primaries, perhaps the best thing for them is to have pushed their opponents further to the left. Since Nixon entered the competition, Cuomo has started the process of legalizing marijuana, which he once called “gateway drugs” in New York. In April, he announced that he would restore voting rights on criminals on probation and declared his support for the ban on plastic bags. (Last year, Cuomo killed a New York City proposal that would have imposed a five-cent tax on plastic bags.)

Outside the bar after the debate, Cassandra Leveille, another D.S.A. member, showed the tattoo on his right arm. It was an illustration by Dorian Corey, a drag queen of the 1991 documentary “Paris is Burning”. He explained that, at the end of the documentary, Corey gives a speech on how everyone wants to make a mark in the world, but as you age, you lower your expectations of success. “You don’t have to bend the whole world,” he paraphrased. “If you shoot an arrow and rise very high, cheers for you.”


National team: restart with old forces

Both are attached to their jobs, and both consider the tournament debacle to be an industrial accident that can be corrected without radical measures – by them.

“We both felt that even after 14 years, we still have the great motivation and the energy to put what we’ve screwed up in Russia on good feet and to put this ship back on course with all our might,” said the 58th -year-old Löw on the 63rd day after the crashing preliminary round knockout the defending champion at the joint XXL press conference with his companion and confidant Bierhoff (50) in the Munich arena.

The hard-hit success connection Löw / Bierhoff is once again dependent on each other. As the main responsible for the sporting misery in Russia (Löw) and the lousy appearance of the national team (Bierhoff) off the pitch, the duo needs itself once more in an awkward position. Should one fall in a failed restart, it could well carry the other one along.

Löw is particularly important because football is a result sport, victories and defeats determine the overall situation: the head coach has to initiate a turnaround in the international matches against world champions France and Peru in just one week.

“We have to send a clear signal,” said Löw. DFB director Bierhoff has to reverse the lost proximity to the fans. “I am responsible for the external presentation of the team,” he said clearly.

Löw and Bierhoff have also mastered crises in the past. Before the 2010 World Cup, the manager was blamed with exaggerated demands for the DFB’s initially extended contract with the sports management. Löw stood by Bierhoff at the time. And after third place with a young, fresh team in South Africa, the DFB not only extended with Löw and Bierhoff.

From then on, both were able to expand their power positions in the association more and more, align the national team according to their tastes. Even now Bierhoff said: “It would be completely wrong to throw everything that we are very proud of and what worked for 14 years.”

In their Munich World Cup analysis, one thing became clear: Both are planning a course correction in their own way. The personnel change is correspondingly minimal, the old comrades from Boateng via Hummels to Kroos continue to form the framework.

“Mats, Jérôme, Toni are players who have proven it on the international stage,” said Löw: “I am absolutely convinced of our class and our quality.”

In Russia he missed enthusiasm and fire in the team. “It was not an individual, in total we did not deliver,” said the national coach. He remains true to his philosophy: “We must never give up the vision of our game. A team that I coach will not only play defensively. “

The talents Kai Havertz (19 / Bayer Leverkusen), Thilo Kehrer (21 / Paris) and Nico Schulz (25 / Hoffenheim) are supposed to be enough new faces at the start. 17 Russian drivers will gather in Munich on Monday. Of the 2014 world champions, Löw alone midfielder Sami Khedira (31) was no longer appointed.

The former world class striker Bierhoff documented at the appearance in Munich that defensive is not his thing. He doesn’t feel comfortable in defense. That’s why he wants to “go forward as a manager, roll up his sleeves and tackle it”.

The European champion from 1996 was already a footballer: “Anyone who knows my career knows that criticism did not work for me, but always spurred me on.” Löw remains Löw, Bierhoff remains Bierhoff.

The manager will slim down the bloated staff. The art term “the team” is put to the test. The crux of his work is the alienation between fans and team. The support of the fans was “taken for granted”, Bierhoff admitted.

As an immediate measure, he announced two public training sessions, but not at the restart, but one each in October in Berlin and one in November in Leipzig. “Learning from mistakes” is Bierhoff’s motto. The proof must be successful on the way to the EM 2020 in everyday international matches. Only in this way can the new pact of the old companions Löw and Bierhoff work.


How the national coach wants to save German football

Joachim Löw

The national coach admits that the system was too inflexible.

(Photo: imago / Eibner)

He is back: Joachim Löw, 58, former magician of German football, who needed a creative break after the World Cup debacle. The re-entry into the orbit of the media company, on Wednesday for the “High Noon” in the catacombs of the Munich Allianz Arena, is in itself a message because coaches in football – like business leaders – are fired for far more banal reasons than because of a historic World Cup disgrace.

A “keep it up” show of course also needs suitable pictures, and so the fallen hero appears all in black with a V-sweater. A penitent robe with his neck gold chain peeping out. Löw accuses himself of “almost arrogant” to perfect the old game system, they were just too inflexible. And he failed to “light the fire”.

With more young players and fewer helpers, the flame should now blaze. Burn, baby, burn. All in all, however, the analysis of “Bundes-Yogi”, so eagerly awaited, has the charm of the life support pages of German women’s journals. The most impressive are Posthorn and Mercedes-Stern on the sponsor wall behind him.

Of course, one topic had to be Mesut Özil, Löw’s long-time favorite player and model student. The trainer was disappointed, attempts to make contact via phone and SMS failed. Before and during the World Cup, the sports management “absolutely underestimated” the topic, Löw admitted. “This topic took a lot of strength, this topic was nerve-wracking because it was always there.” On the other hand, he did not regret the nomination for sporting reasons.

At the end, Löw, who has been with us since 2004, says something about his self-confidence: It is “good – or am I giving a different impression?”


Cold rooms “notoriously sexist”? Cynthia Nixon looks for a 76 degree setting for the Cuomo debate.

In an email obtained from the New York Times, Rebecca Katz, senior consultant for the Nixon campaign, requested that WCBS-TV, the station hosting the debate, regulate the temperature in the debate room at Hofstra University at 76 degrees.

Cuomo is known for wanting his public appearances to be made in refrigerated rooms, or as a local legislator described it in 2011, “a meat cabinet.” The worst fate for a politician in a televised debate is sweating, as the then presidential candidate Richard Nixon learned in the first televised debate against a cool John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Cynthia Nixon’s team previously accused WCBS-TV of sourcing only to the governor’s preferences.

“CBS management acknowledged that the only way to get Governor Cuomo to appear is to give him whatever he wants,” Katz said in a statement posted on the Nixon campaign website when the debate was announced. “We haven’t even been given a seat at the table.”

But in his email to WCBS-TV, Katz cited another reason why the temperature should have gone up. Workplaces, he wrote, are “notoriously sexist when it comes to temperature, so we just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here.”

Social media came on instantly when the request, and the subsequent invocation of sexism, rekindled the debate over what was called the “patriarchy thermostat,“Or the common practice of offices that lower temperatures in the summer to welcome men in suits.

“Cynthia Nixon’s campaign called for a 76-degree debate room tomorrow,” BBC producer Ashley Semler tweeted. “I wish I had this kind of power in my office and I could abandon my two work sweaters.”

Women who suffer in cold workplaces during the warmer months are well documented. In 2015, Washington Post’s Petula Dvorak started her investigation, talking to women she found sitting outside in Washington on a hot and humid July afternoon.

All the women he spoke to were out for the same reason: thaw.

“I. Am. Fuh-reezing. Feel my hand – I’m still cold,” said one woman. The woman’s hand, according to Dvorak, looked like “a cold steak”.

While women complained of being “cold” and “freezing”, men had completely different answers when asked if their offices were too cold. “Okay,” said one. “No, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” replied another.

A month later, a study published in Nature Climate Change, a peer-reviewed journal, revealed a fact that women have known for years: office thermostats are based on the assumption that all workers are male, especially a 40-year-old who weighs 154 lbs.

According to the researchers, temperatures are set using formulas that take into account a variety of factors aimed at optimizing a person’s thermal comfort, a state in which the body does not need chills to produce heat or sweat to cool off. Two of the variables considered are clothing and metabolic rate, the amount of energy the body requires to function.

Each person’s metabolic rate is different because people don’t all have the same size and weight, nor do they have the same level of fitness, according to the study. The type of work done also varies. In terms of clothing, women are more likely to prefer lighter fabrics, short-sleeved tops and skirts in the summer, while many men still wear clothes or jackets.

“[C]current indoor climate standards can inherently misrepresent the female’s thermal demand, “wrote the researchers.

On Tuesday, however, many rejected Nixon’s desired temperature setting, arguing that 76 degrees is too hot for an indoor environment. Others stressed that the discussion room will likely be full of people and broadcasting equipment, making the space warmer.

Some Cuomo staff members also joined.

Katz said on Tuesday that he had not heard of temperature changes and that the station declined to comment on the situation, according to the Times. However, the 76-degree temperature was only meant to be an initial offer, according to the Times.

In a TweetL. Joy Williams, senior consultant for the Nixon campaign, wrote: “Maybe you say 76 degrees and you get 65 degrees instead of freezing at 50.”

According to CNN, Cuomo’s campaign claimed to have made no temperature claims.

“Unlike Cynthia Nixon, the governor has more important things to focus on than the temperature of a room,” Cuomo spokeswoman Lis Smith told CNN.

Regardless of what the thermostat says, Nixon told Refinery29 that nothing is holding her back from Wednesday’s debate.

“I will discuss the governor in a parka if I have to, because the people of New York deserve a debate and, by rising, female candidates have the right to make their voices heard,” he said.

Roseanne Barr Thanks John Goodman for “Speaking Truth” – Variety

Roseanne Barr thanked her co-star John Goodman for her support after giving an interview in which she said she knew “for sure” that she is not a racist.

“I thank John Goodman for telling the truth about me, despite facing some danger from producers and the network,” tweeted Barr Monday.

His message was in response to Goodman’s Sunday Times interview, in which he addressed the controversy over a tweet he sent to Barack Obama’s former adviser, Valerie Jarrett, earlier this year.

“I was surprised at the response,” said Goodman about Barr’s tweet. “And that’s probably all I should say about it. … I know for sure that she’s not a racist.”

However, Goodman also admitted that he previously sent Barr an email thanking her for giving up her rights to the show so that a spin-off could happen, but she never replied.

“He was going through hell at the time,” he said. “And he’s still going through hell.”

Barr posted the derogatory tweet in May of this year. ABC, which had renewed the revival of “Roseanne” for a second season, denounced the comments and canceled the sitcom. However, less than a month later, the network picked up “The Conners”, a spin-off from the show that will see everyone except Barr. Speculation is that his character will be killed, and although Goodman said his character’s status is “unknown” at the moment, he made further assumptions by adding that he assumes Dan will be “mopey and sad because his wife is dead”.

Goodman told the Times that he had been “heartless” for the cancellation and said he had gone through a time when he was “very depressed”.

“I’m depressed anyway, so any excuse I can get for going down, I will. But this had a lot to do with this, more than I wanted to admit,” he said.

See Barr’s tweet below:


Roseanne Barr thanks John Goodman ‘for telling the truth about me’

Goodman spoke over the weekend saying Barr is not a racist.

Less than a day after John Goodman spoke of the cancellation of “Roseanne”, defending the comedian and namesake of the show, Roseanne Barr thanked him on Twitter.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the actor described himself and Barr as “business friends”, but constantly defended her in one area. “I know, I know, because she’s not a racist.”

It seems that Barr expressed gratitude for this. “I thank John Goodman for telling the truth about me, despite facing some danger from producers and the network,” he tweeted Monday.

I thank John Goodman for telling the truth about me, despite facing some danger from the producers and the network.

– Roseanne Barr (@therealroseanne) August 28, 2018

In the interview, Goodman said that the situation – Barr tweeted a racist sentiment towards Barack Obama’s former senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett – left him “heartless”.

ABC Entertainment group president Channing Dungey called the tweet “horrible, repulsive and incompatible with our values.” The network canceled the show almost immediately.

Goodman said that after the show was canceled, he experienced a period of depression of about a month. “I’m depressed anyway, so any excuse I can get for stooping, I will. But this has had a lot to do with this, more than I wanted to admit.”

He also expressed that he was “surprised” by ABC’s rapid decision to abandon the show. “And that’s probably all I should say about it,” he added.

Barr signed his rights to the show, so it won’t be compensated for by the spin-off of Goodman and the rest of his sitcom family, titled “The Conners”.

“I sent her an email and thanked her for that,” Goodman told the newspaper. “I didn’t hear anything in response, but at the time he was going through hell. And he is still going through hell.”

Goodman suggested that in the next spin-off, Barr’s character will be killed, probably leaving his character Dan a “mopey” widower.


John Goodman was “heartbroken” when Roseanne finished, insists that Barr is not a racist

Months after ABC’s cancellation Roseanne following a racist tweet from Roseanne Barr, John Goodman he opened up on how he felt in the days and months following the abrupt end of the show. “I was heartbroken, but I thought,” O.K., it’s just a show, I’ll let it go, “said Goodman The Times of London in a recent interview. “But I went through a period, about a month, in which I was very depressed. I am depressed anyway, so any excuse I can get for stooping, I will. But this had a lot to do with it, more than I wanted to admit. “

When asked how he felt about ABC’s response to Barr’s tweet: “Muslim brotherhood and the planet of the apes had a baby = vj,” a reference to the previous one Barack Obama senior consultant Valerie Jarrett—The magazine reported that Goodman took a long pause before saying, “I was surprised. I will put it this way, I was surprised at the answer. “After another pause, he added,” And that’s probably all I should say about it. “And finally, after another long silence:” I know – I I know – because she’s not a racist. “Goodman didn’t say what he thought of the tweet himself or what Barr might have said if his sentiment wasn’t Islamophobic or racist.

Although Roseanne was quickly canceled, Goodman and the rest of the cast, minus Barr, will return to a new ABC spin-off, The Conners, this fall. As Goodman noted, Barr agreed to waive his rights for the new show, as well as any share of his profits. “I sent her an email and thanked her for that,” she said. “I didn’t hear anything in response, but at the time he was going through hell. And it’s still going through hell. “

But make no mistake: Goodman is happy to return The Conners. The actor said he immediately said “I’m your boyfriend” to the network when asked to come back. It is very different from how he felt about the original finale of the 1997 show, to which Goodman said his response was “have a good trip.”

“The material took its course after about six years, but we stayed on for nine,” said Goodman. “But then I lost it. And it was such a gas last year. We were all a team, even more than before. ”Having said that, Goodman knows that he and the cast face a monumental task: to prove that this show is worth all the controversies it will inevitably arouse and that it can maintain the fan base of the original show even without its matriarch. As for what his character could actually be do when we meet Dan up again The Conners? “I guess it will be sad and sad because your wife is dead.”

Who is Mary G Ross, Mary Ross bio, Mary Ross engineer

Ross, who was the first American Indian engineer, was born in Oklahoma and proudly wore his Indian Cherokee heritage.

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As a great-grandson of the chief chief of the Cherokee Nation between 1828 and 1866, she grew up learning that both boys and girls should receive equal education.

And she was quite a student, excelling in math, physics and aviation – and graduating from high school at the age of 16, followed by college at the age of 20.

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After nine years of teaching, Ross earned a master’s degree in mathematics from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, but his love of aviation and rocket science at a time when the industry was booming brought her at the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in Burbank, California.


There, Ross was encouraged to continue her studies and pursue aeronautical and mechanical engineering courses. She eventually became one of the top 40 people hired in Lockheed’s top secret missile systems division.

“Often at night there were four of us working until 11pm,” says Ross of his time on the team, according to the Google blog. “I was the pusher, I was doing a lot of research. My cutting edge tools were a slide rule and a Frieden computer. We were taking the theorist and making it real. “

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His contributions in the sector concerned the development of design concepts for travel in interplanetary space, including overflight missions on Venus and Mars and the development of satellite projects for the Agena rocket, represented in his Google doodle tribute.

But his legacy went beyond his technical achievements. Ross emerged as a pioneer for both women and Native Americans in the STEM fields.

“In 1992, SWE set up a scholarship on behalf of Ross, which aims to support future female engineers and technologists, including Aditi Jain, a current Google Maps engineer,” according to the Google blog.

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“More than money,” Jain said, “gave me confidence. I don’t think I considered myself an engineer until I received the scholarship.”

Ross died in 2008. He was 99 years old.

Here is how the Smithsonian describes Ross’s contributions, which have been immortalized in art:

“[Ross’s] face embellishes a sculpture at Buffalo State College and a painting by the Cherokee artist America Meredith showing it against a starry sky full of rockets is now in the collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of American Indians. entitled Astra ad for Astra, meaning for the stars from the stars (a game on the Latin phrase “for aspera to astra “), It refers to a story of Cherokee origin on how humans came to Earth from the Pleiades. Rich in symbolism – a seven-pointed star refers to the constellation of the seven sisters, the seven Cherokee clans and the seven directions of Cherokee cosmology – the portrait also includes a representation of the Agena spacecraft. “

More information on Ross on