Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift

October 1, 2018 at 1:17 Mutual Approach: Pyongyang gives South Korea two Pungsan hunting dogs as a gift A Pungsan dog, one year old, given by South Korean President Moon Jae In in North Korea. Photo: AFP / HANDOUT Seoul The signs of a thaw are increasing in the division of the Korean Peninsula. Now […]

Have ginger for colds: Avoid these errors during preparation

Effective remedy for colds: As ginger tea works more effectively When it took a cold during the cold season, it almost nothing works and a ginger tea. When making the drink, but often make small mistakes. We explain what to look for, so that the popular home remedy for the cold symptoms is even better. […]

“Zenith”, “Spartacus”, “Real”, Slutsky, CSKA – in the review of the day

"Anji" in the minority made "Zenith" the first defeat of this RPL season In the meeting of the ninth round of the Russian Premier League "Anji" he beat the "Zenith". The meeting was held at Kaspiysk in the Anji-Arena stadium and ended with a 2-1 score in favor of the hosts. In the debut of […]

Scientists have named the estimated term of death of the universe.

NASA / The universe will continue to exist about 140 billion years ago, which is ten times more than the age of the observed world, equal to about 13.8 million years. The study of the international team of scientists is published in the library of electronic preprints and aims to publish in the […]

Gasoline will not rise: prices are frozen by the end of the year

Until the end of 2018, gasoline and diesel will not rise. This forecast is included in the Central Bank's report on monetary policy. We agree with the assumptions of the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development. The measures taken by the government, the expansion of foreign exchange sales and the enforcement of […]

Warning for West Oxfordshire residents about the tax fraud reimbursement phone call – Oxford Mail

THE RESIDENTS are being warned to be careful with the false callers that offer a tax rebate. The West Oxfordshire Regional Council said it received several reports from people who received calls that were asked by the Valuation Agency or "Tax Recovery Office." The interlocutor says that the resident owes a reimbursement of the council […]

Ligue 1: incidents in leagues in Montpellier, Lille crush OM

An attempt to invade the championship by the followers of Montpellier was suppressed by the police, but the game was interrupted about thirty minutes. A grid that is below the pressure of fans in madness, two game interruptions and a mood: Montpellier, who defeated Nîmes (3-0), went through all the emotions to win the first […]

Suspicionful moment in execution accused of killing the girl brought about by the police before the arrest of murders

A man from Michigan suspected of being behind the murder of his girlfriend was arrested by the local police after being overtaken by car chase.Adam Nolin, 33, became the suspect on Thursday, after the police thought he killed his girlfriend Tia Mae Randall, 27, in Wyoming, Michigan.Adam Nolin suspects that he has killed his girlfriend […]