A patient operated in the heart under hypnosis in Lille: “we went into the unknown,” says the surgeon

An operation of the heart without anesthesia but under hypnosis: this is the incredible performance that was performed for the first time at the University Hospital of Lille on Saturday. Thanks to a nurse trained in hypnotherapy, the head of the hospital intervention department successfully replaced the aortic valve of a 88-year-old patient. "We were a bit unknown in order to be honest, finally the intervention was as always, the gestures were the same and the patient is well," said Arnaud Sudre in the microphone 1. Give the patient's confidence. This medical performance is even more noticeable since this type of heart operation usually requires a rather heavy anesthesia. "The replacement of the aortic valve can be performed under general anesthesia, but during a year it is done in" sedation of local anesthesia ": we infuse infusion products that do not allow the patient to get damaged and relax." Specify Arnaud Sudre. Hypnosis makes it possible to obtain the same effects, without having to resort to an injection of morphine or anxiolytics. Gérard Courtois, the patient, nevertheless told France Bleu Nord that he was not really "hot" when one offered hypnosis. But I was convinced that Hélène Sergent, the nurse specially trained in this new medical practice. "I went to see him the day before, we talked about his environment, his passions, which allowed me to bring it to a world he loved," said France Bleu. The patient had "the feeling of traveling." As a result, during the operation, which lasted for an hour, the patient "talked about his trips with his wife," remembers Arnaud Sudre, the surgeon. "We really do not know if he was going to work and then during the operation, the patient even began to snore, proving that he had gone too far," says the specialist, who says "clearly impressed." "After the operation, he told me that he did not even feel that he had been an operator, but that he had taken a trip." In the event that hypnosis did not work, the CHU teams were ready to inject regular anesthetic products at any time. Medical hypnosis, expanding branch Hypnosis is not only for delicate operations. In recent years, it has developed in various branches of medicine, as explained in Europe. 1 Dr. Jean-Marc Benhaiem, a medical hypnotherapist and responsible for the diploma of medical hypnosis at Pitié Salpêtrière. "We also train the medical profession in the practice of hypnosis, and there are more and more demands," he says. It is believed that the success of hypnosis can be explained by its remarkable effects. in the "most influential" people. "It seems magical because sometimes patients improve after a single session," says Jean-Marc Benhaiem. He mentions the case of patients "who are suffering, in extreme mortality" and for whom "we must eliminate the beliefs, the previous context to find another balance." "It can be radical because it can fail," he summarizes.

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  1. As a certified master hypnotherapist myself,and also a registered nurse who has watched open heart surgery standing beside the several doctors at the operating table, I am very impressed with the achievement of this hypnotist. I stand in awe. This is very impressive. What this article doesn’t say is important. For those of you who don’t know, this article doesn’t say if the surgery was TAVR or TAVI, but if it was OPEN heart, this is an incredible hypnosis achievement because it involves keeping someone in trance while their chest is cut open with a jigsaw, then the rib cage pulled wide open, then a pitcher of ice water poured inside the chest to stop the heart, then cutting large blood vessels to hook up to the heart lung machine which circulates cold blood through the body before the actual heart is cut on.

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