A “vulture” fund could keep the rest of the Titanic

What will be the destiny of the relics of the Titanic? Soon, the biggest treasure of the ship sunk in 1912 will change hands at a controversial auction. A group of investment funds made an offer of $ 19,500 million to buy about 5,500 relics. The offer threatens the efforts of the UK museum consortium, who hoped to acquire the collection with an offer of $ 20 million, but failed to increase that amount. British museums stay alert because they could not collect what was agreed upon. Before the investment fund, led by Apollo Global Management – a US fund specialized in buying and repurchasing companies and restructuring or fragmenting and selling – has launched an offer of this type for British transatlantic diving submissions in the Atlantic Ocean. Now, the most valuable treasure of the Titanic could be in the hands of private investors.

The movie It was one of the best box office films of all time.

As reported by the English newspaper The Guardian, museums will have time until October 5 to make a new attempt to keep control of the relics of the Titanic. To do this, they will seek to raise about 21.500 million dollars to make the offer competitive. The auction that will take place on October 11 in Jacksonville (Florida), in the United States. Premier Exhibitions, the US company that owns and displays the artifacts of the luxurious Titanic, bankrupted in 2016. Since then, some enthusiasts The luxurious British ship was interested in buying relics separately, but a judge decided that the collection should be sold together to preserve the integrity of the 5,500 pieces. The sum of the relics of the Titanic is valued at about $ 200 million, but it must be sold completely, in one batch, which changes its price.

Relic A letter from Alexander Holversson, one of the passengers. / AP

Among the objects that have the greatest treasure of the Titanic are the bell of the watchdog that warned of the proximity of the iceberg that caused the tragedy, the bars of the dining room of first class, a ring of blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds that belonged to a passenger and a suitcase with clothes by William Henry Allen, a British tool maker who traveled to the Titanic to settle in the United States. In addition to the auction, whoever obtains the rights of the collection will also obtain rights to rescue and can incorporate more objects in the rubble field where the Titanic, the gigantic boat that sank during its inaugural trip on April 14 and 15, 1912, where they died About 1,500 passengers over 2,200.

On the other hand, Canadian James Cameron, film director of the hit Titanic movie (1997), and the popular American oceanographer Robert Ballard turned to the offer of museums. Cameron raised more than $ 2,000 million at the box office with His movie and has long held his idea of ​​funding museums. He also provided accessories and part of the costumes of the movie to the Titanic Belfast Museum, which pays tribute to the luxurious sunk boat. Meanwhile, Ballard said that museums represent "the only viable option to preserve the integrity of the Titanic collection. The collection deserves to be returned to the house where the trip began," he said.

The Titanic. The famous British luxury boat.

On September 1, 1985, Ballard placed the Titanic about 3,700 meters deep in the Atlantic Ocean, on a secret mission with the United States Navy. Despite the discovery, which took more than 70 years to search, he chose not to eliminate any transatlantic object. According to the company's website, Premier will exhibit the collection of Titanic objects on a recent itinerant made in several US cities. Las Vegas, Orlando, Waco, Texas, Richmond and British Columbia. The objects were also exhibited in other shows like Bodies: The Exhibition in Las Vegas, The Discovery of King Tut, in New York, and in television shows such as the popular Saturday Night Live: The Experience.

However, and hoping that the collection will return to the United Kingdom, the Titanic Belfast, the monument and museum of the RMS Titanic Inc., located in the place where the luxury liner transatlantic was built and embarked, it has partnered with the National Museum of Northern Ireland , the Titanic Limited Foundation, the National Maritime Museum and part of the Greenwich Royal Museum. The idea is to keep the treasure and be displayed in these places. But first they must disburse 21.5 million dollars. "It is very important that the only collection of objects removed from the remains is maintained in public property for the benefit of today's people and for future generations," the museums argue from a website dedicated to the campaign to recover the treasure of the Titanic.


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