Abdullah Al Sharqi: They are happy to be the heroes of the UAE

Sheikh Abdullah bin Hamad bin Saif Al Sharqi, president of the Union of bodybuilding and physical resistance, praised the results obtained by the UAE players in the Asian physical fitness championship that ended in Dubai yesterday.
He said: "Physical strength is one of the priorities of the federation, which is always trying to support the talents of all age groups. They are happy to have the medals of the citizens of the UAE during the tournament in all categories of young people , the opening ones and the Masters, who proposed to win the medals and put on the podium. The results were translated to support the players and we were eager to participate in them in foreign tournaments, which encouraged us to host this tournament to involve the greatest number possible
Our team won 13 color medals with 4 gold medals, 4 silver and 5 bronze in a new continental achievement to add to the achievements of bodybuilding and bodybuilding. The tournament was completed yesterday and was organized by the Dubai Club for the participation of 375 players from 16 Asian countries, Categories.
Faisal Al Ghais Al Zaabi was crowned with two gold medals and received the "Champion of the Hero." Mohammed Al-Humaidi won a gold medal and Hassan Busim won a gold medal while Ali Al Mazmi and Omar Al-Hilali won a silver medal. Waleed Al Zaabi and Ahmed Hassan Al Kutbi, and won a bronze medal. It was Saeed Almas, Ali Salah, Ali Al Mazmi, Ahmad Al Haili and Khalid Al Haj.
Our team has been on the list of Arab teams in the tournament, having a strong performance and close to obtaining a greater harvest, hoping that the results will be a catalyst like the United Arab Emirates hosts the world championship in November next year.
Ali Abdullah bin Haidar, vice president of the federation, expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the organizing committee that presented the best version of the certificate of international and continental bunds and blessed the players for this record harvest that was achieved thanks to their determination and effort to leave the his silence in the championship.
The general secretary of the Federation and the director of the tournament, Mohamed Abdel Rahim Al Marri, stated that the success achieved was the result of the players who had been trained for many months in preparation for this tournament and to achieve the positive results obtained by commitment and concentration. Promote practitioners of this sport completely free of doping, which are very popular for general fitness professionals.
Faisal Al Zaabi expressed his happiness with winning two gold medals and winning the Champion of Champions Award. He was the first Arab player to obtain two gold medals in two continental and international championships after gaining a gold medal in the championship of work. He explained that the determination, to these results.

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