Gasoline will not rise: prices are frozen by the end of the year

Until the end of 2018, gasoline and diesel will not rise. This forecast is included in the Central Bank's report on monetary policy. We agree with the assumptions of the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Economic Development. The measures taken by the government, the expansion of foreign exchange sales and the enforcement of price freezing agreements by large oil companies will help preserve the cost of fuel. However, the experts point out that gasoline and diesel retailers are now losing their job and, as of the new year, prices may increase due to the increase in excise taxes and fiscal maneuver in the oil industry. There is no noticeable increase in the growth rate of the prices of automotive fuels in the domestic market will be facilitated by a temporary decrease in excise taxes on gasoline and diesel, as well as a possible government measure to increase the rights to petroleum products, If the companies violate the freezing agreement for retail prices. The radios fulfill this condition, the Central Bank's report on monetary policy, which Izvestiya has met, says. In addition, the stabilization of the cost of the fuel has been affected by the increase of the sales of actions, according to the document. The Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce agrees with the regulator's forecast that fuel will not rise until the end of the year. The ministry told Izvestia that in April-June petrol and diesel climbed 8.9% and 8.5%. This made a cumulative contribution to inflation worth 0.37 percentage points. However, in August, the average cost of gasoline in Russia decreased by 0.3%, according to Rosstat. In 30 regions, it fell by 0.4%. The price of diesel in August fell by 0.1%. Throughout the country, gasoline cost 43.27 rubles per liter at the end of summer and 44.53 rubles per liter for diesel. Oil companies have actually frozen prices, but the independent retailer is in a serious state, said Russia's fuel union chairman Yevgeny Arkusha. , the wholesale prices of petroleum products are increasing, and because it does not rise at service stations, companies will incur losses. The expert recalled that the credits reduced on July 1 will increase from January 1. Read also Growth in prices is possible next year, explained a new pricing system, explained Valery Semikashev, head of the energy and fuel complex forecast laboratory of the Institute of Economic Prediction of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It is associated with the abolition of export rights, the increase in the mineral extraction tax (MET) and the appearance of a subsidy system for refineries. Due to the fact that this new mechanism, probably, there will be an increase in prices between three and four rubles, the expert predicts. The press services of the largest oil companies – Rosneft, Lukoil, Tatneft and Surgutneftegaz – did not answer Izvestia's questions about fuel prices. The press service of the FAS did not comment on the forecast of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development. The sharp jump in gasoline and diesel prices led to a revision of fiscal measures to cover the budget, which increased gross oil exports, said President Vladimir Putin. The fuel crisis has been leveled by the government's actions, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said in an interview with Izvestia outside the Eastern Economic Forum, also due to rising oil prices. The agreement to increase the production of black gold by non-OPEC countries and members must contribute to the correction of the cost of raw materials. The fall in oil prices was in its mid-term forecast of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Development. For example, the regulator expects that by 2020-2021, the main export product will be cheaper at $ 55 per barrel. The Ministry of Economic Development is a bit more optimistic. According to their expectations, established in the macro forecast for the next three years, the cost of raw materials in 2021 will fall to $ 57.9 per barrel.

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