An attempt to invade the championship by the followers of Montpellier was suppressed by the police, but the game was interrupted about thirty minutes.
A grid that is below the pressure of fans in madness, two game interruptions and a mood: Montpellier, who defeated Nîmes (3-0), went through all the emotions to win the first derby of Languedoc since then 25 years old, Sunday, September 30.
Thanks to his success in this "derby" hot, Montpellier will move to third place.
Marseille falls in Lille, Rennes in difficulty
In other games of the day, Lille OSC dominated Marseille 3-0 at the Pierre-Mauroy stadium. The match was packed in the second half: Nicolas Pépé provoked two penalties, becoming the first and leaving the second to Jonathan Bamba. Bamba himself scored a third goal in stop time. Lille is now the second in Ligue 1 with 16 points, the sixth of Marseille.
The Rennais Stadium was stopped by Toulouse 1-1. Todibo, in the 88th minute, responded to Mbaye Niang that opened the score with a penalty. The video arbitration system (VAR) did not work at this meeting. The TFC is ranked 7th and 16th in Rennes, two points in the descent zone.
The dominators, and much better in the game, had the skin of the Crocodiles thanks to the goals of Ambroise Oyongo (28), Andy Delort (sp 45 + 9) and Gaëtan Laborde (79), against unrecognizable Nîmois, far from their reputation as a team of players and their tradition of struggle.
And even so, the followers of Montpellier risked losing this historic victory over the green carpet causing the interruption of the game for half an hour. The second of the meeting …
After the 3-0 goal, some members of the Butte Paillade group rose to the wall and entered the lawn. The CRS intervened, just as the president of the club, Laurent Nicollin, went with them to bring tranquility.
Those in favor of Nîmes caused that their neighbors shouted in their park a head of the demon and not anyone: this cloth represented the logo of the main group of ultras Montpellier. The cover that these supporters used for each home meeting, an element that constituted their group identity, was stolen last May by Nîmes, who showed his trophy at the Mosson Stadium.
Humor then the bloodshed
These incidents could be expensive for the MHSC.
The game was already interrupted in the first time for seven minutes when one of the fences broke under the weight of the fans celebrating the hat in the minute 28. Two people were injured slightly according to the prefecture.
This accident happened exactly one year after the fence passed to Amiens-Lille, where 29 Lilleers were injured.
Before the bloodshed of the followers, the atmosphere was feverish but spacious.
Butte Paillade unveiled a banner that recalled with humor that, if Nîmes won the famous 1996 semifinal, it is good that Montpellier has a record: 1990 Coupe de France and Ligue 1 2012.
In the drawing, the children respond to an old crocodile: "It's good, they are 100 times in the accounts," while a Montpellier tells the boys the titles of La Paillade.
Nîmes replied in a banner that his rivals were "like his new station: useless."
"No player was in danger"
After all hostile songs from both sides, the game ended in "And one, two and three zero!" The late president "Loulou" Nicollin would have wanted to win the derby 3-0. But what would you say to your fans?
His son Laurent, head of the club, wanted to understand:
"The only thing I said: there was never a land invasion, no player was in danger, the club's security forces stopped. There was a good show in the field, it was" folkloric "at the stand but it's the south. fine. My treasurer must tear his hair. (But) I repeat, because you (journalists, ed) have the gift of being excessive: there was no invasion of land, "he said.
The disciplinary committee will judge Monday on the part of the folklore and the percentage of insecurity in the Mosson stadium: it will meet in an emergency, at 12:00 a.m., "to study the follow-up that will give the event two times more time interrupting the party" .

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