Ryder Cup: magic was European

The Americans hoped to win their first trophy on European territory for 25 years, but they are the players of the Old Continent, exemplary in team spirit, which won on Sunday, September 30 and very well at the National Golf. of Saint-Quentin in Yvelines.

The magic of the Ryder Cup. The formula is repeated as a mantra. By the specialists of the game, by the champions who brush the shoulders of this mythical competition, the spectators who gather the course share their passion for golf. But what is this magic? Simply to this ability of the test to shake the certainty, to thwart the cold statistics of a sporting world increasingly fagocitated by the analysis of figures, putting the human in the heart of debates and the collective in the center of all, in a discipline subscribed to furious individualism. The 42th edition of the competition at the national golf course of Saint-Quentin in Yvelines was, therefore, a very good reputation. Magical because waking a script apparently written in advance: twelve Americans landed on the Old Continent to end 25 years of shortage and finally won the Grail of a victory in European lands. Ryder Cup makes European fiber vibrant. For this search, they were armed like always: 12 men in the top 25 of the world, the strongest team in the US. UU. of all time, has promoted the Atlantic newsletters. The favorites, therefore, the "children", with an additional soul to Tiger Woods back to the beginning. The beautiful story that was about to count … American wolves. Until the American wolves could show their appetite, they were facing an European family that did not look like a chewable sheep team. Eight comrades from this side in the Top 25 of the world, it was nothing, and the statistical deficit surely did not age the desire to fight. The six British, the two Spaniards, the Swedes, the Danish and the Italians of the band raised the colors of a united Europe for the moment and assigned the magic of the test to their camp. A great job in general during the first two days dedicated to collective justification allowed the blue and yellow to carry between 10 and 6, a beautiful margin of maneuver. To Ryder Cup, the user manual CordialeEurope has remained faithful to its tradition. Solid champions, putting their egos deep into the pockets, revealing to the greens more than a cordial deal. Special mention in the subject to the impeccable English association Tommy Fleetwood and the Italian Francesco Molinari. Leading four wins in four games, they entered the competition legend becoming the first European pair of competition. history to recover that performance. This perfect score has not been recorded since 1979 and the ideal success of an American tandem. A sign The two invincible ones were especially hard to undermine the morale of Tiger Woods, defeated three times (with two different partners). On greens, the legend of golf seemed tired, unable to find this incredible energy that was released a few days before when it was time to return to the success of a victory number 80 added to its amazing record. The Ryder Cup is not yet the favorite Tiger yard. Unfortunately for the American collective. Magic could change the horses of magic? The lady in fact may be unfaithful, and that's one of the other attractions of the Ryder Cup. Sundays on Sundays, which give 12 points, sometimes they enjoy redistributing the letters. 10-6 before the last day, it was the marker in favor of Europe at the Brookline (Massachusetts) golf course in 1999. America finally won 14.5 to 13.5. In 2012, the same crazy recovery was this time the work of Europeans in Medinah (Illinois), then called a "miracle." But miraculously there was no Sunday for Americans. In the end, Europeans are still masters at home and the score reflects the decline of the United States. Magic, maybe, but black for the blow. The Ryder Cup, a long unknown story InvincibilityFort of their home win in 2016, Americans swore to finally release their old demons. It was finally a band of friends, of stars at the service of the collective that were going to be very high during the Albatross. Because the team spirit has not been revealed in the greens, except perhaps to be true affinities between Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas, number 1 of the world, or between Bubba Watson and Webb Simpson. Tiger Woods, ghostly, went through the ordeal only in his corner. And a giant like Phil Mickelson, the veteran with 12 record companies, lost the event altogether, not weighing neither in the field nor behind the scenes. Magic was also probably in the hands of green trainers. Albatross They discovered perfectly an intransigente course, ideally complicated, whereas the narrow fairways and the rough (terrifying wild grass on the edge of the course), everything that does not appreciate the Americans is more comfortable on the big boulevards. The Blues of Europe have conserved their invincibility, which has a quarter century of antiquity. A good trick of magic .——————— A transparent Tiger Woods Throughout this Ryder Cup, the cameras focused on it, and most of the viewers had eyes only to the legendary champion. Las. Tiger Woods played four games during the event for four defeats without glory, during their three doubles as singles. Visibly exhausted, embarrassed by the cold morning and the wind in the field, he was never shot. And the spectacle of the Tiger often disgusted, terribly unhappy, was not beautiful to see. His record in the Ryder Cup is catastrophic: 8 stakes, 37 games played and 21 losses in total. In 2012, due to his last presence at the event, he could not do better than a tie in four games. This year, it was worse. For better, very followed.

Jean-Luc Ferré

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Ryder Cup makes European fiber vibrant

On the second day of the competition, the European team does better than keeping the clash against American favorites. An opportunity to thrill the pride of the rather weird continent in the world of sports.
On the second day of the competition, the European team does better than keeping the clash against American favorites. An opportunity to thrill the rather odd continental pride in the world of sports.

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