Suspicionful moment in execution accused of killing the girl brought about by the police before the arrest of murders

A man from Michigan suspected of being behind the murder of his girlfriend was arrested by the local police after being overtaken by car chase.
Adam Nolin, 33, became the suspect on Thursday, after the police thought he killed his girlfriend Tia Mae Randall, 27, in Wyoming, Michigan.
Adam Nolin suspects that he has killed his girlfriend in Wyoming, Michigan. After being accused in a hospital on Friday, Nolin was charged with five charges of serious crimes, including assaults with the intention of assassinating and fleeing from the police.
He is currently being treated for his injuries after an officer ran his police car on him, while Nolin fired shots trying to escape from the freeway.
Wyoming, Capt. Police James Maguffee said: "Riding in the hospital is certainly not the norm, but it is also unknown.
"He is getting the treatment he needs, but we need the wheels of justice to turn. Judges usually make accommodations so that this happens."
Facebook / Aunt Randall Tia Mae Randall was only 27 years old when he was murdered and killed. The suspect fled the police car behind him. The police got caught up with him, and the images show him to execute the suspect on his boyfriend's body found on Creekside Estates Mobile Home Park on Thursday morning, where he seemed to show that the woman was murdered by a single bullet wound.
The police identified the fingers to Nolin as the suspect immediately after the mother's body was found two.
The police launched an alert for the public to look for Nolin, giving it a broad physical description of it and its black Dodge 1996 truck, Daily Mail reported.
It was seen in his truck and when the police tried to pull it over, Nolin jumped to the United States 131.
Once the car jumps to the suspect killer, the car stopped working. The officers rushed to the car after the suspect was running. The suspect hit his vehicle on a concrete bend and started running on the highway, when he pulled out the gun and started firing.
The video was captured by a passerby and shows the officer's vehicle running on the suspect's body.
Nolin was transported to the hospital where he is in a serious but stable state and will remain until he unloads it and moves to Kent County Jail.
Maguffee added: "Show the disposal of our police officers in western Michigan to endanger the protection of this community.
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"They have managed to face in custody in an appropriate time and in a proper manner and we are very proud of them.
"There is absolutely no underlying homicide investigation that continues and we will be about to involve that and we will present this to the county prosecutor of Kent at the right moment"
While homicide investigation is still under way, Nolin is still being accused of his girlfriend's death.

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