The boy announces on YouTube that he is sick in a terminal way (VIDEO)

"Life expectancy is not too long. In a stirring video, Daniel, a British YouTUBER, best known as PeeWeeToms, has announced that he now has a terminal cancer. In spite of several operations," the disease is now in my body. I try to enjoy the little life I have and spend good times with my loved ones, "says the 32 year old.

In 2015, doctors diagnosed with carcinoarcoma. This rare (malignant) cancerous tumor is formed by a mixture of carcinoma (cancer that originates in the skin or tissues that surround or cover the organs) and sarcoma (cancer that originates in the connective tissues that surround and support several organs). Heavily supported by his fans since the beginning of his illness, Daniel received many support messages, including the Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. The latter sent a video message while at the International Space Station (ISS). "I do not know how it happened but it is surprising, I want to thank the person who made it possible," said the boy, very touched.
Real traumatic shock
"The issue is that of anxiety: what happens, from the psychological point of view, when the announcement of a diagnosis of serious illness is a life situation for a moment like the beginning of the process of one's own death, since it is really there that Does the beginning of the end begin? Living for a moment can not be considered as a trivial event: it will cause a true traumatic shock, "explains Hélène Brocq, who worked for ten years in palliative medicine at the University Hospital of Nice and joined the 2005 to the Center for the Reference of Neuromuscular Diseases and Amyotrophic Side Sclerosis (ALS). Adolescents and young adults (15) -44 years) The most commonly diagnosed cancers are genital tumors (testes, cervix …), hematological cancers and melanoma (skin cancer). Scientists estimate that by 2030, there will be around 26.4 million new cases of cancer in the world and 17 million deaths per pathology every year.

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