Warning for West Oxfordshire residents about the tax fraud reimbursement phone call – Oxford Mail

THE RESIDENTS are being warned to be careful with the false callers that offer a tax rebate.

The West Oxfordshire Regional Council said it received several reports from people who received calls that were asked by the Valuation Agency or "Tax Recovery Office."

The interlocutor says that the resident owes a reimbursement of the council tax since his fiscal tax tax has been too high in the past and can arrange a refund in return for a fee.

The telephone number of the fake company is 0203 4767710.

Neighbors are being exhorted not to enter into conversations with the caller and not disclose any personal information, such as bank details. Commercial standards were known.

Toby Morris, a member of the resource cabinet, said: "This is a sham. The appeal against a tax gang of the Council does not require a third party and it is free."

"Anyone who receives one of these calls should end the conversation as quickly as possible."

Those wishing to resort to their tax relief can do so by contacting the Agency of the Rating Office 03000 501 501.


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