We publish the complete details of the new Amr Adib program “The Story” in “mbc Egypt” (Photos)

In the midst of a prominent presence of women and businessmen, art stars and sports, press and media people, the MBC Egypt channel during the "Zero episode" filming announced the launch of its new program: "The Story. With Amr Adib. "On Saturday, September 15 at 10 in the evening of Cairo, the ceremony was held in Cairo and featured the stars: Yousra, Nadia El Gendy, Hisham Abbas, Samah El Saraiti, Edward, Ahmed Zaher, Rania Youssef, Raim Mustapha, Fatima Nasser, Dina Fuad, Wani Hanii, Fares Ibrahim, Darin Haddad and other prominent guests. In addition to MBC Egypt's general director, Mohammed Abdel Muttal, and participants in the presentation of the program with Amr Adeeb: Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, culinary expert Gigi Zayed, "The story and what's in it, is that history continues to be the most important thing, and the new program looks for stories that are of interest to people and occupy them wherever they are, "said Amr Adib. "Our guests tonight are narrators who have been successful." "It was the dream of my career, 22 years ago, joining an institution established as MBC and thanking God, the dream finally comes to fruition and I hope to tell more stories with the general public in Egypt and the Arab world." Stars and characters featured in the series of consecutive episodes of "Zero Episode", including Yousra star and singer Abo and writer Tamer Habib, where they gathered the famous song "3 beats" and talked about the success of the strongest this year. So Adib Najm received the ball from the Zakaria believer to talk about what was raised about the subject of professionalism outside of Egypt during the next period. After that, Adib hosted the fashion expert Farida Tamraz, who talked about her success story in the fashion world in an unconventional way and received the Egyptian diving instructor Bent Adil, the daughter of the province of North Sinai, who came specially to tell your story with success and glamor. Hossam Al-Qabbani spoke about the provision of a large number of social initiatives and charitable donations that are presented to the community's most needy groups. Mr. Adib concludes sections of "Episode Zero" on the reception of Mohamed Abdel Muttal, General Director of MBC Egypt, "MBC Group." Abdel Muttal underlined that the new program is "a qualitative complement, and the channel has provided all the necessary resources for its success and its launch to the public in the best possible way." "The new program combines stories and hearts with a variety of rhythmic and fast sections," he concluded. Meanwhile, Mazen Hayek thanked the great friends of MBC who participated in the ceremony and expressed his pride in the return of Amr Adib to the MBC family, who participated in the jury of the first season of "Arabs Got Talent" at MBC4. Hayek concluded: "We hope to follow the many and varied stories of Egypt and abroad, which will be detailed in detail by Amr Adeeb with the work team." "The Story with Amr Adib" will appear on MBC Egypt from Saturday to Monday at 10:00 pm Cairo time. It will start on Saturday, September 15, 2018 at 10:00 p.m. Cairo time.

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