Hacker attack on world football association – extent unclear


The world football association claims to have been the target of a hacker attack

(Photo: Reuters)

Zurich The world football association FIFA claims to have been the target of a hacker attack. In a Tuesday statement quoted by AP news agency, FIFA condemned the attack and was concerned that some information had been illegally accessed.

The Zurich-based association made no statements about the extent of the attack on its computers.


Series … and men – Excerpt from the “HBO Concept”: A slogan sometimes frowned upon

To accompany the release of my essay “The HBO concept”, I suggest that you reproduce each week a symptomatic extract of the different themes addressed by the book. Today, a critical exercise in criticism itself, which consists in clarifying the contours and redefining a provocative slogan which is so often frowned upon: “It’s Not TV. It’s HBO. “

“” After all these years when HBO’s brand image
aimed to distinguish itself from that of networks, [Jeff] Bewkes and [Chris]
Albrecht made a major concession to the commercial television model: they
opted to broadcast episodes series on a weekly basis. ”

This remark by Christopher Anderson, pointing here
blame the hidden side of the strategic reversal operated by HBO in 1995, says
long on the incomprehension that could arouse the promotional campaign “non-televisual” launched officially by the chain the following year. Because the latter
never intended to cut bridges in an unacceptable way with his
medium – in essence, HBO East of television – in the same way as
the directors of the New Wave may have pilloried ” quality
French ” and papa’s cinema in the mid-1950s, they never used it
no less cameras and film to shoot their own films, and
movie theaters to screen them. Furthermore, we have seen that HBO did not have
waited for the year of grace 1995 to (co) produce and broadcast television series
in 30 or 45 minute format, which requires further nuancing of the “concession” to the commercial television model hastily denounced by Anderson.
By his ostentatious liberties and his will to change the face of
American television, it would be fairer to say that HBO is questioning the
TV series asart, most often considered minor in the
journalistic (non-specialized) and academic circles before
cable chain positioning premium in the niche market
of a series that wants to be both adult
and prestigious. “

The HBO concept. Raising the TV series to the level of art, by Benjamin Campion. Presses Universitaires François-Rabelais, coll. “Serial”. 234 pages, 25 €. ISBN: 978-2-86906-680-9.


David Ogden Stiers remembered with the theatrical denomination

Oregonian, famous and admired film and television actor David Ogden Stiers, who passed away on March 3, 2018, will be remembered for years to come for his contribution to the Newport performing arts community.

Stiers was the associate director / resident of the Newport Symphony Orchestra (NSO), as well as one of its founders and supporters. His leadership helped transform the Yaquina Chamber Orchestra into today’s professional NSO, with musical director Adam Flatt.

While music was David’s calling, theater was his lifelong calling. Stiers was also an active and passionate supporter of the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA), who was for many years one of his honorary co-chairs on the Capital Campaign Committee. However, it was the Summer Theater Camps and the Shakespeare Camps for young people who got David’s soul.

Over the years, he has generously educated young Thespians in seminars that have trained and encouraged Oregon’s coastal youth in the art of character development, vocal projection and emotional engagement.

In his own words, speaking of the Performing Arts Center (PAC), David often remarked, “I am so glad to see the theater fields and dance concerts involving children. They think they own this place, and obviously they do!”

OCCA executive director Catherine Rickbone recalls community members who inquire months ahead of the holiday readings of David by Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas in Wales. “We miss. We lack his baritone voice and, of course, his sense of humor, “said Rickbone.

“David will always surprise us. When he became aware of our needs, he would donate a refrigerator, microwave, chair or equipment, “continued Rickbone. “It was the small, significant things he did for the OCCA and the PAC that brought tears to our eyes again.”

Stiers’ good philanthropic works took him beyond the theater halls. Many nonprofit organizations in Newport including My Sister’s Place and the Newport Library have benefited from David’s contributions. In the minds and hearts of Newport residents, David left a lasting impression.

Citizens and members of the David Stiers theater family are leading a fundraising effort to raise $ 250,000 of the total of $ 1.6 million needed for renovations at the 30-year-old venue. New improvements to the David Ogden Stiers Theater include a new seating system, new lighting, improved sound and acoustics, and improved HVAC for theater as part of the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts (OCCA), the capital of the capital of the Newport Performing Arts Center (PAC), Entertain the Future!, Phase VII Studio Theater Enhancement.

The David Ogden Stiers Theater will host experimental theater performances, literary readings, narrations, piano performances, dance recitals, cabaret-style jazz ensembles, international musical events and a larger youth theater. It will also allow simultaneous programming with the adjacent Alice Silverman Theater.

Contributions, large and small, are tax deductible. Engagement forms are available at the Performing Arts Center or online at: http://www.coastarts.org.

For more information and details on the impact of your gift, contact Catherine Rickbone, OCCA Executive Director at 541-574-2652, crickbone@coastarts.org or Bonnie Prater at 541-574-2655, bprater@coastarts.org.

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Series … and men – Extract from the “HBO Concept”: Netflix, the new HBO?

To accompany the release of my essay “The HBO concept”, I suggest that you reproduce each week a symptomatic extract of the different themes addressed by the book. Today, deciphering the communication and strategic positioning of a new self-proclaimed competitor: Netflix.

“January 29, 2013. At
three days of the launch of Netflix’s first original series (the very
expected House of Cards), Reed Hastings drops one of these sentences
sibyllines he likes so much: ” Our goal is to become HBO before
the reverse does not happen. “It is therefore difficult to imagine in which
measures the ambitious CEO of the leader of the American video market in streaming
(and future giant of global SVOD) is about to invest in
production of original series, no longer content to acquire content
preexisting. But one thing is certain: its objective is certainly not to
to seek a place in the sun without playing with elbows to achieve it.

His speech detonates indeed quite clearly compared to
one held by one of the three founding fathers of HBO (with Gerald Levin and Frank
Biondi), Michael Fuchs, in front of the feverish members of the Satellite Broadcasting
and Communications Association
(SBCA) in 1993:

” We are not looking […] to replace us, but to come in
lucrative complement of technologies already in place. […] The era that is opening has
not intended to replace the previous one, but to aggregate there. The FM band does not have
killed the AM band; television did not kill radio; the cable didn’t kill the
terrestrial television; the VCR didn’t kill pay TV. The
cake gets bigger, that’s all. ”

the logical continuation of these words focused on living together rather than on
each for himself (and whose degree of sincerity ultimately matters little),
one could add that SVOD is not going to kill pay television anytime soon.
But this does not seem to enter the way of thinking of the leaders of
Netflix, starting with Reed Hastings who prefers to pose immediately, even before
to have officially launched its first original series, the terms of a
“epic” fight which cannot be fought until the last round without making
shed blood. For an introduction intended to put its competitors
under pressure, it was successful. “

The HBO concept. Raising the TV series to the level of art, by Benjamin Campion. Presses Universitaires François-Rabelais, coll. “Serial”. 234 pages, 25 €. ISBN: 978-2-86906-680-9.


Bayern bosses settle with media in memorable press conference

Rummenigge, Hoeneß, Salihamidzic

The management of FC Bayern Munich criticizes the reporting.

(Photo: YouTube screenshot)

Munich The FC Bayern bosses caused a sensation with a comprehensive media scolding and the threat of legal consequences. In a joint press conference on Friday, CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, President Uli Hoeneß and sports director Hasan Salihamidzic defended themselves against parts of the latest reports on players of the football record champions.

“Today is an important day for FC Bayern because we are telling you that we will no longer put up with it,” said Rummenigge in the crowded press room on Säbener Straße. The responsible persons also addressed journalists directly during the half-hour appointment.

According to Rummenigge, FC Bayern, who is in a crisis after four games without a win, had recently been reported as “malicious and polemical”. Hoeneß wanted to underline Rummenigge’s statements to “100 percent”, spoke of a “cheekiness” and announced: “We will not continue to accept disrespectful reporting.”

In his remarks, Rummenigge referred, among other things, to the latest coverage of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and his world champion colleagues Jérôme Boateng and Mats Hummels.

“I am missing any words,” he said on the subject of new players and criticized that the two central defenders had been accused of old men’s football. “Is it still okay?” Asked the ex-professional, reminding him that Neuer had become world goalkeeper four times in a row.

“It seems obvious that people no longer worry about values ​​such as dignity and decency,” said Rummenigge. He referred to Article 1 of the Basic Law: “Human dignity is inviolable.” Rummenigge said: “Polemics seem to know no bounds. That applies to the media, it also applies to experts, and above all it also applies to experts who once played football at this club. ”

In addition, the CEO announced: “Today will protect our players, coaches and the club.” Due to the remarkable press conference, the upcoming Bayern game in the Bundesliga on Saturday (3:30 p.m.) in Wolfsburg initially took a back seat.


What happened to the cast of M * A * S * H?

M * A * S * H ​​was the kind of show that could be insanely fun or completely sober since it was based during the Korean War period and as such often walked a fine line between depicting what was going on in such units and effective protest the war. It was a favorite show for many since it managed to make a lot of laughs, but it was also one that kept the audience’s favor since it wasn’t just one thing or the other, acting as a variety of different attitudes and emotions about the war and what it meant to be in danger on a continuous basis. The characters helped make the show what it was and throughout its long history this show was one that people couldn’t wait to see every season on his return. When it aired, people actually broke and cried in some regions as it was the end of an era that many had found absolutely perfect.

Let’s find out what happened to the cast.

David Ogden Stiers

David’s career spanned decades and while his character on the show wasn’t always the most valued, it was perfect on his part as it was the sheet that Hawkeye and Hunnicut needed. Throughout the rest of his career, however, David played a wide variety of roles, from the bad guy to the uncertain character to the boy you just had to appreciate since he was one of the best in the group. But he was also a theatrical actor and he dubbed video games, expanding his repertoire so that he could hardly be impressed. Unfortunately, David died in March 2018.

Harry Morgan

Reading Harry Morgan’s list of accomplishments could take some time, as it was in so many different productions that trying to remember them all, if people of that era were still around, would take a long, long time. Whatever the case, those of us of this era undoubtedly remember him fondly from the show and from classics like Dragnet, where he was just as good and continues to be a good memory. As you can see, however, Harry died in 2011.

William Christopher

Christopher doesn’t have as many acting credits to his name, but has managed to show up in a few different shows that people will likely remember like The Patty Duke Show, Good Times and even Andy Griffith Show. As one of the characters in M ​​* A * S * H ​​he was the type who didn’t really stand out but was still easy to notice since he was one of the few who seemed to be the good guy ALL the time. Christopher sadly died in 2016.

Mike Farrell

Mike has the distinction of having actually served as a US Marine. After being discharged, he worked in various jobs until he managed to establish his acting career. As a partner in the crime of Alan Alda’s character, it was fun enough, but when the show aired he started to devote himself to other things besides acting, despite still being considered active in the industry.

Jamie Farr

Farr was actually drafted into the U.S. military at some point after starting his acting career. He has had a wide range of roles over the years, some as himself and others as different characters. On the show, his character was one of the funniest since people could almost always expect him to dress in women’s clothes in an attempt to be sent home out of madness. Obviously it never worked.

If anyone remembers that Loretta’s character was initially a hard case. He had no friends and was the simple individual who was not fooled and often sought out those who tried to instigate something in his presence. As the show went on, however, he managed to soften and lighten himself a bit while the idea of ​​being a team player was finally developed in his character. He has had a lot of exposure since then, but his role on the show has been what many people still remember.

Gary Burghoff

As Radar he was the only actor to star in the film and then in the regular series, and he is lucky enough since he is one of the characters that people remember well enough and of which they are very fond of. After all, Radar was the unpretentious type of guy who was only there to follow orders and get along with others. It’s also nice that he was such a nice guy because Gary didn’t have to act as much as himself.

Alan Alda

Alan Alda was more or less the backbone of the show and the guy everyone looked at when the time came to change something or find direction. He has been extremely busy since the show ended and has made his way into TV shows, movies and even podcasts throughout his career. Unfortunately it was discovered just this year that he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2015.

It’s nice to see that everyone on the show has had a long and historic career, but it’s also sad that he’s still gone. With any luck, however, no one will ever attempt to redo or restart this series, NEVER. Don’t revive a classic like this without making many people angry.

3 reasons why Jogi Löw remains national coach

Dusseldorf It is by far the most difficult time for Joachim Löw. The national coach of the German national soccer team, who was crowned world champion four years ago, has not experienced a dry spell like this during his long tenure.

In the summer, his team retired early from the World Cup in Russia after embarrassing appearances. And even after the big announcement of dealing with the crisis in late summer, things did not get any better.

The new start on time for the Nations League was initially nothing. After today’s narrow defeat against France, there is even a risk of relegation to the second tier. Löw has so far ruled out a resignation. It’s not that easy – for three reasons.

First: the performance

The next defeat for the German national team followed on Tuesday evening. The team lost 1-2 against France. But the performance was right, the Germans played well for a long time, held against, even took the lead. And unfortunately we were not rewarded in the end.

Nevertheless: The opponent was not called San Marino or Azerbaijan, but France – the current world champion. Löw seems to have managed to make the game more aggressive with a few changes in the lineup. His team showed a significantly better game in France than in the Netherlands, but ultimately also failed due to Antoine Griezmann.

The Frenchman, currently one of the best players in the world, scored two goals. Despite everything: After this game, kicking out Löws should be difficult. At least for now, it would be difficult to justify.

Second: the alternatives

Joachim Löw has been national coach for twelve years now. He shaped an entire generation of players – and achieved almost everything that can be achieved with a national team. With his calm and matter-of-fact manner, he turned German football inside out, he turned individuals into a team.

When he first extended his contract, there were still discussions at the German Football Association (DFB) about the salary, influence and power. Since then, criticism of his person has seldom been heard. Because the DFB knows that the alternatives are rare.

Thomas Tuchel and Jürgen Klopp, two other successful German coaches, prefer to earn their money at top clubs in France and England. And they also get significantly more money than Löw. Just for comparison: Löw earns around 3.8 million euros a year (he has increased his salary over the years), Tuchel earns around five million euros near Paris St. Germain and Klopp supposedly earns even ten million euros in Liverpool – all exclusive advertising contracts and constant observation by German media.

Other names than those just mentioned rarely circulate – there aren’t that many of this class. Finding a successor who really wants Löw’s position – and who can fill it out, is extremely difficult. In Frankfurt you also know exactly what you have in Löw.

Third: The idiosyncrasies of the DFB

Just a few months ago, before the opening game of the World Cup in Russia, the DFB officially announced that Löw was planning until 2022. The premature extension of the contract for a man who was never satisfied and who showed no signs of wear and tear, as the reason for the move back then.

Now, just a short time later, revising this and maneuvering Löw aside because the athletic performance is not right would amount to an admission of guilt. For this, the DFB Presidium will certainly take as long as possible.

After the defeat against France, DFB boss Reinhard Grindel also said: “I think we saw a bit of change today that encourages.” And further: “The development of the team is crucial. What the young team showed today can be built on. ”Grindel has once again strengthened his back to his national coach. And with it also himself. The only question is how long.


ABC made her “The worst things they could” with the layoff – Deadline

ABC did “the worst thing that could have done me … fire me from my show,” complained Roseanne Barr Vice News tonight, in an interview it will air tonight just before ABC’s presentation The Conners.

In a pre-recorded interview aired on HBO, Barr portrays himself as a victim, describing to Vice “the emotional and psychological impact of the transition from stratospheric celebrity to being completely downgraded,” as Vice said.

“I don’t stay in touch with anyone on the show. I was removed from the work process of my life. It’s the worst thing they could have done to me, it was firing me from my show and letting other people write my life story,” yes Barr complained.

This time, he is describing what happened like this:

“I was a mother’s home in Salt Lake and I was very happy and my show was number 1 after 20 years – and not only number 1 but 28 million people saw it. So I was in a happy place.”

She said she went to bed, woke up at 2:11, “tweeted that tweet” and went back to sleep.

“When I woke up in the morning it was all over and I said” Uh oh ” [the tweet] he was characterized as a racist, which made my stomach drop to my feet. “

ABC called, said, and asked, “What possible excuse can you have for something you’ve done that’s unforgivable” and a few other words I don’t remember, “Roseanne described.

“I said,” I’ll be happy to go to all the ABC shows, explain it and apologize. “They said” no “, I wasn’t allowed to do it.”

“Not long after, my mother was watching TV and saw that it had been canceled. And that was just the beginning, ”added Roseanne dramatically.

The tweet that caused ABC to abruptly cancel the revival of Barr’s comedy series came a few days after the network made her the star of her Upfront presentation for advertisers.

Striking defeat from the jaws of victory, Barr tweeted, calling Valeria Jarrett, former adviser to President Barack Obama, a progeny of the “Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes”.

In her initial tweet about Jarrett, Barr referred to her as “the Muslim brotherhood and the planet of the apes had a baby = vj”. It was in response to a tweet referring to Wikileaks that the CIA spied French presidential candidates during Obama’s term.

In response to the recall of the racist tweet, Barr tweeted: “Muslims are not a race.” Jarrett, an African American, was born in Iran to American parents.

Later, when the situation started to impress her, Barr tweeted that the original tweet was “a bad joke.” [Jarrett’s] politics and its appearance, “he added,” I should have known him better. Forgive me, my joke was tacky. “

Except that it wasn’t the first time that Barr had called an African-American woman a “monkey”. In 2013, he called Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser, “a man with big swinging monkey balls.”

After the cancellation Roseanne, ABC agreed on a spin-off called in June The Conners, with the same original cast members except Barr, after agreeing not to participate financially or creatively in the series. In a statement, Barr said he accepted the deal “to save 200 loved cast and crew jobs, and I wish the best for everyone involved.”

These days, Barr said to Vice, “I have a lot of time for real life, real life things. Like, I’m just going for a walk with my mom and I have an ice cream cone. Stuff like that. Waiting in I really slept a lot, like, probably 17 hours a day. “

“There is an underlying story for everyone who creates something. The pain of life and things you may have gone through to create that joke, or situation, or family, “Barr said, describing himself.

“Everyone knows that I struggled with mental health problems and was also struggling at the time,” he added.

She described herself when she tweeted: ‘I was upset, stupid, wrong and wrong. And for this I apologized. “

“I don’t let words hurt me, what others say,” Barr said in apparent reference to ABC / Disney executives. “This is the person who is saying it, not me. I’m not what they think I am, and I know it.”

“I know who I am and they are wrong.”

Determine the amount of his retirement pension with a discount

Determine the amount of his retirement pension with a discount

To obtain a full retirement pension, it is not enough to have reached the legal age to stop working. You must also have contributed the necessary number of quarters. Otherwise, the pension paid is reduced. Here is how this discount is calculated.

The pension reform adopted in November 2010 caused a stir and in particular formalized the decline in the retirement age. The latter began on July 1, 2011; date from which the starting age increases by four months a year to reach 62 in 2018. Today, if you are over the age of 60 but do not collect the number of quarters sufficient, the situation remains the same with the application of the reform: you must continue working at the latest until age 65 to obtain the full liquidation rate. Of course, you can decide to retire without waiting to have all of your terms. In this case, the amount of your pension will be calculated with a reduced pension rate : this is called the discount.

retirement pension 200 money delphimages fotolia 27260522 subscription l
The retirement pension undergoes a discount for each quarter which is lacking to reach the number of quarters necessary to receive a full rate retirement within the limit of twenty quarters. © Delphimages – Fotolia

The latter is applied for each missing quarter to benefit from the full rate. The number of missing quarters is calculated in two ways. Or by the number of quarters that separate the age at which the pension takes effect and the age for a full rate retirement (65 for a 1950 generation insured); or by the number of quarters necessary to reach the duration of insurance required for a maximum rate pension (162 quarters). In the end, the most advantageous calculation between the two is retained. But beyond twenty missing quarters, the equivalent of five years, the discount no longer affects the amount of the pension.

Practical case of a discounted retirement pension

The discount is associated with reduction coefficient. For policyholders born before January 1, 1944, it was 2.5% per missing quarter for policyholders. For the others, it decreases by 0.125 point per year to reach 1.25% for people born after 1952. Take the example of a person born in 1950 and who today wants to retire at 61 with only 156 validated quarters. He is missing eight quarters in the first calculation and sixteen in the second to hope for a full pension rate. The reduction coefficient which applies to it is 1.625% per quarter. If it is multiplied by the eight quarters selected, this gives a discount rate of 13%. The latter must be subtracted from liquidation rate at full rate: 50%. Which gives the following calculation: 50 – (0.13 x 50) = 43.5.

In our example, the absence of eight quarters of contribution leads to a reduction in the liquidation rate. It goes from 50% (full rate) to 43.5%. In other words, the retirement pension will correspond to the average of the wages of the best twenty-five years multiplied by 43.5%. If this average monthly salary is 1,000 euros for example, the amount of retirement with a discount will be 435 euros per month against 500 euros with all the quarters. This system is applied to private sector employees but also to artisans and traders as well as to the self-employed and farmers, according to the same calculation. For a official, the discount only applies if, at the time of his retirement, he has not reached an age fixed in the limited age of his grade which varies in 2011 between 57 and 62 years.

The Curtain rises in the 90th season of the Very Little Theater

Eugene’s Very Little Theater opens its 90th season this month with classic horror, Dracula. Claude Offenbacher of KLCC – a lifetime member of VLT – spoke with its president, Karen Scheeland, about the theater’s almost 100-year-old heritage. Start with how his namesake was born.

Since it was founded in 1929, VLT has expanded and moved, supporting itself through the sale of tickets.

Among his most famous alumni are actors David Ogden Stiers (M * A * S * H, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek: The Next Generation) and Edgar Buchanan (Petticoat Junction, Tombstone: The Town Too Tough to Die, Judge Roy Fagiolo).

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