40 Association Agreement UAE-India

The General Secretariat of the Emirate of Foreign Investment Council has described UAE-India relations as historical, based on mutual respect and close collaboration through more than 40 agreements and memoranda of understanding. In many fields, investment leads to a vision of sustainable development.
He said that this historical relationship between two countries that meet the belief of moderation, tolerance and message of peace and stability has acquired the strategic approach of collaboration, which is renewed through constant communication and high level visits.
Al-Jarwan said in a speech during the second session of the India-UAE partnership summit organized by Dubai for two days, with the participation of public and private sector officials from both countries that the strategic alliance between the two countries has been witness since its signature of a continuous and continued executive program with the aim of reaching the level of $ 100 million In 2020. The current commercial volume between both countries is of 53,000 million dollars. The United Arab Emirates's investments in India amount to 10,000 million dollars, with a promise issued to inject 75 billion dirhams into India's infrastructure and 5 billion dollars. Marat pumped into Indian agriculture over the next three years.
Al Jarwan expressed the confidence of the Council that the ambitions of the strategic alliance between the UAE and India have all the elements of success and expansion.
Al-Jarwan affirmed his confidence in the constant growth and expansion of the relations between the two countries, noting that India has become the second international economic partner of the UAE, which focuses on the diversification of sources of investment in transparent environments and cooperation agreements .
Al-Jarwan said that the culmination of the institutionalization of cooperation between the two friendly countries is the global agreement for strategic collaboration signed in January. (WAM)

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