“Alex’s blood is not native”: Victoria Bonya could “feed” a daughter – social network

The 6-year-old daughter of Boni – Angelina-Letitia, may not be the daughter of Alex Smerfit. The husband discovered that he was not the father of the girl and broke the relations with the television server "on foot", according to the network.

The old spouses do not reveal the exact reasons for divorce. In the social network, Boni's fans are confident that the reason is that she has built a career, it can not be a "push" for loving hearts and can always agree. The users of Instagram trust that the reason for the divorce could be the treason of Victoria Boni: "gave birth to another man's daughter and hid".
The girl became popular after the scandalous Dom-2 television project, it was not distinguished by "cleaning" in men while still in a reality show, noted the former members of Teleshow. The most important novels of Victoria were with Stepan Menschikov, Timati, the player Welliton Soares Morales and immediately after the soccer player Alex Smerfit appeared in his life.

On the net, they are sure that the girl is not Alex's own blood, and that he could very well "get rid of it". They do not see anything similar to their father and they observe that the daughter is more like Timati than Smerfit.
The social network suggested that Alex had a DNA test and after 7 years of civil marriage, he decided to file a divorce.

It is worth noting that the men of Victoria Boni were mostly foreigners and the users trust that Vika was looking for more material benefits than love. The disgrace of a television presenter is just because he pursues a "fat wallet" and looks for popularity.

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