Brazil: Bolsonaro must protect the environment to boost the economy, says WWF

Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro must prioritize environmental protection to boost the economy, said a spokeswoman for the Global Fund for Nature (WWF). The protection of the environment was alarmed by the arrival to the power of the extreme right candidate. In particular, they point to the threat that it presents to the Amazon, the "lung of the planet" and the Indian populations that live there, because of its privileged connections with the lobbies of the agro-industry. air, water and rainy "allow important sectors of our country as agro-industry and energy continue to produce and contribute to Brazilian GDP," said André Afur, coordinator of WWF Brazil, Monday in AFP: "In the current context where our biomass reaches To a point of no return in terms of loss of biodiversity, it is essential that the new president acknowledges the role of the environmental problem in the maintenance of biodiversity, the economic growth of the country. "" Sustainable development is a priority for all political parties "The day after the election of the candidate in the program added that the words" Amazon "," deforestation 20% of the Amazon, the largest forest in the world, has disappeared in the last 50 years due to deforestation, according to the latest WWF global report. "The alive planet", published on Tuesday and that accounts for the planet and its biodiversity. This report establishes, through various indicators, that human activity imp It pushed the ecosystems "to the limit" and that only urgent and coordinated measures will reverse the course of this degradation. – A balanced environment: the idea that economic development is necessarily against the protection of the environment and vice versa, as Bolsonaro has suggested, "Development, GDP growth, increased employment and the improvement of quality of life is a priority" , continued Nahur. "We must recognize that it is impossible to maintain the quality of life of the populations without a balanced environment." Jair Bolsonaro stated that, if elected, he would not assign "an additional centimeter" for the demarcation of territories, the Indians assert that their ancestral lands are clearly demarcated. It also denigrates the controls of environmental public agencies that "damage those who want to produce". Last week, Jair Bolsonaro said that Brazil would remain in the Paris agreement on climate – signed by 195 countries in 2015 – only under certain conditions "If you write me black on white" there is no doubt that "triple A, no more than independence of Any Indian land, holding (Brazil in) the Paris Agreement, "he said. Triple A is a transnational ecological corridor project from the Andes to the Atlantic Ocean through the Amazon. It provides the creation of a large area of ​​environmental protection that unites natural parks, Indian reserves and areas of natural biodiversity. With the triple A ", 136 million hectares would not be under our jurisdiction, but under the jurisdiction of other countries," said Jair Bolsonaro. "Can we run the risk of leaving our Amazon?" The Paris Agreement "does not violate national sovereignty or generate any risk of loss of national territory. This does not exist, it is not in the agreement," says André Nahur. An exit from the Paris Agreement would also imply a highly bureaucratic procedure, which covers at least three years, he added. lo



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