The Barktoberfest in Durham helps provide free services for pets to subservient neighborhoods – WTVD-TV

DURHAM, NC (WTVD) – The Barktoberfest in Durham over the weekend had more than one hundred dogs competing for the center of the stage. Literally, there was a talented content, a costume contest, a photographic stand, performances by the Duke University Wind Symphony and the Concert Band of the Durham community to celebrate dogs with […]

The weather leaves half a meter of snow in the Pyrenees for All Saints

October was ended yesterday with the ninth time of the month. A powerful storm of Mediterranean injected humid southern winds that made it rain again in many counties, even with some heavy storms and haunts, which are becoming increasingly common this time of year. Probably the most extraordinary event of the storm is the impressive […]

Maryland parts way with football coach DJ Durkin

Maryland parted ways with football coach DJ Durkin on Wednesday evening. (John McDonnell / The Washington Post) Rick Maese Reporter covering a variety of subjects, including health and safety, Olympics, legal and political issues in sports Nick Anderson Reporter covering higher education, national education policy and the global education market October 31 at 6:53 PM […]

Controversy over the benefits granted by the business committees

The unions denounce a measure of the 2016 PLFSS that would have the effect of reducing the social and cultural activities of businessmen. THE WORLD| 31.10.2018 at 06:04• Updated or31.10.2018 at 20:20|by Bertrand Bissuel It is an acronym that knows thousands of employees: ASC, for social and cultural activities. It covers the protein assistance granted […]

MARKET REPORT: After suffering its worst month since 2015, FTSE 100 ends October on positive note

After suffering its worst month since August 2015, the FTSE 100 ended October on a positive note. Britain's blue-chip index climbed by 1.3 percent, 92.25 points, to 7128.10 points. For October as a whole, the index still lost 382.1 points. Most of the losses were racked up within the first two weeks. Factors from US […]

CNN did not comment Lemon’s observation on white men

NEW YORK – CNN is not commenting on Don Lemon's claim that white men represent the greatest terrorist threat in the country. The declaration of Limón, in his program Monday, attracted critics in the conservative circles. He talked about the negative attention given to a caravan of potential refugees in Central America. Meanwhile, white men […]

The ramp that can be used to build the Great Pyramid of Egypt

The Great Pyramid, also known as the Pyramid of Khufu, is the only survivor of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World For more than 4,500 years, the Pyramids of Egypt have kept their secrets hidden inside the labyrinth of nuances and cameras that are found within their stone structures. But the long line about […]

Who are the sisters Rotana and Tala Farea?

NEW YORK – A member of the family of the Saudi sisters Rotana and Tala Farea offered painful details about the mystery veil that involves the disappearance and death of young women whose bodies were found in the cold waters of the Hudson River. The court said it is not yet clear how they died. […]

Построена самая высокая статуя в мире

When you click on the button you will be logged in to the left. Об этом сообщает Independent.182-метровый монумент посвящен государственному деятелю Валлабхаи Пателю (Vallabbhai Patel), который стал ключевой фигурой индийского национально-освободительного движения.Достопримечательность получила официальное название "Статуя единства», а ее строительство обошлось в 400 миллионов долларов. "Патель хотел , чтобы жители Индии были сильной, влиятельной, […]

#MyDoctorSaid: Women count on the incorrect diagnosis that they were victims

Poorly considered by doctors who consult, sometimes poorly supported, these women have undergone medical treatments, ineffective vagabonds and condescending health professionals. Since mid-October, they count on their unfortunate experiences on Twitter under the hashtag of the hashtag #MyDoctorSaid (my doctor said) Launched by feminist writer Suzannah Weiss, she has since collected hundreds of testimonials in […]