The news is scary, so cartoonists are drawing political chills on Halloween

FOR GROWN-UPS, sometimes the scariest sight – despite the parade of Halloween thrills – is a chilling peek at any political headline.

Caravans! Smear campaigns! Any politician's leaked emails! The spine-tingling climate of American governance can feel like one haunted house of representatives.

So naturally, editorial cartoonists get to have a field day with so many creepy metaphors – especially when the call is coming from inside the House or Senate on Haunted Hill.

And sometimes scarier still, the "Pearls Before Swine" creator Stephan Pastis reminds us, is not the White House at the end of the street, but the ideological silos we could choose to inhabit.

Here is a gallery of Halloween editorial art that is chilling enough to raise even the dead voters who still cast a ballot:

R.J. Matson (CQ Roll Call):

Rick McKee (Augusta Chronicle):

David Fitzsimmons (Arizona Daily Star):

John Darkow (Columbia Missourian):

Stephan Pastis ("Pearls Before Swine"):

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