Trump wants to send up to 15,000 soldiers

US President Trump now wants to send up to 15,000 troops to the US border with Mexico. So far, about 5200 have been mentioned.
That would be roughly equivalent to the US troops of troops in Afghanistan.
Critics accuse Trump of campaigning with this decision. Next week the important elections of the Congress will take place.

US President Trump announced it will send up to 15,000 troops to the US border with Mexico. By reason it called the refugee hike that approached Central America.

According to the Washington Post, that would be the number of soldiers that the United States has just parked in Afghanistan and three times more than in Iraq. Only two days ago, the president of the EE. UU. He would speak of only 5,200 members of the military who would transfer to the border.

Trump: "Our military is waiting for you"

The EE. UU. They are sending more than 5,000 troops to the Mexican border to prevent the passage of thousands of asylum seekers from Central America. The president of EE. UU resuscitates refugees on Twitter.

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"We will raise between 10,000 and 15,000 military, as well as border guards, immigration and customs officers," said the president of the United States. This should prevent migrants from Central America from reaching the United States. According to military information, soldiers must first secure border crossings and their immediate contours. However, they have no legal right to take on direct border protection tasks.

At present, thousands of immigrants, mainly from Honduras, are targeting the United States. One originally around 7000 existing people, now reduced to around 4000, is currently located in southern Mexico in the state of Oaxaca. A second group of about 2000 immigrants passed the border with Mexico from Guatemala on Monday. People, including many women and children, want to seek protection in the United States for humanitarian reasons. Honduras is considered unstable and violent. The border could reach them as quickly as possible in the second week of November.

Trump made a change in the campaign, claiming that "some very bad people" and "gang members" were in the groups. The Fox News presidential station also reported and handed out the false information that immigrants had infectious diseases.

The scenario of mood and crisis

The Trump critics and the connoisseurs of the border situation accuse the president of the EE. UU. From wanting to mobilize its voters with the announcements of the troops and only the rhetoric of the alleged threat of danger.

This week, Trump also said he wished to defeat another immigration-related rule: children born in the United States can now automatically become American citizens, regardless of where they leave their parents and what their status is.

The regulation is anchored in a constitutional amendment, Trump wants to cancel it by presidential decree. However, since the corresponding constitutional article is interpretable in a different way, the Supreme Court could decide at the end. The soft criticism of the Republican ranks had come to this proposal.

As for the massive transfer of troops to the border, the Trump Defense Ministers try to justify the movement. Jim Mattis compared the operation to natural disasters in which the military did similar operations in the United States. "We are there to support the Department of Homeland Security, which needs additional military assistance," he told the Washington Post.

Mexico offers help – Trump no

Mexico's president, Enrique Peña Nieto, wants to give refugees who have made their way to the United States on a long walk an opportunity in their country.

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