VIDEO – Nicolas Canteloup pays to Laeticia Hallyday … under Sylvia Vartan’s imperturbable look

In his review of almost Europe 1, Nicolás Canteloup headed to Laeticia Hallyday on Tuesday, October 30. At the same time, Sylvie Vartan was in the studio, invited by Nikos Aliagas to discuss her album covers in honor of Johnny Hallyday. And, obviously, he has not lost anything from the chronicle … Like every day of the week, Nicolas Canteloup imitates with humor the personalities that make the news. On Tuesday, October 30, the accomplice of Nikos Aliagas attacked Laeticia Hallyday, who was recently in Paris for the promotion of Taulier posthumous album called My country is love. The humorist kindly imitated the mother of Jade and John, stating with a stunning voice, as if he were studying: "Hello, it's so wonderful to be together again, to be with you" and add "I came to the will … at will Philippe Gildas that I met him, I knew him well at the end of a dozen years, they promised me All bequeathed to Jade and Júbil. He was Breton Philippe Gildas, it is the Breton law, so it is. Even in the war inherited by the clan Hallyday, Nicolás Canteloup He launched a joke about David Hallyday echoing the Blood Sang song, sang with his father: "Remaining percentages of rights, never life! And to declare, always in the skin of Laetitia Hallyday, about his presence or not in a future concert by Sylvie Vartan "I do not know if I have enough money to watch his show, but if I have free guests well located, that's it!" Humorous comments that were held in front of … Sylvie Vartan, in flesh and blood, invited in the study of Europe 1 at the same time to discuss album covers in honor of Johnny Hallyday will be released next month of November. In front of his microphone in the middle of the morning, the mother of David Hallyday, filmed by the cameras of Europe 1, remained impassible to the jokes of Nicolas Canteloup. The ex-wife of the rocker has just sketched a smile and did not react to the comedian's comments, showing himself almost imperturbable in the face of the acrylic imitation of Nicolás Canteloup … At the beginning of the program he had already been feeling on the posthumous album that left the rocker and headed for a Good feeling for Laetitia, artistic director of the latter opus.Chris: Bestimage

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