10 people died in Ethiopia with yellow fever

News now The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it will withdraw more than 1 million doses of yellow fever from its emergency stocks after the disease killed 10 people in southwestern Ethiopia. The outbreak of the deadly mosquito-borne disease in Wollayeta, the report issued by the Health Organization on Monday: "This outbreak is worrying because the population of Ethiopia is very vulnerable to yellow fever due to the lack of exposure to the disease recently and in the absence. Large-scale vaccination "yen symptoms of yellow fever, high temperature, headache, yellowing, joint pain, muscle, nausea, vomiting and Alaaia. We suggest that a small percentage of the patients are evolving to have serious symptoms, half of them die within 7 to 10 days.
All confirmed cases were reported in the area of ​​Ufa and Oraida and there were no other cases confirmed since the vaccination campaign in mid-October that involved about 31,000 people. But WHO said there is a risk that the disease could spread more widely, including the conflict in the region, it will withdraw 1.45 million doses of its vaccine stocks for a large campaign that should start "without delay."
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